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Serenity International Dental Clinic

My dentist is Dr. Emily, which was recommended by my colleague when I told him i need to have some crowns replaced. Of course nobody loves going to a clinic but she made it the most comfortable den... All Reviews »

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CAMA presents one of the most enticing, intriguing and entertaining acts currently storming the world. From New York City, this is the cross-dressing MC spitfire MYKKI BLANCO. A poet, collaborator, artist, diva, and cosmic angel, this will be the best live act of Hanoi's spring time! Infamous f...
event photo DONT BE A STRANGER: Live @ DOORS by The Strangers Band by The Doors Cafe @ The Doors Cafe
Four strangers from across the globe that sound like best friends hav­ing one hell of a good time. The Strangers plays alter-­na­tive rock with a host of ingre­di­ents like blues, funk, coun­try and reg­gae. The band’s orig­i­nal tracks and well-chosen genre-bending cov­ers have seen them blow th...
event photo Book Festival & Reading Culture 2014 @ Center for Vietnamese Language and Culture (USSH - VNU Hanoi)
Responding to "Books on Vietnam", towards "The world of Books and Copyright" and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the victory of Dien Bien Phu , Library Information Centre - in collaboration with the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH), VNU Hanoi Youth Union, the partner organiza...
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