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Daewoo Hotel Gym

If you were only paying for the gym, at 3 million a month (off-peak) the Daewoo Hotel fitness suite would be among the most over-priced in Hanoi. It would deserve a withering review that would damn... All Reviews »

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event photo Bike N Brunch - Christmas Special at Ecopark! by BikeNBrunch
Fantastic news from Exotic Voyages! On 20th of December we will have a special Christmas Event from Bike N Brunch at Ecopark! Free Shuttle buses will take you there from Hoan Kiem and Tay Ho, at arrival you will get a bicycle. On our tour we will discover this beautiful green and quiet area just...
event photo THE MONTE SOULS by Kanade Cafe @ Kanade Cafe
THE MONTE SOULS will be back! maybe this is the last live of them in 2014! the following day is 2 years anniversary of Kanade Cafe! so THE MONTE SOULS will give their many thanks to Kanade cafe in advance! And Kanade cafe also thanks so much to THE MONTE SOULS!! let's come and enjoy their music...
event photo WEEKEND DISCOUNT @ BOTH BOOKWORMS by Bookworm @ Bookworm
BOOKWORMS’ WEEKENDS 20% off 2nd Hand Books 15% off Children’s books 10% off all New Books and everything else in both shops DISCOUNTS AND BARGAINS EVERY WEEKEND TILL CHRISTMAS BOOKWORM BOOKWORM TOO 44 Chau Long ...
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