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Tra Kho Qua Tea and Health Benefits - Answers for Hanoi

Asked about 86 months ago by de2facon
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Tra Kho Qua Tea and Health Benefits

We hear that one of the health benefits of drinking Tra Kho Qua
is a reduction in various types of inflamed conditions.

Does anyone have any experience with using the tea to treat various minor illnesses?

We often have meals using bitter melon (a/k/a/ cu qua in China) but have no experience using the Tra Kho Qua tea.

Thanks in advance.

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answered about 86 months ago by tootie

Good Answer de2facon marked this as a good answer

Tra Kho Qua (Bitter Gourd Tea) is made from "Muop dang" (Bitter melon)
A little bit bitter. This tea can be used as a refreshing drink and very good for your health

check it out! ;)

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