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Omamori Spa

Now, after reading all of the comments on Omamori Spa, I decided to go there with my Girlfriend.

Before reading on: This might contain some "Spoilers" of what is going to happen once you come i... All Reviews »

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event photo Sunday Worship Service by Hanoi International Fellowship @ Hanoi Club Hotel
Walking distance from the heart of expat neighborhoods around Westlake, our congregation at Hanoi Club attracts foreigners from every continent. HIF Westlake is also easily accessible from downtown Hanoi, Ciputra, and Gia Lam across the river. On Sunday mornings at 10AM, you will find about 25...
event photo Ca trù - the essence of Vietnamese traditional music @ Ca trù Hà Nội club
Welcome to our shows every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night. It is a chance not only to enjoy a rare kind of ancient music, but also to learn about what was once a much cherished entertainment and ways of expressing individualism among the elites and most respected intellectuals of the Vietnam ...
event photo Sunday Couchsurfing Hanoi Meetup & Hangout by Couchsurfing Hanoi @ Cafe Lu
Xin chào CSers! THIS EVENTS ALWAYS HAS MORE THAN 50 PEOPLE JOINED, YOU COULD SEE THE PHOTOS HERE ABOUT PREVIOUS https://www.facebook.com/cshanoi/photos_albums So many CSers told me that joining CS Hanoi events has actually made their trip. We are here to help, we are here to have fun togeth...
event photo The White Eagles @ R&R Tavern
are u interested in R&R? wanna feel something wild, something so crazy? come & enjoy White Eagles's performance at R&R tavern club.
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