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Supermarket to serve Truc Bach area - Answers for Hanoi

Asked about 38 months ago by clare_nicole
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Supermarket to serve Truc Bach area

Hi there, moved into a new apartment on Pho Duc Chinh in the Truc Bach district and am struggling to find a supermarket in the area. I work in Hang Bai District so at the worst would like to find somewhere on my home from work. Can anyone help?

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answered about 38 months ago by monikalolita
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supermarket, the closest is fivimart in syrena xuan dieu. Minimart dan's , but its very expensive and i would not recommand it.

answered about 38 months ago by xau_xi

Try the Advanced Search function under Top Spots. You can put a pin on a map and search from there.
Dan's shop is on Truc Bach.
I also know a Fivi Mart and Intimex between your home and work. City Mart in Hanoi Towers wouldn't be too far out of your way either.

answered about 38 months ago by chukachup

Because you work in Hang Bai, why not enter the CitiMart in Hanoi Towers ? or Intimex near the HoanKiem lake after work.



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