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Learned Vietnamese with Lan for around 3 months. Only came once a week and after every lesson I felt like my knowledge and understanding of the language had taken a huge step forward. I went from '... All Reviews »

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event photo Aly & Fila #DJ MAG 28!! @ Eden Hanoi
The no. 1 trance act in the world right now. The creators of Future Sound of Egypt are currently ranked no 28 in the DJ mag top 100 DJs in the world, ranking consistently in the top 30 of this list every year since 2008. This is no mere flash in the pan EDM act, with a devoted worldwide fan base,...
Summer Rock @ 21North
The Electric Yard Dogs ís going to tune their fast and fun rock and roll again at 21North, 49 Yen Phu village, Tay Ho, Ha Noi. Come and join us!
event photo Beat Battle Ngoc Mobile Vs Size-O @ RockStore
BEAT BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP Friday 29th May. NGOC MOBILE Vs Size-O This time round his challenger is none other than local hero Ngoc Mobile Vs Size-O old owner of " La Cantina". Expect a good clean fight with plenty of nasty beats and some under-the-belt basslines. Make sure you arrive early to ge...
event photo [***Sold Out***] Hennessy Symphony No. 19 [***Sold Out***] @ Hanoi Opera House
[***Sold Out***] Unfortunately, the publicly available tickets have sold out. The only remaining tickets are invite only, so unless you have contacts in the ministry of culture, the center for the performing arts, or Hennessy, you will have to wait for the next such event. With the support of t...
fast rock, rhythm and swing the electric yard dogs @ 21North
THE ELECTRIC YARD DOGS In various incarnations The Electric Yard Dogs have been performing in Hanoi for over five years. Original members Jez Hartley and Simon ‘Otis’ Redington, who hail from the ‘70s London Punk Rock era, have now been joined by two rockers from Le Havre Ricardo Canu on drums ...
event photo Taken Beer Club - Grand Opening @ Taken Beer
A beautiful new spot next to the new road on the side of Ho Tay. Free BBQ buffet, Vietnamese Ngu Cung band and lots and lots of beer. Come enjoy and be taken to another world at Taken Beer. ===================== TƯNG BỪNG KHAI TRƯƠNG heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon Cháy hết mình ...
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