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event photo BLV's Vietnamese club by Better Life Vietnam
Welcome you to BLV's Vietnamese club which will be held every Saturday. We organize this Vietnamese club with hope that it will be an opportunity for our foreign friends to learn Vietnamese, Vietnamese culture and our daily life. Futhermore, our volunteers who are students from different univers...
We just give you the milonga schedule in Hanoi every week: Duration: 20.30-23.00, every Saturday Location: Milan Saigon Bar - Intercontinental Hotel, 1A Nghi Tam, Hanoi Organizer: Argentine Tango Club OR 21A/21 Phan Boi Chau Street, Hanoi ...
event photo LIVE MUSIC @ SPY BAR (No Entrance Fee) @ Spy Bar
LIVE MUSIC @ SPY BAR (Thursday & Saturdays) FREE ENTRANCE 1 FREE VODKA SHOT 4 LARUE BEERS for 50,000 ONLY (9pm-11pm) COME EARLY TO AVAIL PROMO: LARUE for 15K THANG LONG for 20k (Available daily until 8pm) RED / WHITE WINE for 65,000/glass ; 350,000/bottle
event photo Tây Hồ Weekend Market by ASVELIS @ Asian Veterinary & Livestock Services
A useful and pleasant addition to weekends on West Lake. The Weekend Market is a good place, where you can find an unique range of locally produced, high-quality products coming directly from farmers in Vietnam. In addition to familiar products such as free-range chicken, eggs, fair-trade and or...
event photo :: COUNTRY & BLUES ROCK :: by The Doors Cafe @ The Doors Cafe
:: COUNTRY & BLUES ROCK :: :: OLD BOYS BLUES BAND :: cover Creedence Clearwater Revival / Eagles / Beatles / The Doors :: EVERY SAT - 21:00 to 23:00 ::
Language Clubs by Tea Talk @ Tea Talk
Every week, Tea Talk hosts a series of language clubs. We have English Clubs, Vietnamese Club and Korean Club. Call Tea Talk at 04 6269 6466 for details.
event photo A New-Age Airline with flight from Vietnam to India by Vietjet Air @ Vietjet Air
VietJetAir – a dynamic, innovative airline – has quickly won passengers’ hearts to become the most favorite airline in Vietnam and in the region. VietJetAir is operating an intensive flight network in Vietnam and is planning to expand its operation throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The airlin...
event photo Slowly Dead - closing the gates of hell @ Hanoi Rock City
Celebrate Halloween the way it is meant to be - drinks, scary costumes, and plenty of horn raising music. A special prize will be given to the scariest costume! The line-up for the night features: 6DUK Proportions Lady Gargamel Project 4.20 Don't miss out on the best rock/metal event of the dec...
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