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no photo available

Nailed it for me & my Son.

There has been a serious lack of decent Mexican food in Hanoi for years.


This place seems to be a complete secret in the expat community. It is the sister location of a wine shop on Xuan Dieu, and is in a relatively nearby location in West Lake. It is a combination of a showroom and restaurant, though it reminds me more of a very well outfitted showroom than an actual restaurant or bar.

They have a large range of inexpensive wines. This appears to be what they really specialize in. Chilean, Argentinian, and Spanish seem to be most represented. There are bargains to be found here, especially in the context of Hanoi's wine pricing.

The real reason to take note of the place, however, is that you can go here and drink your way through bottles with friends and do so at their basic retail prices. There's no markup for having it in-house. Big nights here don't hurt the wallet the way some places do, and the furnishings are totally acceptable. You can get them to set you up a table outside on the pavement in temperate weather or just put together a table inside.

If you and friends regularly get together for wine binges and socializing, keep this in mind. It will surprise you.

Null Field reviewed The Republic about 4 days ago

A previous reviewer joked that the place is freakishly unremarkable in its generally getting things right, but they deserve full marks for for hitting all the key points and maintaining consistency. It is just a pitch perfect implementation of what the neighborhood was looking for. People have flocked to it from the start.

What caught everyone's eye and what continues to be everyone's first choice seating option is the patio overlooking the lake. I mean, if you're paying lakefront rents, you have to have something like this, right? Odd how few buildings along that stretch actually got it completely right.

All that said, I actually think the downstairs is a bit underrated. It has a nice bar vibe that really comes into its own when enough of a crowd is around. The draw of the patio makes that rarer than it need be. If this same layout were its own entity in any number of locations around the city, we'd rate it one of the better bars. The patio just keeps it a bit empty.

The front room with the projector for sports viewing is solid when a big event is on and a dozen or more people are present, but for the majority of times, it is an oddly underwhelming first impression.

As for the food, I must admit that I have hardly worked beyond the burger menu. Cliche, I know. But that is just why I go here. I rarely crave something as specific as a burger, but there are just times when a certain kind of comfort food is needed. Their burgers are diverse in style (beef, lamb, duck, chicken) and all very well executed. Very flavorful without trying to overdue it. They are a full on mess to deal with as well. You're advised to just pick the up once and hold them over your plate until you finish, as they just overflow with meat, cheese, sauces, and other goodness. For my money, they are in the running for best in the city.

I wouldn't say there is much to separate them on the drinks front. The beer/wine list is small, but well selected. Draught beer is only Sapporo, so dull but acceptable, I guess. There are better local beers available that I'd like to see them pouring, but this choice is probably more about business than taste.

On the whole, a professionally run place whose lasting legacy will likely be their raising of the bar for similar operations in the area more than anything else.

amb7aa reviewed Fancy Spa about 1 week ago
no photo available

I went there on the recommendations from TNH and they were definitely spot on! The wax dries on after it's put on and is much less painful than typical wax and cloth when it comes off. My waxer was very professional and thorough and made sure to check her work several times, which isn't very common in Vietnam. As other reviewers have noted, don't expect it to look luxurious on the outside or inside. However, the quality of the work is solid. For a very reasonable price as well, I'll definitely be going back.

no photo available

The restaurant is kept very clean and looks modern and western. Food is made by students, so quality varies, shifting to very good to frankly pretty mediocre. It is part of Pegasus hospitality school, therefor the price is pretty high considering it's people learning. Last time I went I had a burger and my friend a sandwich. They were good, but they came with a really tiny ration of french fries. However, I won't go again after receiving a bolognes sauce that was sickly sweet. I asked for one with no sugar, and after waiting for aprox 30 minutes, I received the exact same sauce. I mentioned this to a member of staff, and she said she was fully aware, and that the sauce is premade in bulk. Couldn't understand why she would serve it again... One of the mysteries of life...

no photo available

Cute place for coffee and gifts with a helpful English speaking staff!

I bought a local handicraft product as a gift with and found their selection quite diverse.

Interestingly, they also stock candles, candy and other interesting products I can't find anywhere else in this town.

genechu reviewed DWok about 2 weeks ago

The real & authentically Singapore & Malaysia Cuisine!!! Can't find, no way only here at Dwok!!
I love & always miss the food here as Malaysian working in Vietnam for my home taste. All dishes are well prepared, the owner & chef, they heart- caring about every single details of food ingredients, the taste & the best quality to its' presentation at the front of their customers. Friendly staffs as well as clean & neat contemporary design environment provides a good dining experience for every customers. Best of best in Vietnam.
Must Try & never miss it!!!

Vicky Dinh reviewed DWok about 2 weeks ago

Great food, friendly staff. they even have a space for company's party. Crazy for the xa-xiu soft-bone bbq there; yummy ^.^ <3

no photo available

Hanoi small goods ? I have ordered For several times, the meats are so good: Cumberland sausages, maltese sausages, lamb leg, but ribeye steak is quite fat for me. Anyway, I will continue ordering meats from here. I am very impress their service, Huyenn is good at English and always quickly replies.


Has the makings of a nice park. Lots of space, some stilt houses to use as public pavilions, a small lake, and lots (and lots) of grass. It is almost worth going there just to work around barefoot of actual living grass. On weekend's, just be ready for absolute chaos. It has hundreds of children in it and things get pretty littered.


So I'm sitting at what seems like just another anonymous cafe in one of Hanoi's suburban developments when sudden shrieking and commotion to my left makes me almost fall out of my chair. A huge bird tethered to a secured section of pipe is absolutely losing its shit as some weekend revellers send sortie after sortie of RC car and quad-copter at the terrified animal. This is a big, fully grown raptor. Beautiful. And being terrorized for the passing amusement of grown men with the manners of spoiled children. I looked around to see whose bird it was and if they were going to put a stop to it, and I realized I was sitting at "Eagle Coffee." What was going on was no mistake. It is their gimmick. Awful.


Unreal. Makes me want to be a kid again. Three story high mazes of tunnels and slides. Pneumatic air cannons shooting nerf balls. Climbing wall. All indoors. Clean. Climate controlled. I would have run away from home as a child to go to something like this.

no photo available

I found Mr Hoang via TNH, he was very flexible as to where & when we met to suit my schedule. Mr Hoang has a fantastic approach to teaching the language which could otherwise be very intimidating and confusing but he makes it seem easier than expected. He is very supportive and guides you through the maze of new sounds you need to master. Due to my schedule I had weeks between blocks of lessons but he was able to reinforce the information and help refresh past lessons. Without hesitation I would recommend Mr Hoang for anyone who is starting to learn Vietnamese from scratch, you will learn it properly and be speaking quicker than you could imagine.

Lea123 reviewed The Insight Frog about 3 weeks ago

I used the insight frog to book a day trip to Ninh Binh, and it was magical! The transport was top grade, the restaurant for lunch was fabulous, and the tour itself was amazing! We had a great tour guide, who was very knowledgable about Vietnamese cultural history, and who was fun during activities such as bike riding and boating. The scenery in Ninh Binh was awesome and I highly recommend using the Insight Frog to book your trip there. We didn't have any problems, disappointments or delays. I also used the insight frog to book a trip to Emeralda Resort in Ninh Binh, and it was also wonderful. We had a beautiful room, great service, and were treated like kings. Two thumbs up for the Insight Frog. I will use them to book every trip, especially when guests from my country come to visit! :)

no photo available

I was travelling through Hanoi - caught a bug and bedridden for few days. Reluctantly, my wife forced me to go to the doctors. She called SOS and quickly got an appt. The manager greeted us as I was very weak upon arrival and the staff took great care me. Thanks Dr Herve! I'm glad there is such a top notch facility in Hanoi, as any traveller may know, being stranded with Dengue fever, is hell on earth! But, I was in fantastic hands and the nurses took great care of me despite all the mess I was causing. After my stay at the clinic, the staff followed up to ask how I was doing and to make sure I was fit to continue with my travels. Everything was perfect! Thanks SOS!


This is a class dentistry anywhere in the world you might place it. In Hanoi at a third what you might pay in other countries, it is godsend. Unless you already know what you need and it is exceedingly routine, this is where I'd head.

My first visit was some years back, and it had been a while since I had seen a real dentist. Dr. Abel was quick to assess the situation and lay out my options. That first set of recovery procedures set me back a bit, but nothing like it would at "home."

After that first phase, regular, exceedingly-affordable visits have kept my dental health on the straight and narrow. I'm absolutely confident that my teeth are as well cared for here as they would be anywhere I have lived.


There are a lot of ways to approach a hospital experience. I try to stay clear-headed about it. That's tough, since we rarely go to the hospital when all is well enough to think clearly. We tend to be in a state of hyper-sensitivity.

My visits to Hong Ngoc have been overwhelmingly positive. There have been a couple cases where they were utterly swamped, and I received sub-par (for them) service. If I judge it based on how they handled the peak load issue they were dealing with, it comes out much more favorable. I've been in the old-school state hospitals. Those are the real baseline here.

On the whole, this is what you've got ahead of you: clean, efficient, cheap. For its size, it comes across as a remarkably versatile facility. I've been there for accidents, illnesses, and mystery pains. Routines tests have been quick and inexpensive (actually routine). I've never had to stay overnight, but I've visited people who have. They had no complaints.

For anything short of air evacuation, this is where I'm heading.


Beautiful location and fabulous day out.
Very moving, to know how these poor bears suffered for years in cages and just to see them romping around in this garden paradise. It's a feel good day out, and wonderful for families.

no photo available

Myself and my girlfriend were newly arrived in Hanoi and looking to get a bike each. Visited several bike shops across town but were left a tad concerned about the quality of the bikes and the service at some of the places. Seems to be a common thing to pass on any old bike of dubious quality.

On the recommendation of a friend we went to see Andrew and his garage, and knew we had found the real deal.

He completely sorted us out with a fantastic Honda Win and a Honda Wave, both of which have given us zero issues. For a similar price to the bikes being sold elsewhere in town we got two bikes which had been meticulously checked, serviced, and tested, and which came with a 6 month warranty. This means we can take them in once a month for a service and have any issues fixed then and there, although nothing has been needed to be done with them so far! The peace of mind this brings is a great relief for us as we depend upon our bikes for daily commuting.

Andrew has been great at replying to our myriad emails and texts, so you can rest assured that if you have any queries/issues they will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for a bike for your stay in Vietnam Andrew and his team of mechanics do a fantastic job, I could not recommend them highly enough!

Tra My reviewed Quynh Spa about 3 weeks ago
no photo available

I have used the service in Quynh Spa in 3 months (waxing, nail services, hair services, skin care and body ...). It all makes me feel good, the staff were very friendly and professional, always use Quynh Spa skin care products imported product quality or homemade natural skin benefits. particularly, the owners of Quynh Spa. Ms Quynh is very nice, she's willing to do it yourself customers and is present at any time when customers have questions .. So the girls were and Viet Nam will come to visit here to be relaxing and beautiful, I think so ...