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The creme caramel served here is really smooth and creamy! To just squat/sit there and enjoy the dessert is as Hanoian as the locals. I still have my journey recorded in my blog:
Drafts From My Coffee Table - Dương Hoa Kem Caramen

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We had lessons with Lan for about 3 months. As a teacher from the UK I was astonished with the quality of her preparation, organisation and delivery. In short, she is a seriously good teacher.

She has superb English which really helps with beginner work but she also pushes you to speak Vietnamese. Her lessons are varied, fun and always useful and she responds to you as a learner brilliantly. She also happens to be a really nice person which helps when spending 3 hours a week with someone.

Can't really recommend her enough - she's a better teacher than most here in the uk and she works very hard to keep things fun and interesting.

Reidy reviewed Vietnammm.com about 3 hours ago
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Really good site, extensive list of restaurants. They call if there is a problem and the confirmation text is also reassuring. It would be nice if you could type in the name of the restaurant you want instead of scrolling through the list. It is categorized I guess. Anyway, still 4 stars from me :)

PatHof reviewed Poem Spa about 3 hours ago
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Fantastic! after great haircut and massage,Miss Tho has launched a new service with a diode laser hair remover machine. I have begun that with my back since four time (the normal treatment is six time)the look of my back is already good without pain and a crew always very pretty.I'm very happy to find this place.

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My son has autistic traits, so getting him to a dentist is a massive undertaking. For any parents who have children who have anxiety or sensory mouth issues, you know exactly why I had been putting it off.
I went to Peace dental after reading the TNH reviews, and I am so glad I did. Infact I couldnt have asked for a more kind,professional and caring team of people, who worked excellently with my son. From the very first appointment at Peace, you can feel the friendliness of Dr Frederick and Dr Alice, and they so easily put my son at ease. I can not tell you the relief I have as a parent after my son woke up from the sedation today after his dental procedures, with a smile on his face. It is with sincere gratitude and relief that I write this review, as they were just perfect with him today, and I couldnt have expected better care from anywhere else. Thanks to all, the fact my son is so willing to go back for check up with no hesitation, is a testament to the great work you have done.
You guys are cool, and special thanks to Dr Alice for being so wonderful. I cant recommend this place highly enough!!!!


I'm terrified of dentists and when I realised that I needed 2 wisdom teeth out I was not happy at all. However, Frederick and the team at Peace were excellent every step of the way.

From initial consultation through to aftercare, the staff were friendly, professional and attentive. The dentist explained the procedure clearly in plain English and worked hard to ensure that the procedure went as smoothly as possible.

All the options were laid out at the beginning and there were no surprises along the way.

Communication with the clinic was also first class, and there is no issue with sending emails at all, contrary to what the single negative review on this site has said.

I would be happy to have Frederick as my dentist anywhere in the world, so to find a dentist of his quality in Hanoi is really quite a find.

Highly recommended.

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When I arrived to Hanoi, I met a lot of real estate companies. I was shown a lot of houses that absolutely did not meet my requirements. There was a clear lack of knowledge about european standards that made me loose a lot of time and energy. This company showed me only 5 houses and they were all pretty much within my criteria. Another asset of the company is the fact that communication is very easy since Alex speaks fluent english and french.
I definitively recommend this company for their professional attitude, market knowledge and understanding of foreign standards.


Who wants banana on a Hawaii pizza? If so, TopChef is the place for you!

I gave them several chances:
On their opening day, a few times in the past months and today. The quality was always average to poor. And this at a upper-medium price level.

To make it worse:
It took the delivery guy today about 10 minutes to deliver. And he was successful after 5 phone calls to us only. Oh,..... did I mention that I LIVE IN THE SAME BUILDING!!!!!

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Clearly like all reviews of Hanoi Bus this is of the service as a whole, not the head office!

I recommend the Hanoi Bus service; especially when combined with short xe om rides at either side of the bus journey (i.e. firstly taking you from your door and then later to your work). They are cheap to the point of being almost free. Outside epak rush hour one usually gets a seat. they may be dirty on the outside but are fine inside. People are very, very quiet inside and rarely push or annoy even the most uptight Westerner (and also rarely give you the tiresome "where you from?" etc). Yes, there is the "crush" to get on at very busy stops; but one gets used to it and it really isnt that bad standing. It looks way worse inside from the outside, if that makes sense.

I've been taking the stupidly-cheap and very reliable Number 7 bus from Cau Giay bus station to Noi Bai airport for a couple of years now, and have recently started combining the number 55 bus with two short xe-om rides to get to work every day.

The number 7 to AIRPORT Is only 6 thousand VND (20 cents?), and outside rush hour one usually gets a seat. It takes longer than a taxi, of course; but if I have a seat I actually enjoy being on board. If your flight is in the evening, make sure you're on board way before 5pm because it can be very busy at that time and barely worth while (it is if you're seriously trying to save money). If you live in Tay Ho, you'd have to get the number 55 down the dyke road then Lac Long Quan in order to get to Cau Giay bus station; then the 7.

As mentioned already, though, I've recently started tasking it daily to work; getting my xe om driver to pick me up at 7am, drive me the short distance to the 55 bus station (15k Dong), take the 55 down Lac Long Quan and Duong Buoi (5k Dong!); before getting another xe om (another 15k VND) to my work. This means I pay 35k Dong return to get to work without walking a step; no more stressful driving, much less chance of a crash (almost zero chance), no more bike punctures, no more losing my bike key, less oil changes, no more filling up my bike in rush hour, and I cut my carbon emissions and get to say "I'm doing less to pollute the city air than I used to".

Interestingly, my friends accuse me of being "cheap" for doing the xe om-bus-xe om thing, but I point out that it would actually be cheaper to just drive my motorbike.

I recommend anyone to try my xe om- bus - xe om combination to get to work e.g. if they live in Tay Ho, work in Cau Giay, or wherever. The firstd ay or two will feel strange; you will not be used to standing, and will FEEL LIKE people are staring (they aren't; that's the thing in VN). Try it for one week; then tell me it's a "hassle" to take the bus. The beautiful truth is, it makes life easier even if you don't get a seat on the bus. Do you get a seat on subways and trains in the West? Often not.

The number 7 to Noi Bai is so cheap it feels like cheating; but like I say; one will probably need a xe om or anothe rbus to get to Cau Giay station.

Good luck!

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Really useful. Any kind of food delivered at any time ! They take time to call if they have a question, instead of just ordering the wrong thing or waste your time ! :)

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My friends and I decided to eat a lau (hot pot) and found this restaurant in Xa Dan.

We chose the "cua dong lau" with crab and tofu, delicious !

4 people : 1 lau of 400 000 VND (19$ for 4 people)

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I came here with my friends last week. it took 50 mins from centre hanoi to here. its quite big but there are not many trees, it is not so clean too. 10 of us played for the whole morning, they have plenty of games but they're quite expensive. you might wanna go here if your group of friends are looking for a place to play.

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As someone who has been at customer services position for almost a decade and believe strongly in heartfelt customer experience, I can say Serenity goes beyond when it comes to taking care of their patients.
Everything was explained in details for me, and all my questions were also answered to my satisfaction. Pricing is transparent, fair and no hidden fee's involved. I even checked my vietnamese friend who came here before, we were both charged at the same price. Big bonus as i'm get used to be charged at higher price than local.

Their office is beautifully designed and kept clean, tidy.
I have no doubt that they are rated as one of the best in hanoi.

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There is now an English Sunday Mass at 11:30 a.m., as seen posted inside the church on April 20.

2-star rating for the simple architecture that falls short of what befits a cathedral. Notre Dame Cathedral in HCM is way better. Also because been there only twice, and on each occasion, Mass was in Vietnamese. Too bad, I read the English Mass notice quite late that day.

dpreed77 reviewed Nan n Kabab about 2 days ago
no photo available

I wrote a review for Nan n kabob when it was at IPH. I was sad to see it move all the way across town from where I am.

I am not sure why first few reviews are so negative. I have tried several things on the menu and have yet to get something not worth ordering again. Seriously, everything I that I have tried here has been great. The menu has more options then it did at IPH, which is nice.

As far as size portions and pricing goes it is a little expensive, but I think they serve enough food. Some of the people in our group were unable to finish their meat dish and had to take it home (we also ordered breads and veggies).

The cooks and staff are nice and friendly. They will help you choose if you are not sure what to get.

I highly recommend this place to anyone wanting great tasting grilled meat, veggies, and breads.

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Lan arranged for me to have lessons with Kuma and they have been going wonderfully. She is extremely organised, knows exactly how to cater the content to my level (absolute beginner and very slow to learn the tones) and makes me talk in Vietnamese a LOT - for most of the 1.5 hour lesson in fact (this is quite incredible, since I speak very few words but she still manages to make the repetition and practice of those phrases funny and relevant). I have also had a lesson where Lan herself was present and she was a joy.

To the men who complained about Lan being too attractive, you DO have a point - she is stunning, but I also wonder how you get around day-to-day in Vietnam, where many such beautiful women abound and you are forced to interact with them on a professional level. It must be very taxing indeed. For those of you who successfully graduated from High School and thus CAN hold a half-way intelligent conversation with someone you deem attractive (and I mean HALFWAY, we're talking "I am from England" level here) I strongly recommend Lan and her team whole heartedly.

daphnexuan reviewed ABC Taxi about 3 days ago
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Beware of the number 840 !

Last sunday we wanted to go from Dien Bien Phu to the Saint Joseph Cathedral.Instead of going straight to the destination, the taxi driver (No 840) took us all around Hanoi !
He brang us to :
- Ho Chi Minh Mausauleum
- Au co
- All the small street of the old quarter
- Ly Thai To and the Opera
- And then, I had to indicate him the right path to Au Trieu. He even missed to bring us in front of the cathedral !

Result : useless 73 k spent !
He even spit several times throught his window.

It was horrible and he was a total as***** !


In Harold Pinter's "The Caretaker", Davies, the tramp, recounts how offended he was by the tiny morsel of food offered to him by a kitchen he is directed to.

"Meal they gave me!" he thunders. "A bird, I tell you, a little bird, a tiny little bird, he could have ate it in under two minutes."

Maybe he was talking about Khazaana.

For me, Khazaana brings back memories of childhood, of Saturday morning TV, He-Man, pyjamas, and bowls of cereal. I'm sure I'm not alone in remembering that My-Life-Is-Over feeling of lifting the box of Coco Pops and despite already knowing from its weight that the world had come to an end nevertheless hoping that the stream of chocolatey wonder would somehow prolong itself (at least, please Jesus, as far as the ring of Mr Men that capered around the rim of the bowl) only to watch that last disappointing cloud of sugar dust settle on a sad little heap of hardly-enough-to-even-justify-the-milk Coco Pops. I'm sure we all suffered the same. Well, be prepared to experience the sweet rush of nostalgia, because that's what you will feel when you lift the lid on the Khazaana curry pots.

"OK," you will say glumly, "if I pour in lots of milk it'll kind of look like a bowl. And at least there's enough to make the milk chocolatey. Kinda."

The low-down? A Khazaana curry is actually quite delicious, but you will have to order two whatevers at 80-125,000VND each plus nans and rice to get that proper, satisfied, "I've been curried" feel. This rubs up to over 300,000 for one person - quite a lot given you can buy 10 chicken breasts for that amount from a supermarket, and you'll get about half of one in your meal.

The older reviews (and what is advertised as a new menu) suggests a new rigor in the kitchen, and as I've said, the little you do get is good. But it's a little.

Tactics for ordering? Whatever you get, make sure you have plenty of ballast to soak up the sauce.

no photo available

I love Vietnammm.com. I order off it once a week and have never had any problems. :)

vkeyhani reviewed Beirut about 3 days ago
no photo available

Bad food! I ordered their mixed grill and I could not eat all of it. The restaurant was almost empty at 5 pm. I ordered the mixed grill which was about $21 and drinks are about $7. The quality is below what you find at a fast food Mediterranean restaurant in the USA--where the same food would cost around 5 to $7. I would say that the mixed grill [the lamb meat was too old, needed too be thrown in the trash can, the chicken was okay and the ground meat was not tasty}. The $7 drink was okay but expensive for Hanoi standard. The other noticeable issue was the lack of variety. They did not have Gyro. The main meal was really funny, they have lamp , chicken and kofta and then the rest of the menu was different combinations of the same 3 things! AVOID this restaurant--you will not like it specially after paying more than $50 dollars for something that should be around $8 or so!