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Christian Ki reviewed ClickSpace about 21 hours ago
no photo available

I've been working at Clickspace since June. Great place to work and meet other freelancers. Nice and cozy facility with great helpful staffs. Drinks are available for purchase with an Espresso machine so you can make your own coffee. Jason always try to help with networking. I enjoy being here very much!

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If like me you need to work in a quiet environment, Clickspace is the co-working you want.

It's a cosy villa type office, in a quiet street of Tay Ho. Forget about Hanoi's motorbikes, you won't hear one.

The Internet is very reliable! It's really hard to find a place like this in Vietnam, but the guys at Clickspace did a great job making sure we have 3 different lines in case one of the providers goes down.

As a nomad worker, I've been working in many co-working spaces, in various countries. Some owners think it's just a business like another, but truly what it should be is a community, a way to exchange and network with other professionals. This is exactly what they're trying to do at Clickspace organizing all sort of social events(Happy hour Friday, Week end trips etc..). These parts are still in an early phase, but this is really cool to see that they just understood how important this is and spending the time and energy developing that side of the co-working. It's not just a Desk you're renting...

I've been a member of Clickspace since January 2014 and that's the best investment I did since I landed in Vietnam, my productivity went way up.

Final argument, the price... I defy you to find a co-working space this affordable in Hanoi, well don't even try you won't find cheaper than 1 Million VND per month.

Dark meh

Very nice crepes, feels like home ;)

Too bad it's a bit far from the center (and even more from where i live). The ambiance could be a bit improved but at least it's a quiet neighbourhood ;)


My favourite smoothie spot on Doi Can has just upped it's appeal by adding a salad bar to its already sumptious menu.

The owner has put a lot of effort into creating something for everyone. He even asked me if I felt that there was anything that I thought should be added. I suggested he add nuts or berries. When I went back a few days later there was a new selection of dried plum, cereal and Cashew nuts! Heaven!

There are 6 different salads to choose from as well as a 'create your own option'. Each salad has 6 types of fruit or vegetable, protein, grain and a dressing. At the super reasonable price of only 35k, with a healthy portion, you might as well try two at a time.

This place is both tasty and healthy. Personally I always ask the staff not to put any sugar or milk into the smoothies, and they still taste great!


I thought I already knew all the hoops I had to jump through for registering the citizenship of our second daughter, having done the run through with the first born. Surprise! (not really, seeing as how I was trying to deal with bureaucrats in Vietnam) I didn't. I went to the IOM office on Kim Ma, only to find out they’d moved. So I headed to the new address, the CMC tower on Duy Tan which turned out to be the Concordia building. I was glad about this as it would make finding it easier. I went up to the seventh floor, and was only able to locate the desk for Canada. Someone noticed my confusion and the corks dangling from my hat, and explained that the IOM no longer did Aussie paperwork, that was handled by VFS Global now, and their building was over on Lo Duc street. It was going to rain soon so I wasn’t up for that, but the Australian embassy was on the way home, so I gird my loins and stopped by there. When I explained what I wanted to do, the security guard instead of opening the gate rang someone in an office. He explained the embassy didn't do that sort of paperwork (queue the “Where the hell do all my taxes go then” rant in my head) and to go to VFS Global at Lo Duc street. They said I could submit it at the embassy if I really wanted to, but it would sit around there until someone was heading over to VFS Global, which could take weeks. The security guard must have been used to this sort of stuff by now, as he conveniently had a printout handy with a map, phone number, website, email address etc for VFS Global. I took it and went home.

The flyer said that I had to book an appointment beforehand and could do so by phone, email or the online booking form. The website said that too. Even though organising stuff via phone is my least favourite option, it is generally the fastest, so that’s the route I tried first. But you’re hit by a barrage of “press 1 for something irrelevant, press 2 for something you couldn't make out due to the accent, press 3 for Vietnamese.” After mashing various combinations and repeatedly getting “All our operators are busy,” I left it for tomorrow. When I did finally get a person, they told me to in badly broken English to book using the website then hung up on me.

The website booking form wasn't particularly informative, and once again what I wanted (citizenship by descent) wasn't really covered by the options that I could see. They also wanted the passport details for the person whose paperwork it was and it said in big bold letters it couldn't be anyone else’s passport details (such as a helper or adult), Our daughter didn't have a passport yet, as that was step two. So I gave up, and tried the other option of emailing to make an appointment. That took a day for someone to reply tersely to book using the website form. Once I stopped swearing enough to explain it to my wife, I then waited for her to stop laughing and pointed her at the problem instead. She went the phone route and with a combination of ranting and sweet talking, got the appointment sorted.

I figured it’d be in and out like the IOM, but VFS Global make it as prolonged and enjoyable as an endoscopy. Plus they won’t let you take your phone in with you and I didn't think to bring a book, so the only entertainment I had was watching a big burly English fella tear strips off them in English then fluent Vietnamese for the dog’s breakfast they’d made of his wife’s application (they do England and Australia it seems). I’d already come prepared with plenty of spares (notarised of course) and the originals, so I did enjoy watching their face fall when they thought they’d be able to send me away due to lack of documentation. Before I left I checked with three different people that I could submit the next couple of forms here - proof of citizenship (because the one you get when you register citizenship by descent doesn't count for proof of citizenship, WTF?) and a passport application, they said “Oh yes of course.”

When our package came back, my wife went to collect it. She took with her the completed form for proof of citizenship and everyone looked at her blankly and had no clue what she was on about. In preparation for just such an eventuality, she also had a completed passport application with the correct size photos (getting that right especially with babies is really hard) and all the supporting documents, but again she was told “No, we don’t do them. Go to the Embassy.”

Happily, school holidays had run out, and my wife had to do the legwork for the passport now. But it seems that dealing with the Embassy has improved compared to when we were doing paperwork for our firstborn and marriage, and was nearly completely painless.

Two stars, only because they didn't lose any documents.

no photo available

Just joined ClickSpace and have a very good first impression. First, my aim of joining is to find a good workplace while I'm in Hanoi to write and catch up with my work that I normally do in Sweden.

Here is not only a desk in a nice villa, there are also plenty of opportunities to interact and meet others in the same situation, as well as brilliant Vietnamese staff that will help you with everything and anything.

The self-service-kitchen is also a great resource for working. A fridge full of beers, icetea and other things that are somehow necessary. If that is not enough, there is a JOMA Bakery just a very short walk away.


This place offers the same delightgul culinary experience found at Cua Hang An Uong Mau Dich so 37 (http://tnhvietnam.xemzi.com/en/spot/10495/cua-hang-an-uong-mau-dich-so-37-hanoi), but on stereoids in terms of the size and coolness of the premises...the place is huge and wonderfully decorated with old memorabilia and motorbikes, making you feel like you just stepped a few decades back in time. The premises feature two big rooms and 4 smaller private ones, which make it ideal for small parties. Just as in the smaller venue on Nam Trang, food is delicious, well presented, and very reasonably priced. Don't miss out on this gem!

no photo available

Just back from a week in Hanoi - Little Black Duck was my restaurant / coffee-shop of choice with a great selection of international and Vietnamese coffees and snacks, awesome food both Western and Vietnamese and a friendly staff (who also speak English)that provide exceptional service. They're also helpful and a good source of information on the city. Highly recommended.


I had very mixed experiences at Pet Health but overall felt this was not a place I could trust with my dog's health.
The first time I visited to ask about my puppy who was scratching a lot and not eating much I spoke with one of the main vets who after consulting with a non-english speaking female vet decided they would both come to my house nearby to see the puppy themselves. They came and recommended a supplement for her food and a change to her feeding schedule that has helped her gain more weight. They were friendly and good with the puppy and all of this without charge - I was very happy and decided I would use Pet Health for her vaccinations.
When it came time for her to be vaccinated I went with my girlfriend as I was unsure if any english-speaking staff would be present. They weren't but the girls working there in the evening said they could take care of the vaccination. They brought out the vials and upon reading the labels we noticed that these were different vaccines than we were expecting - they were the final vaccine in the course and our puppy was not yet old enough or big enough to take them. When we shared our concern with the girl working there she replied that these were the only vaccines they ever used on any dog, despite the fact their literature and vaccination booklet stated otherwise. She wouldn't even look at the labels and insisted that this was the only thing our puppy could be given. Feeling that this assistant didn't know enough we decided to leave and the next day called to arrange a time to visit when the actual vet would be present. The guy who answered the phone assured my girlfriend that he was the vet and would be there in the evening waiting for us.
That evening we returned and met the guy she had spoken to on the phone who again tried to give her the wrong vaccination for her age. When we pointed it out he refused to accept that there was any difference, despite the label clearly stating that this was not the vaccine she was scheduled for. He rudely told my girlfriend that we didn't know anything and should just listen to him, even though he didn't even know what vaccine he was holding. Again, we did not feel confident that this person knew enough or cared enough to be trusted with our puppy's health. As we left my girlfriend spoke to the staff who were feeding dogs outside and asked if the guy we dealt with was really the vet. It turns out he wasn't, he's just another unqualified staff member who answers calls for the vet and misrepresents himself to customers.
After finally getting the real vets number we called to complain and were left very disappointed with his attitude - no apology for his staff misrepresenting themselves, no apology for the staff trying to inject our dog with the wrong vaccine. Instead he simply told us they were currently out of stock on the vaccine my dog needed so the staff were grabbing the next stage from the fridge and pretending it was what we were scheduled for. He seemed to know what was going on when he wasn't there, but just didn't care.
In the end we went to a different, more expensive vet where the staff were very attentive and our puppy was much more relaxed and comfortable than when she had been at happy pet. The staff at the other vet were willing to discuss vaccines with us and immediately told us the 12 week vaccine was not safe for our 4kg 9 week old puppy. They were also out of the 9 week vaccine as there is apparently a supply issue in Vietnam at present but instead they spoke to us and more importantly listened to our concerns and in the end vaccinated her with the 2 week vaccine that although lacking coverage for leptosporosis, does not pose a health risk like the 12 week vaccine Pet Health tried to use.
For anyone who had their vaccinated at Pet Health I would strongly advise getting a follow up at another vet unless the vaccines were administered by the frequently absent qualified vets and you read the label on the vials.
From the way we were treated by the male staff member who pretended to be a vet, to the fact that two nights in a row staff tried to inject our puppy with something that could harm her I was ready to give Pet Health 1 star. However, if you get to see the actual vets there, they are good and very helpful. They seem to genuinely care about your pets and take a real interest. It's just a shame they don't expect the same from their staff.

gmark reviewed Crêperie Biniou about 1 week ago
no photo available

I visited this place last week, and will come back for several time! They are really nice, very good crepes and very "french"
In french: vraiment a la francaise!!!

gmark reviewed Chả Cá Anh Vũ about 1 week ago
no photo available

Very nice place to come! Cheap & delicious!

gmark reviewed Happy Pet Clinic about 1 week ago
no photo available

I will not get back to this clinic any more, my two dogs contracted kennel cough while at their clinic.

Sjay reviewed R&R Tavern about 1 week ago

Great pub food, I tried the pizza last night and it was just how I like it with a thin crispy base and quality toppings of my own choice. Every time I have dined at the R & R the food has always been good with fresh ingredients, generous portions and good value for the money.

The staff are the friendliest in Hanoi.

The tiger beer on tap is served icy cold in a frosty glass.

I agree with Michael's & Carolus’s comments that Bloodaxe’s got it wrong. In my humble opinion the owner is respectful and caring towards the staff, they are all happy to be there.

So if you like good music, good food, friendly staff, cold beer and a happy environment then visit the R&R.

no photo available

I took 14 hours of vietnamese lessons from Lien. Lien is really friendly and a good teacher. Even though I didn't have that many lessons she quickly managed to teach me the alphabet and some of the most useful Vietnamese phrases to use in my everyday life in Hanoi. She uses different tools such as videos and smal games to help you remember the right words. Lien also knows all the good places to see in Hanoi and elsewhere, so if you need any advice you have a good tripadvisor too:)!

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This week Poem Spa had a special offer because of Womans'Day. A facial treatment for only 100.000VND. So of course I had to try it.
The treatment was very nice, including the neck and arm massage.
I was only wondering why she put so many creams on my face...

After the treatment I was a bit dissapointed, because I thought she would do a really deep clean (needed this badly because of the kind of air that got into my skin here in Hanoi). But she said I had a fragile Western skin and a lot of foreign people don't like the red spots which are often left behind. Now I know, they'll dissapear after a day or two...

So I got this 100.000VND voucher for a deep clean (90 min) treatment worth 650.000VND! So next month I'm just gonna try this one and see if it's better.

Btw: you can also do a haircut here, pedicure/manicure, massages, body scrubs etc. But haven't tried those (yet).

no photo available

I often order from The Deli for lunch. I love their vegetarian falafel sandwich (though I will admit it is messy to eat), and recently also had some salad with shrimp that was pretty good. It is really cheap, and the delivery fee is low (10,000 VND).


Good value and food is good as well but bad service and staffs don't understand about food.

We went out for dinner with friends and we order medium rare and french fries then we got rare instead, we asked staff to come they was standing 20ft away said yes then only came until I asked 2nd time, when we explained that the steak wasn't me-rare the waitress told us it was me-rare here in their restaurant...

The manager talked to us like a boss and they give us a small piece of bread for 3 people, forgot to bring french fries, had to wait 7 minutes for sauce (actually beef and sauce must come together)...

I think the securities guys are more friendly than the staffs are.

no photo available

I used this transfer service, HTS, in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City for pick up and drop offs to airports and each time the driver was waiting to either pick up and was early, and waiting on us for our departures. The cost was cheaper than others, so at first we were a little sceptical, but the drivers on all occasions were friendly, hospitable and their cars clean and air-conditioned. I could not have been more pleased with their service and would recommend them to all when travelling in Vietnam.


Even if you are not into contorting your limbs and looking at the world upside down, there is a perfectly good reason to visit Zenith Yoga in Au Co ..... the healthy, scrumptious and totally karma free food. Vegetarians will rejoice in having one place in Hanoi where they can munch away in the safe knowledge that no creature was accidentally or purposely harmed in the making of the food. You can get your Kombucha drink here (made on the premises, like everything else, including REAL bread, not the cotton wool variety), as well as fantastic juice combinations.
The food is fresh and tasty, the kitchen is clean (you can see how your food is being prepared) and the chia seed cookies plus their home made coconut strips, are totally, absolutely heavenly.

no photo available

A bit pricey but a good place to look for Western size clothes for women. They made me pants according to what I wanted and did it within a week. I was also able to find shoes for my big feet (EU 40), but of course, paid a premium for the shoes. Recommended for basics (custom made pants) that are otherwise impossible to find in Hanoi.