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amabush reviewed Salt n' Lime about 1 day ago

My American friend is very choosy about Mexican food and if she says it's good, then it's good.
The food at Salt 'n' Lime is good.
Two things to note: the place is minute so you should probably get there early if you want a table, and secondly, the burritos are HUGE - after I had eaten a whole one, I felt like a giant burrito myself; a soft skin stuffed to bursting full of meat and beans. I chose the pork and it was really delicious, tender and juicy. This is not the dish to order if you are a small eater or on a diet. However if you are a disgraceful greedy animal like me, it's just the ticket.
Considering the quality of the food and the size of the servings, Salt 'n' Lime gives excellent value for money and is well worth a visit.

nicoxandre reviewed A La Folie about 2 days ago
no photo available

Very good French food (and I'm French), reasonable price (with an interesting lunch set and suggestions of the day) and very nice staff who can speak English and even a little bit of French.

The owner is also really nice and will strike a conversation with you if you want, but won't be too intrusive and will let you enjoy your food if that's what you want.

Go there! It's awesome.

no photo available

I have not had any interaction with Lan but my teacher, Hop, has been really fantastic.

I was a complete beginner when we first started but she quickly got me up to being able to say the basics, ordering food, introducing myself, asking general questions, etc.

I definitely recommend these guys!

benda reviewed Pots 'n Pans about 5 days ago
no photo available

I've been twice in the last month - first time by accident as we were driving by and I spotted it so stopped.

Sunday lunch we had the set menu and it was great. We had to add desert in just to try out the menu. Enough options to sample some of the menu.

We had a friend in town 2 weeks later and we went there for dinner. This time no set menu to try out more dishes. I thought the espresso martini was quite well made too.

Both times the service was great and neither time the place was overly busy.

Could be anywhere city in the world the way the restaurant is fitted out.

Bobbin reviewed Crêperie Biniou about 5 days ago
no photo available

Visited the place twice - excellent crepes!
Cozy and clean restaurant, delicious food, nice staff

no photo available

I don’t want to be negative about my visit to Vietnam. Me and my family spent 3 weeks holiday and it was great, In fact, I think Vietnam should be one of the highlights of any visit to Southeast Asia, and defiantly we will be back
But the only problem is that I was rip off from Taxi, and sadly from intercontinental Hanoi hotel TAXI,
In Jun 14, 2014, I took the taxi from the hotel to the airport , the Taxi meter price was V 460,000, we gave him V 500,000, but he hide it and show me a V 20,000, then start to point to the Taxi meter , me and my wife told him that I gave him 500,000, and I don't have 20,000, but he kept screaming to me and my kids, so I paid him again , also I found out that he park far a way from our terminal
I immediately inform the hotel, and the funny part the hotel believe the driver that I gave him only V 20,000
I am not really worried about the overcharging, but it was really a negative thing toward Vietnam

The sad part is that intercontinental Hanoi hotel is aware of this incident , and they took no action

no photo available

i love bia hơi, so i will be there next weeken.

no photo available

I have just had two implants completed on my mouth, where I have been missing teeth for nearly 20 years. I am so thrilled not only with the esthetic result but also the excellent care, and am still amazed at how little pain was involved.
I nearly made the mistake of waiting too long before making an appointment. So for all the ex-pats who have missing teeth and know they should go along. Dont hesitate, this clinic is the "real deal" and get your work done here before you go home and then have pay thousands more for it, for the same quality of work. Being a nurse, I know good clean technique when I see it, and there is definitely no issues where that is concerned here. Remember implants take at the very least 3 months to complete maybe more, so dont miss out- on probably the best savings of money you will get while living in Hanoi. So dont wait for your last 6 months here in Hanoi to go to Peace dental.
To Dr Frederick and the girls, Thank you so much for everything, this has been such a positive experience for us. I know I will be back in Hanoi in the future, so when do come back, you can bet my first stop will be back here to get my dental work done, to me its a "no brainer"


Well, I knew that it would probably be a mixed bag working for this company, yes a company, in the business of setting up franchises around Asia. The word on several sites was that it can be a good place to work, that the staff are generally great teachers that are committed to providing a quality education for the children and the parents who are investing in the school. I know that this school went through a sea change a year ago, and that we now have a principal who love the school, the kids, and takes care of his employees.
Yes, it is a corporation, and yes the workload seems somewhat high, but from where I am from, most of the things that are required of teachers are really things that teachers should be doing in the first place. This place seems to keep us accountable, and as a result I think I could become a better teacher working here. I've only been with them since the start of the school year, and unless something nasty gets sprung on me, I think us new hires will do alright.
Someone mentioned that the salary package "looks good on paper" but not in reality. Unless my paycheck comes in less than what they tell me, and unless they fail to honor their promise to reimburse me for expenses incurred to get established, then I don't know what this could be referring to. Is it the best deal out there? No. But it's far from the worst. Will I work hard and get frustrated? Probably. But so far there is big trade-off. I have intelligent kids with low behavior problems who really like to learn. I have paid time off, which is something I never had in the US. I've already made great relationships with the staff, and appreciate that the principal and the HR department have been guiding me through the complex paperwork required by the company and the Vietnamese Government. Will I stay there forever? Probably not, but there are a few staff members who have been there for years, and are competent teachers. I believe this is a school that is on a track towards continuous improvement, and I would consider it an accomplishment to be a part of that improvement. By the way, I was a highly-qualified teacher in the US and endured 10 years of just terrible school districts.

no photo available

I mistakenly ordered before reading reviews so I was a little worried about what would arrive at my door.
I needn't have been concerned, though. We had a chicken tikka masala, a butter chicken, a kashmiri naan, and a portion of basmati rice.
While the portion sizes could not be considered enormous, between 2 of us, we were left feeling happily full.
As for the quality and taste, well, let's just say that it's going on my favourites list. The rice was cooked to perfection, the curries had plenty of delicious sauce and a decent helping of chicken, and the naan was full of flavour although, of all the dishes, it could have done with another minute on the heat.

no photo available

I believe I was one of Lan's first students, although now I study with another teacher, Hop, from TV Oi as I went away for a while and when I came back Lan was fully booked! This didn't surprise me one bit because I found her to be a fantastic tutor. She really is a natural teacher; she is well prepared, teaches you new vocabulary and structures in a logical fashion and she is aptly strict about pronunciation! Her lessons were always fun and she tried hard to make them interesting and fun.

Now, Hop is my teacher and I find her to be equally enjoyable and useful. As I am a higher level now, I study with a textbook but Hop also provides me with worksheets in order for me to practice particular grammar points. She always encourages me to speak and is very patient with me!

Admin wise I have found dealing with TV oi a breeze, no issues whatsoever, I simply pay 10 lessons in advance and off we go. I have never had classes cancelled or changed which I appreciate. Overall, thumbs up for anyone wanting to get more out of their experience here in Hanoi.

Em la ai reviewed Tò he about 1 week ago

I personally think Tò he should do a lot of work to improve the quality of their fabric and products. I would say I really like them and the ideas, however, when I bought a product for my sister, it never lasted long, the colors went faint after a very short time and now it's very difficult to see the beautiful original design on the surface of it.

no photo available

I have been to a number of Japanese restaurants here in Ha Noi, two were on Trieu Viet Vuong and I would not write about them. The sushi and sashimi were "warm," not cold. The rice was like eating sticky rice, a glob that is tough to eat and sticky as all get-out.

Here, I ordered sushi, sashimi, maki and tonkatsu. The sashimi was nice with a bit of al dente (not mushy as at the other places) and the rice was perfect! I actually ordered more tuna sushi before leaving and ate it there. The tonkatsu had a good breading, deep=fried and did not fall apart with a pick-up with chopsticks. The tempura, was well battered and the batter stayed on everything, as opposed to other places where the batter was greasy, uneven and falling off of the veggies and shrimp. Everything was perfect and it is not all that often that I give any place as high a rating as this. I am also very lucky as I live only a 4 minute walk to this place.

Also, there are a number of Japanese places on this strip of Lang Ha from De La Thang to the National Cinema. There is a great ramen noodle place to die for as well! I will write about this in a few days.

mephistosa reviewed Tò he about 2 weeks ago
Aug 2014

What a breath of fresh air these very cute designs are. Not only are they color- and playful but each item is carefully crafted and of high quality. The designs are also very well thought of so that they fit easily in our modern day lifestyle.
Instead of making a fashion statement, make a good-cause statement!

no photo available

Nam is the Man!

Nam has helped us out with just about everything. He's helped us rent cars, visa on arrivals, plan tickets, you name it. Just this past week, we were needing to get plane tickets back to the states and the prices were horrible! as a last ditch effort I remembered Nam and gave him a call after hours. He worked on the tickets and continued to look for the right ones until well into the night and ended up saving my family over 4,000 usd to get back to the states.

We visited with my family at his office to pay for the tickets and he was awesome with our kids.

The guy is a professional and his english is perfect. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to communicate with you your options and finds the best price for you. Would recommend him to anyone. Let's keep him busy!

Fayr reviewed TuanDung Sport about 2 weeks ago
no photo available

We looked for soccer (football) boots size 45 (EU)/11 (US) and could not find them anywhere until we got here. Not only did we find "big" soccer shoes but they were legitimate Adidas(as far as we could tell).

Aug 2014

Super friendly staff. Their milkfoam is the best!!!

no photo available

I'm always looking for new places to take my friends, so I went to the Acoustic Pub on 8/15/2014 to see what it was like, a night that was listed as it having LIVE acoustic music. When I arrived at about 9:30pm I was surprised to find that there was no live music at all!
I don't know if they ever have ANY live music, but my guess is that I won't waste my time going there a second time to find out...
Sorry guys, but if you post an ad saying you have LIVE acoustic music then you need to have a LIVE band playing!

no photo available

We live close to Quan an Ngon and it always packed, with queues most evenings and taxis of tourists turning up every 5 minutes, but I still have no idea why. It is a nice setting, but each of the times we have been there have been just OK, certainly nothing to rave about.

Last time we went mid afternoon and it was not so busy - about 30% capacity. We ordered 3 drinks and saw the waitress write them all down, then ordered 4 dishes between 2 of us. Two drinks came, then garlic fried rice, which was cold. Next came pho, and after we had finished we enquired about our other dishes. They had been forgotten, so an hour after we sat down we got our special BBQ beef by itself. The 3rd drink never materialised. At the end we had to ask for our bill 3 times and wait 15 minutes till it arrived.

There is so much good food to be had in Hanoi I can only imagine that this place thrives on its guidebook and Tripadvisor reviews, not on return customers.

The food and drinks across the road at the Larue Bia Hoi are just as good for 1/3 the price.

soukchai reviewed Luna d'Autunno about 2 weeks ago
no photo available

We have had takeaway pizzas from here a few times and they are good - real thin crust tasty minimalist pizzas for around 200,000VND.
Haven't eaten in yet but will ass the place looks nice and staff are always very polite and attentive.