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plllay reviewed Rasa Singapura about 3 hours ago
no photo available

Great new vegetarian menu, friendly service, and fast home delivery. Recommended!

no photo available

My wife and I have dined at Fukuzushi two to three times per month since the restaurant opened. We have tried other Japanese Restaurants on Xuan Dieu but always find the experience lacking when compared to Fukuzushi.

Kim san, the owner, is young but clearly understands customer service and the value of consistency and quality.

The ingredients are fresh and prepared without msg. We have tried a majority of the menu and have never been disappointed.

noeintracy reviewed Namaste Hanoi about 7 hours ago
no photo available

I ordered the Chicken Tikki Masala with some rice. This would have nice had they been brought out together rather than the rice coming out 5 minutes later. The Chicken was chewy and sinewy. The sauce and rice were great. What was not great was the fact that 2 hours after my meal I started to feel very hot! This meant going to bed feeling a little worse for wear (sad considering I hadn't even been drinking). In the early morning I just had to get up and use the bathroom... suffice to say, the sauce was not as tasty the 2nd or 3rd time round.

Atmosphere was not pleasant, it was noisy and hard to hear the conversation across the table. Also, restaurants that do not include tax in the menu prices and the "tax not included" in small print irks me somewhat.

Saki33 reviewed Vietnammm.com about 13 hours ago
no photo available

I ordered pizzas yestarday. Ordering was realy easy since the site is in english and is really easy to use.
It's a shame the delivery was a little long to come (around 20 minutes late from the estimated hour).

benlucious reviewed Omamori Spa about 23 hours ago
no photo available

Now, after reading all of the comments on Omamori Spa, I decided to go there with my Girlfriend.

Before reading on: This might contain some "Spoilers" of what is going to happen once you come in. And it is a long 100% positive post. So dont look here if you want to read something bad! :)

We had a little difficulty with finding the place, as it is in a very small alley behind a café. But after asking a few locals, we found the place.

It was a rainy day, and the a young girl offered to take our bike inside, to not get it too wet.
We came inside and was served a (very nice) cup of tea. She then asked us shortly who we were and what we did in hanoi. She really took her time with us. Which was nice, as we did come for a massage, but we felt so welcome and safe.
She asked if we had any pain in our body, or if there were some areas that they wanted us to focus on. Then finally after 10 minutes she showed us their services. Money was not mentioned at any point, it was purely describing what their services were. (Swedish massage, body, feet or Omamori special massage)

We chose the Omamori Special massage. I myself have tried A LOT of massages throughout the world, but never heard of this one.

We went afterwards into a small room, where we could lock up our personal belongings. Then as something different, we were given a light brown pyjamas looking set to take on. This was to be kept on untill we came to the maseuse.
FYI: I am a guy who weights 130 KG, I could fit in the pyjamas set, so everyone can! (A little tight on the pants)(Ladies must take off their bra's under the cover fyi.)

We then were guided into a very calm room with 2 young people standing at the foot of the massage table. They were looking straight out in the air, almost like soldiers standing straight in line!. It was here that it came to my mind that they were blind.

I was told to take my pyjamas shirt off, and lie on the bench. I kept the pants on through out the whole 90 minutes. This did not hinder the massage at all.

Once finished, we were told to take our time, and relax untill we feel ready to stand up and get dressed again. After this, we went out and sat with the young lady again to have a "how-was-it" talk.

The prices were the following (Omamori Massage only):

60 Minutes: 150.000 VND*
75 Minutes: 180.000 VND*
90 Minutes: 200.000 VND*

*(Prices are from 18/04/2014, meaning I cannot know if they change the prices)

NB: The first time you come to the place, you get a 50.000 VND discount. After that you pay the full price.

So, How was it?:
Let me make it short - I have been to over 20 massage clinics throughout the world. Paid over $150 USD for some of the more expensive ones. Big guys, to small ladies. All sorts of strength.

And it is with 100% honesty, when I tell you this....

Never in my life, have I experienced such a plesant/comforting/relaxing/amazing experience. Mr. Ha who was my masseuse showed me what REAL massage is about. He truly cares for your experience, and not about the money.

In the end, it is important to say that this is a "NO-TIPPING-CLINIC". Please understand this:

90% of the spa's in Hanoi, the actual people who give you massage get 0% of the price you pay to get the massage. They live only on the tips you give them. I have heard a lot of people get annoyed that they had to pay tips as well as the normal price when they went to spa's. Remember this next time. The manager takes 100% for himself, and the working people only get the tips.

This is what Omamori would like to get rid of. Therefor it is NOT ALLOWED to tip the people there. They get a normal salary, while some of the money also go to help the blind young people in Hanoi.

To all of you out there, who countless of times have tried to find THE place to get massages.... Omamori Spa is the place you want to go.. I can only speak for myself, but I doubt I will find a better place to get massages in the near future.

I think I went a little over my head, when I wanted to give a "few" nice words on my way out of the door.
But I hope you all now are certain that you would like to check out this place. Help the blind youth, and get the best massage you will get in a very long time!

Thank you Omamori spa for this fantastic experience!


no photo available

Vietnammm was the first online food ordering site I used in Hanoi, and it is definitely better than calling if you want to get exactly what you ordered. The password reset is quick too, which is often necessary for my low-blood sugar brain.

Fuzy reviewed ASVELIS about 3 days ago
no photo available

I must tell you - they are the NICEST people here! I'm flying from Vietnam to the US and they have been nothing but helpful. They helped me get my paperwork all set, recommended what to do, set up my crate for me, and helped me out so much. They know exactly what to do to help you out. They respond quickly, speak English, French, and Vietnamese, can call or email and they'll be there for you! Definitely bring your pets here!

rockgirl3012 reviewed Lancy Spa about 4 days ago

I have been a regular customer here, they all know me. I know it is a bit expensive but i like the convenient location and good service so i kept coming back. Moreover, I also recommended many people and brought them many customers.
However, yesterday I brought two friends of mine who are visiting Vietnam for short time, we all did manicure and pedicure. When getting the bill, i realized that she (owner) charged me $7 more for "longer massage, that she did 10 mins massage instead of 5 minutes as normal", when i didn't ask for it and she didn't even notice me before. And I also didn't see that it was longer at all.
I find this is unacceptable, even though I paid without complaining (because I was with my friends who would leave the country in the evening, so I didn't want to break the good afternoon we were having), I was angry and told to myself that I would not come back.
This would be the last time I used their service and would be the last time I recommend them to anyone. Living in Tay Ho with full of good services, we will easily find a replacement.

marko_cro reviewed Com Ga Hoi An about 4 days ago

COMGA is a perfect destination for a quick lunch on workdays; long meals on weekends; romantic dinners; morning coffee; afternoon snacks; drinks with friends or special events. Solo customers will never feel alone, tended to by smiling friendly staff. The restaurant is a sanctuary for thirsty tourists, tired after browsing Hanoi Old Quarter; visitors willing to experience genuine Vietnamese food; or locals who simply want a burger for a change, Westerners and Vietnamese alike. Situated in the heart of old Hanoi, COMGA offers a spectacular view of daily life on the street, observed from above. There are three levels of balconies and three distinct indoor spaces with a cosy décor. Most dishes are authentic and all of them are delicious – I have gone through the whole menu during my regular Sunday lunches and never found a flaw. Young staff will go beyond the call of duty and help you find a nearby mechanic for your broken bike; give you directions to your next destination; or simply cheer you up if you feel lonely. Highly recommended!

marko_cro reviewed Street No 5 about 4 days ago

Café Street No5 at 50 Tràng Thi serves excellent Cà Phê Sữa Đá, very good espresso, tasty cappuccino and strong black Vietnamese coffee. If you are not a coffee lover, there is a choice of delicious smoothies, made from fresh fruit –just before serving– and without added sugar or water. This new café combines elements of a typical Vietnamese street coffee shop, a Western lounge, a roof-top bar and a pub. In a cosy atmosphere, friendly staff will also offer a fair choice of tea, beer, punch and most popular cocktails, such as Mojitos, Margaritas or Gin & Tonic, my favourite. You will be served by young baristas with charming smiles. Top it up with trendy décor, nice music, central location, motorbike parking, fast Wi-Fi, great view from the balcony upstairs and reasonable prices – and you will get café with a new Hanoi experience, surrounded by old romantic Hanoi vistas. Thumbs up!

HanhND3129182 reviewed Le Pub about 6 days ago

A real pub culture reserved here

msedu.hanoi reviewed Z BAR about 1 week ago
no photo available

Absolutely unbelievable music tonight...

Violinist was immense

Issue is sadly with staff>

Can take paying straight away-No problem

Can take sneaky charges on the bill-No problem

Can take asking to pay for a charge to cover the band-No problem because they were awesome.

Cannot take refusing to sell non alcoholic beverages of any kind unless mixed with a whiskey, coke etc.

Could not even manage a bottle of water for my Vietnamese wife ..

sadly when my 'white foreign' friends arrived an hour later they ordered waters and well this might shock you but waters appeared with ice and all..>

all the while my wife sat there drinking nothing and the rest of us downed some beers.

Thanks to the band for saving an otherwise crappy night from a crappy place.


Lori reviewed VietClimb Gym about 1 week ago
no photo available

I have been to VietClimb twice now and had really great experiences. The first time was a surprise for my husband for Valentine's Day. Neither of us had climbed like this before but found both the staff and fellow climbers great and very informative. We had a great experience and sure beat the dinner and a movie idea I had in terms of creative dates.

We then decided for our birthdays as they are only three weeks apart to try VietClimb as a fun group activity. We booked in the group challenge and it was fantastic! We had a dedicated climber to help everyone, answer questions, challenge us and just help with our overall enjoyment. We also got to do the top roping which is what I really like about climbing.

Overall whether you're looking to spice up your date options, or challenge your friends to something other than a drink at a bia hoi (though we did do that after) this is a really great option.

Perhaps we'll try it with our kids next. Stay tuned for that review...

no photo available

I come to know this dental clinic through introduction from a closed friend. First visit was bringing my 5 years old son to fix his decays teeth. This was my son's first visit to dentist. It was a very pleasant & comfortable experience for him. This had eased my worried. The clinic is clean, helpful & english speaking staffs, pleasant music & well equipment. Dr. Emily is a very polite & gentle doctor. It took 2 appointments to do my son's filling for 6 holes. My son was happily to do all necessary work without any struggle. Later, my son's has another toothache & Dr Emily said he had to do root canal. This time was super painful experience for all. My son has little bleeding while cleaning his tooth & he feel pain. Predictable it should take 3 times visit to complete the treatment unfortunately it took 7 times to complete it. It was due to my son fear & he refuse to open his mouth. With Dr Emily professional skill, knowledge & calm character, she had shown & given her extra ordinary service to my son. It took a long time to comfort & eased my son's fear & slowly he willingly corporate with doctor. Without doctor's patience, this will be an impossible task. I am so thankful to her & she's willingly to answer all my text while I had question & helps for my son's situation. Dr Emily also has a enthusiasm spirit to look for suitable method to treat my son's tooth. On top of all these, the clinic did not charge me any single extra costs even I willing to pay more.

refugee reviewed Namaste Hanoi about 1 week ago
no photo available

Namaste provide an excellent menu of northern and southern Indian food. The prices are fairly reasonable for the amount of food you get. I got the chicken balti when I went and it was nice and spicy and delicious.
I'll definitely be going again.

no photo available

Just came back from dinner at Pyza. Feeling very good. This is one of the places that should be filled every night - very nice food, and good service. Everything on the table was prepared, executed and laid without flaw. Looking at the table and the reason for being there, I didn't pay much attention to decor or anything else that might be reviewed - pretty sure it was all good. The ham hock, perogi, a great marinated salmon starter - all good and excellent value. Thank you staff and chef.


Having relatively long, dark Indian hair, I am extremely protective and slightly obsessed with it. I avoid haircuts and if I must, I only go to one person in the states who I (somewhat) trust.

My hair had been getting a little dull since I arrived in Hanoi a bit over a month ago, so given the reviews, I decided to check out Tran Linh Hair Creation.

Immediately upon walking in and hearing the fun, upbeat music, I felt at ease and very comfortable. Linh has a friendly, welcoming demeanor and like others have said, he is an artist and wants each of his clients to be a new masterpiece. His staff members are also fantastic - I think I just had the best shampoo and conditioning of my life. Again, very relaxing, very comfortable.

I am extremely pleased with my haircut. I told Linh I wanted a TRIM and he delivered perfectly. I feel my hair is lighter, fuller, more bouncy and voluminous - but still nice and long as I requested. I don't trust many people with my hair, but I trust Linh. :)

no photo available

why Fusion bodyworks is meeting my requirement:
-very good and well maintain facilities and equipment.
-friendly staff and trying their best to make you feel you are the only "customer" in the gym.
-well trained personal trainer with good knowledge and friendly attitude.
-many different classes (steps,zumba, yoga,...) from beginner to advance all included in the fee.

i am so happy to have join them...
the fees are affordable and it is to me the best gym/value for money in Hanoi.
thank you to all the staff at fusion !!!

Mark G reviewed Vietnammm.com about 1 week ago
no photo available

Vietnammm.com has been a pleasure to order meals for delivery through. Not a problem to mention, and always coming through. Recommended.

no photo available

Delicious drinks, cozy décor and staff very friendly. I think there's a quiet place the work or read books. I used to go there a few times and would love to come back here to see all the people there. By from staff to management, they're always warm welcome and serve very caring made my feel comfortable. Very nice place!