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event photo Everyday People @ Finnegan's Irish Pub
Two young, sensitive, new-age type lads take to the stage to select soothing sounds quite unlike anything seen in Hanoi past, present or continuous. 'Everyday People' is a laid back affair with an open music policy. For all the genre aficionados out there the plan is loosely based around indie w...
event photo Ca trù - the essence of Vietnamese traditional music @ Ca trù Hà Nội club
Welcome to our shows every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night. It is a chance not only to enjoy a rare kind of ancient music, but also to learn about what was once a much cherished entertainment and ways of expressing individualism among the elites and most respected intellectuals of the Vietnam ...
event photo Languages Exchange by Couchsurfing Hanoi @ Cafe - Trà chanh - Chè
Dear everyone, I'm Thang Koli, the ambassador of Couchsurfing Hanoi, I had been joined for several years and I'm the person who host of this event. This event always has 50 - 70 people joined, we locals are very lazy to click Join into these events, so don't think that only few people, you can ...
event photo The Monte Sour Grapes by Kanade Cafe @ Kanade Cafe
The Monte Sour Grapes will play for the first time! their sound is Japanese funk,pops,falks,their sound has been influenced by many classical music. let's come and enjoy!
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