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Apple Store online shopping? - Answers for Hanoi

Asked about 65 months ago by msSherlock
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Apple Store online shopping?

Has anyone ever bought from the official online Apple store? It's my birthday in a few weeks and I want to buy the new iMac that Overlord Jobs has unleashed upon the masses. My family and I just got here a month ago so I'm pretty clueless regarding: customs taxes, possible issues with delivery, etc... Any idea what I should expect? Would I have to cough up a lot more cash when the computer arrives at my door? Thanks guys.

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answered about 65 months ago by philcox_1984
Abu Dhabi Desert

I haven't yet tried to use the online apple store from Hanoi, however If you check the apple website, there are a couple of genuine 'apple authorized resellers' here in Hanoi.

(you would think there were hundreds by all the shops adorned with various apple logos a fake authorized sellers plaques....)

Maybe they will stock your desired iMac soon and you can buy from there with cost certainty.

answered about 65 months ago by Newman

Delivery from o/s is no problem if it is couriered using DHL, FedEx etc. Tax will be payable and plenty of it. Have a read of the customs site: http://www.dncustoms.gov.vn/index_English.htm for more information.

Buying Macs here is probably better, Techland I think is the place to go, apparently. Apple stuff is sometimes more expensive here but probably still cheaper than paying the import taxes. Get some quotes from some stores in town and see how you go. Better yet, ask a Viet friend to do it on your behalf.

answered about 65 months ago by msSherlock
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Thanks guys! I've been asking around for the past two weeks, and I can't shake the feeling that one of the stores here must be hiding at least one of the new models, haha. You would think I'd learn not to get too excited every time I see that damn apple logo.

I'll try calling Techland tomorrow, thanks!

answered about 65 months ago by Ragvar

Also try Futureworld. They're a great Apple resource.

answered about 65 months ago by bobthebob01

I'm actually not so sure about the tax on import.
There is an Apple store for Vietnam. Which does not offer all the products the other Apple stores offers. And all prices are in Vietnam Dong.
Depending on what you order it might take a few days.

But since it's Apple store Vietnam and is charging in Dong I doubt you will pay taxes. Otherwise it would simply be not worth having an online store if you know you are not going to be commercially competitive.

I only ordered a battery for my MacBook and it was faster and cheaper than shops in Hanoi. And a electric corde/charger and it was cheaper and fasts.
And they were both delivered on time at my door and there was no additional cost than what I paid online.

I would double check the FAQ on the store since you plan on ordering a computer itself and not accessories. But it should be the same.

I hope that helps.

answered about 65 months ago by msSherlock
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Thanks bob, I was actually thinking along the same lines but I didn't want to end up with an unpleasant surprise, haha.

I combed through their site, but the Shipping and Delivery page wasnt much of a help. If the shops here don't have it by Saturday, I think I'll just buy it online...

I'm sure to buy the accessories online later on though, thanks for the tip!

answered about 65 months ago by sleepyboy717

I know people that have brought from the apple store online with no import tax, no problems and easy. The order goes through to Singapore and is dispatched from there, if you telephone customer support they will tell you there are no import tax etc.

Also it was cheaper than buying from local stores here.


answered about 65 months ago by Ragvar

I think Duc at Futureworld might be able to order what you want out of Singapore. That might be a better deal than navigating the Viet tax situation yourself. He speaks english well and can at least answer this question with more authority than most here.

answered about 65 months ago by candyman

Was just wondering how this all worked out msSherlock?
Am currently in UK and have been comparing the same orders on the respective online apple stores (Uk and Vietnam) and the difference is 250 pounds less in Vietnam (or Singapore, or wherever its based).
Just need to know whether I am taking a tax gamble by ordering through the Vietanmese site.
I am also getting a few things there; mac mini, airport extreme and trackpad. Is this likely to give me a potentially higher tax footprint?

answered about 65 months ago by msSherlock
no photo available

Hi candyman!
Unfortunately, I settled with buying another model in Techland. There was some problems with the credit card that I used--the Apple store had trouble recognizing my Mastercard security code, even though I contacted the bank several times to have it verified.

I do remember checking the order slip from the online store and it said that all duties and taxes were included in the order. Will you be having it delivered to Hanoi?

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