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no photo available

Henry Hiep is an incredible man, the person you want by your side as your "local guy". He sorts out any problems you might encounter and explains the idiosyncrasies of Ha Noi in a clear and friendly way. Reliable, thoughtful, well-connected, trustworthy and great fun to be with. No question is too hard to ask, and if he doesn't know the answer, he will find it out. And, he's a very safe driver, great tour guide, the ultimate fixer. I'd pay him more than I do, but I'm just a poor foreigner, though richer for having met him, by chance, when I was lost on my third day in Ha Noi. If you need a "local guy", Henry is The Man.

leeman reviewed Cinematheque about 1 day ago

Out of business?? kjhiusyfkjsdhfkjbsdfkjsd


Sorry about the lack of contact information but the original salon in Hanoi Tower will provide this if you call them.
There aren't many things that would cause me to trek out to gruesome Ciputra - filming a zombie-apocalypse movie might do it - but the lure of saving a buck or fifty swung it for me. This salon has a half-price offer on skin and hair treatments until December the 10th, so off I went on a xe om for an appointment with my usual stylist at a reduced price.
The salon is airy, pleasant and full of helpful staff. There's a lot more room than in Hanoi Tower and the salon is purpose built so the atmosphere is less cramped and crowded. The service is just as good as in the original salon and the half price offer is a real bargain. I can't pretend that the place is cheap - western prices, actually - but in return you get an excellent cut and proper products from people who really know what they're doing.

no photo available

Used to be my favorite taxi company until today. Got into cab 427 around the cathedral. When we got near my house, he would not turn where I told him to turn. Said we had to go straight. So I got out. Then he followed me saying F-you. Maybe he was drunk or on drugs, but whatever the case, stay out of this cab.

no photo available

Professional and competent is how I would describe Insight Frog. I started the process of attaining a work permit on my own. Four months later, I was exhausted and frustrated and no where close to having my permit. I turned to Insight Frog for help. 6 weeks later, I had my work permit. CK did an excellent job of keeping up with changing requirements and keeping the process moving along at a good clip. His fees were very reasonable with full disclosure up front - no hidden costs. I then used him to apply for my temporary residence card for my entire family. 8 weeks past and I now have a 2 year TRC. Again, very professional and competent, and all fees were disclosed up front. You can save yourself a ton of frustration by working with Insight Frog. He is now my go to guy for visa, and work permit related issues.

no photo available

Hi! Im new here, couldnt understand how to comment here, so Im using this. My boyfriend and I are very amateur poker players and would like to join, but without money is there any point to the game? Cant we put in just a little bit?

no photo available

Thai has really made our stay in Vietnam an unforgettable experience. We did a 6 day motorbike tour through North West Vietnam and even though we were both inexperienced drivers, we absolutely enjoyed this trip. It felt like travelling with a close friend rather than travelling with a guide. Thai made us try a variety of Vietnamese food specialties, arranged really nice and comfortable accommodation and showed us a lot of beautiful places in North Vietnam. He always made sure to put safety first. Also, since he personalises every itinerary, he made sure this trip was exactly the kind of experience we were looking for! We would recommend Go Bamboo Trek to anyone making a motorbike trip in Vietnam!

Fayr reviewed JAFA about 2 weeks ago
no photo available

I live in Ciputra and have 2 school aged kids. JAFA is great for somewhere to go with them. They swim in the pool, and eat kid food (eg chips, pizza, chicken stix), and there's a good range of adult food cooked well. eg Steak sandwich, fajitas, bun cha, vegetarian.
A reasonable range of beer, wine, and juices and smoothies.
If you go in a big group, ie multiple families, JAFA has a great system for dealing with multiple tabs, which is rare.
Comfortable couches or poolside seating.
Exactly what a stressed out parent needs.
This is close to my ideal in a family friendly restaurant.

no photo available

I am studying Vietnamese language in the early morning. I enjoy the lesson 3 times per week.

Mai Lan teach me not only language, but also Vietnamese culture, food, travel... ... Sometimes she takes me outside of Hanoi and shows me beautiful temple, pretty village and colorful flower garden.

She is really helpful and kind Vietnamese teacher.

no photo available

The program is based on the French Tennis Method that has an 'extreme focus on technique, footwork and tactics.' Clement is now working hard to develop the other, just as important part of the French Method of 'A system of tournaments and rankings.'

Clement is a teacher by profession that is obvious by his extreme level of organisation, planning and patience and he follows the developmental curriculum perfectly. He is fantastic with the kids. As a teacher myself and a P.E. teacher of ten years he clearly understands the golden rule, which is to keep students active for the whole 90 minutes and not let them stand idol in lines waiting their turn. He treats and greets players and parents individually with warmth and respect at every practice.

After five years as a gymnast, he has turned my daughter into a tennis player with a level of skill and enjoyment of the game that I am sure will encourage her to play for a lifetime, all this in two months!

no photo available

I use Poem Spa about once every six weeks to get my hair cut. Every time I am perfectly happy with the service. The haircuts are good, the spa is clean, prices are reasonable and the staff are lovely. I couldn't ask for anything else from a hairdresser.


5 star cabins in a tranquil well kept gated development zone. Covering a large area that sits next to a nice lake. The resort comprises modern well equipped cabins and also time-share villas and residential homes that are spread out over a large acreage. Each cabin has 2 complimentary mountain bikes to get around on, there are also a free electric car service to run you around to the various sites.

The cabins are fantastic and have stylish indoor /outdoor bathrooms, there are different types accomadation and price ranges to choose from (lake side - mountain top - forest environments - cabins or villas with kitchen), I noticed some cabins had small private swimming pools. We paid US$100 for 1 night, 2 adults and 2 kids and were happy with the value. Our cabin had a king size bed and a sofa that folded out to a bed suitable for 2 kids.

They have a nice grassy park and boats /canoes / swimming / playground in one area near next to the lake, great for the kids to run around, also an open air lakeside bar for the dad's.

The place is still under development with some construction underway but this was not a serious concern as we could not hear construction noise inside our cabin. It will be a huge resort/residential estate when it is finished. I was told the 9 hole golf course will be completed in January 2015.

An amazing place with pine forest, gardens function rooms that cater for Vietnamese corporate functions.

There was only 1 restaurant open while we were there and there are more dining options planned. The Bamboo restaurant has good Vietnamese food (no western) and the price was reasonable we ordered 4 dishes and starters totaling 600,000vnd and were quite happy with the food and service, however it was all outdoors and it was a bit too cold in the evening.

Buffet breakfast (included in the room price) was a standard 5 star affair with egg/omelet/pho counter and several shiny flip-top canisters with the usual breakfast assortments.

It is lacking a convenience store so bring all the snacks supplies you may need. Also, last weekend there was only Vietnam TV, apparently lightning took out the satellite and they said usually have HBO,CNN ect, the cabins have DVD players so if you are seeking some entertainment in the evening it may be wise to pack some DVD movies, because there is nothing much to do after dinner. The cabins have good free internet.

If you feel like some fresh air and a luxury cabin 1 hour out of Hanoi, then try an overnight visit to the Flamingo Resort.

Evans1 reviewed R&R Tavern about 2 weeks ago
no photo available

As for R&R waterfront I think it deserves a full 5 stars. I'm not friends with the people that work there or the owner. I'm a customer. I find the place very pleasant and I don't consider it a fish bowl. The window is great for the view and the mirror doesn't make me worry. Food is great also, IMO.

I'm not sure what someone is concerned about and I'm not sure what "cozy" is or is not.

As for the R & R 1, on Nghi Tam, it's good enough with food, drink and prices.

The only issue with me (and some others is) the loud music. You cannot talk to the person sitting next to you unless you shout and you constantly hear covers of Creedence, the Beatles, and some other 60s and 70s artist. The music is not attracting customer but driving them away. The room is too loud for the acoustics. The musicians and music are good but not in that room.

It also can be very smoky.

Apparently, the last reviewer misses someone. Well, people come and go. Life is short. Move on. Sounds like the last reviewer is paranoid about "fishbowls" and heartbroken over a former person there.

no photo available

Viet fighter is a good place to train, and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn or new sport or exercise.

I have read previous reviews, and I haven't seen any of the tyranny described. He is a little sarcastic, but he wants to make sure you are doing everything safely.

I can say that training at Viet Fighter was like training in some of the schools I visited in Thailand. He has two instructors from Thailand, and the head instructor does have good experience. The staff is friendly, and I haven't had any issues described in the first few reviews.

no photo available

The French Tennis Academy is an excellent tennis academy. The instructor teaches my son, my daughter, and I on the finer points of tennis.

Since my son has started taking lessons, this is the only sport he wants to play. He tried soccer and baseball, and quit both sports. My son has been taking lessons for almost a year, and asks for more lessons than the 4 a week he is already taking.

I have been taking tennis lessons so I can play tennis with my family, and not be humiliated. I am happy with the results, and have become a bigger fan of tennis than I thought I would be.

My daughter is 3, and I asked the instructor to work with her as a favor since she has been asking to play tennis for the past month. The instructor has shown a lot of patience and taught her the basics of the game. Although this is for fun and for her to learn coordination, my daughter is excelling and constantly asks for more lessons. My daughter stopped the instructor and said, "Clement...Clement....Clement....I need to play tennis!" This is a testament to the instructor, because he has taken a game with subtle nuances and broken it down so that a 3 year old can focus through a 30 minute class and understand those subtle nuances.

no photo available

Outstanding. Osteopaths back home have worked on and with my body for a long time. My treatment with Gregory was up there amongst the best. He is thorough- knowledgeable-highly skilled- and very personable. I knew I was in good hands. My new best friend in HaNoi! Easy to find. Affordable.


I came here with low back pain. The first time i felt very comfortable with a chiropractic clinic. All the staff were friendly. The vietnammese doctor was very nice.

no photo available

The shop is full of stripe, polka dots and floral dresses with small surprised details, locally designed and produced. Very friendly, helpful staff who can speak fluent English. Beautiful euro vintage style shop in the heart of the old quarter of Hanoi

no photo available

Mình rất thích đến quán này vì quán được thiết kế theo phong cách bao cấp ngày xưa. Đồ uống ngon và nhân viên thân thiện, phục vụ khách tốt :D quán có thể ngồi bên ngoài thoáng mát và rất hợp với thời tiết chớm đông của HN bây giờ ☺️ Mặc dù quán nằm trên con phố ít người biết đến nhưng lại có không gian yên tĩnh giữa HN ồn ã.
Nhất định mình sẽ trở thành khách quen của quán Cộng số 2 Lê Phụng Hiểu


A NEW and very STYLISH Cong Caphe in the Center, close to the Opera and Metropolitan Hotel.

Its a very cozy Lounge style Coffee shop, either sit outside and enjoy the wide alley under big trees or hang out at the second floor with a spacious and warm environment!

Friendly, fast and En-speaking Staff, good music and awesome drinks...:-)

A MUST see when come to Hanoi!