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Model Kits - Hobby Shop - Answers for Hanoi

Asked about 63 months ago by Aceup1111
no photo available

Model Kits - Hobby Shop

Does anyone know of a hobby shop in Hanoi? I'm wanting to buy a plastic model kit & accessories (paints etc).

Thank you in advanced for your replies.


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answered about 63 months ago by miki
Me and my 2 friends! I am the one in the middle!

what kind of models u are looking for? Planes, Boats, Cars... etc???

And u looking for those which moves, Radio Controlled or what????

U have to be very specific otherwise its very difficult to give u any answers.

answered about 63 months ago by vitbo

Trang Tien Bookstore (http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/en/venue/show/118/Trang-Tien-Bookstore) has some Academy and Trumpeter kits (mostly aircraft and some ships) and small selection of paints on level 3. There is also an insert in the kits with the website of the VN distributor, but I don't have it, sorry.

answered about 63 months ago by Aceup1111
no photo available

Just your everyday plastic kits. E.g. Planes, ships, cars etc. It's actually ships I'm looking for and preferably sailing ships.
Anyway, I'm going to try out the book store at Hoan Kiem.

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