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NShape Fitness & Spa (Ham Long)

Solid, quality equipment. Not overcrowded. Friendly staff.

Only 2 problems ...
1) Why always close on national holidays (and claim "renovations")? Service industries should supply services all ... All Reviews »

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event photo Hanoi Enthusiastic Music Festival Vol.18 @ Nhà Hàng Mậu Dịch 46
Hanoi Enthusiastic Club Band will hold big music festival as usual on 19/April! Festival has 5 units as follows; 1.FAKE (16:30~) 2.HANOI BOSSA (17:05~) 3.HEIMERS (17:35~) 4.AMERICAN STANDARDS (17:55~) 5.HAPPY SET FUNKY BROTHERS (18:30~) all of bands are composed by Japanese pepole who love mus...
event photo GYMENG® RACE @ Thống Nhất Park
Come watch a race where Vietnamese learners of the English language will tackle the linguistic barriers and obstacles along each other and against each other to achieve a splendid victory of the soul and mind. If you are interested you can register here: http://goo.gl/forms/0PFG8aviWz
event photo “Cavalleria Rusticana” and “Pagliacci” Opera Performance @ Cinematheque
In the second half of the 19th century, more operas were composed based on the principle of natural school of France, also known as verismo in Italy. The story of the opera refers to the issue of civilian world, not fairies, kings, nobility, or as in the opera in the last century. Cavalleria Rust...
event photo Fabric Market Trip @ Cho Hom Fabric Market
You want to select material for your clothes but afraid of being overcharged? There are many type of fabric on the market and you are not sure which one is good quality and appropriate to the clothes you want to make? Let Jade Hanoi - Tailoring&Alteration help you! We organize trip to Hanoi's ...
event photo QUIZ @ the RIV! @ Red River Tea Room
Meet up on the roof for another challenging, entertaining quiz. Bring some friends or make some new ones, teams are always willing to welcome new participants.
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