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frapoberlin reviewed Pots 'n Pans about 9 hours ago

Dinner here was just ok (May 2014). There is nothing really bad and nothing extremely good to report. The place was totally deserted, 2 guests in total at 19:00. Why?

no photo available

Popodoo brand is interesting but Manangement at these centres especially at Viet Tri city, Phu Tho city in Phu Tho province, Tuyen Quang city in Tuyen Quang Province are all owed by the same guy and the previous review was 2000% correct. Avoid working at any of these Popodoo Schools as they follow the same controlling behaviour regarding their staff members. You can never escape their contract as they have police in there pockets and they threaten your existence in Vietnam. your contact is only for working the month it doesn't include the days or hours you will work. expect to sometimes never have a day off at some of these schools,but you don't receive any more money for it, depending on the location, If you complain then that is when more problems start for you , more police activity around you, more intimidating behaviour from police in the area, intimidation from management, staff members etc. , If you do escape there controlling behavior then watch out you will become a target of malicious rumors spread by all there staff all over Vietnam and it would be hard for you even to work at another language centre. My advice is stay clear of all brands of Popodoo.


Incredibly amazing Vietnamese traditional music. I also had chance to learn how to sing and how to play the "day" instrument.
Great exprerience in Ha Noi!


A great pub for enjoying live music. I've been there once in a violin rock show.
They have their own gout, cool and unique! Inside Hanoi Old quarter, so easy to walk there. If you ride a bike, parking lot is not really convenient.

Dark meh

My macbook pro screen wasn't stable.
Duc repaired it quickly, cleaned the dust inside and all for free as it was really minor.

(I dont put 5stars cause it was very minor service)

no photo available

I was quite nervous to see a dentist in Vietnam, but I chose Serenity after seeing other reviews, and it was well worth it. The team was friendly and very professional. The dentist spoke quite good English and explained everything to me fully. Further, the equipment was up-to-standard with any Western country and her methods were really thorough. I got my wisdom teeth taken out and they guided me through the whole process and kept checking up on me. I would definitely recommend Serenity for anyone looking for safe, quality dental care in Hanoi.

Click here to view what Serenity International Dental Clinic replied about 2 days ago
Serenity International Dental Clinic replied to Amy Baum about 2 days ago
Hi Amy,

Thank you very much for your kind review.

We were very happy whenever we saw your gorgeous smile. We also were absolutely impressed by the way you spoke Vietnamese with Hue accent. It was so amazing and hard to believe.

Wish you a great time in Vietnam. We look forward to seeing you next time in Hanoi.

Best regards,
Serenity International Dental Clinic.

I dropped off a beloved cotton jacket which had been attacked by mold in the USA Laundry located in Van Bao street.
Got an sms later checking with me whether they can go ahead as they were unsure whether another problem could be resolved (which I did not even know about). I gave them the go-ahead, and a few days later, got the jacket back in perfect condition, and it looked totally rejuvenated.
Five stars for their excellent service.

obyjuan reviewed Salt n' Lime about 2 days ago
no photo available

The burritos taste good, are loaded with filler(rice) and are expensive.

hanoimaitai reviewed Omamori Spa about 5 days ago
no photo available

Great technique! All my pain from heavy gym and high heels gone after 75 minute treatment here. I will definitely come back.

no photo available

Excellent Clinic, Professional doctors and friendly Staff.

bajaduende reviewed Salt n' Lime about 5 days ago
no photo available

Without a doubt, the best non-Vietnamese food I have eaten in Hanoi. Have spent lots of time in Mexico, and the food is pretty much on-the-money. I just wish the rest-of-the-bunch (western food) put as much love into it as Adam does. Mejor de las suertes

outtahere reviewed The Republic about 6 days ago
no photo available

A nice new addition to Tay Ho dining. This place has only been open for a few days and I've already visited it twice. Upstairs there is a large inside dining room as well as a spacious, comfortable deck with a beautiful view of West Lake. The ground level has a sports bar with several TV screens that were showing a football game when I was there. Some of the food items seemed rather overpriced but that I assume that reflects the location and, hopefully, indicates high quality. I must say that the dishes we tried were very good. The staff is very polite and the service was efficient. The menu is western (Bangers and Mash for example) and quite limited which can be a good thing- it's best to stick to a few dishes that you do well- but there is sure to be something for all tastes. One nit-picky star off for being out of several items (a juice, a beer, the "Special Dessert of the day"). All in all, everything was impressive especially considering it's the first week of operation.


It is always dangerous to revisit a favourite restaurant years down the track. Having been away from Hanoi for some years, we returned to Luna to savour old memories of good Italian food.
Now in a different location than when we were in Hanoi, the food totally disappointed. The Pasta Norma had miserly bits of aubergine, and tasted very, very ordinary. Even my 14 year old son cooks better pasta. I could not find any trace of the "smoked ricotta" which ostensibly should have been in the dish. As for the pizza, don't even bother .... they were soggy and tasted even more ordinary than the pasta. A total disappointment all round. As someone who hardly eats fast food, I am forced to say that even Pizza Hut bakes a better pizza.
Service was polite, but no moves were made to give us any water (which, in my book, should be a given for any restaurant in that price range).
We were dreadfully disappointed as the Luna we knew is no longer around.

no photo available

This guy is great.. Has helped me get into 3 different houses over the last 3 years.. Terrific bloke IMO.. Has negotiated the price down for me each time. Highly Reccommend!!! Thanh is the man! Im also surprised by the 2 negative reviews here.. Anyway... I recommend! 6 stars.

Gmann68 reviewed Cafe CCCP about 1 week ago
no photo available

Great food!
Also, menu is in Russian/Vietnamese/English with pictures and sometimes food item descriptions. If your menu is only in VN/Rus make sure to ask for an updated menu.

Sileo reviewed Bui Real Estate about 1 week ago
no photo available

I had a very positive experience with this guy- I'm glad I hadn't seen some of the review below first or I might have believed them. As it happens, he came highly recommended by several of my colleagues at the language school where I work who had already found places with him over the years.
I found him to be very honourable and trustworthy- he doesn't try to BS you or hardsell you the places he shows you and he listens to what you want. I got a new apartment and there were some minor issues that arose after I had signed my contract eg- with wifi quality-he called the landlady immediately and had two techies putting in a new extra personal router for me within hours. He has checked in a couple o times since I have moved in to make sure everything is ok and that I'm happy. He has fluent English and is always happy to communicate with the landlady on my behalf. Also has a sense of humour and lots of advice about Hanoi if you need it. What more could you want!

Flying Circus reviewed May 54 about 1 week ago

If you are looking to get the sheer curtains with embroidery, this is the shop to visit. It has the variety and colours you may be looking for. Unfortunately, English is not really spoken here (despite the owner saying "Understand, understand" and vehemently nodding her head!). So to be sure to get what you are looking for, bring someone who speaks Vietnamese with you (if you are not fluent in the language). Hence the 4 stars ... as language was a slight handicap.


The best Latin bar in Hanoi with great location, friendly staff and awesome owner - who is also a great DJ with good taste of Latin music.
I come there very often to chill out with friends, dancing and chatting.
You can party hard until late!!

no photo available

Hi tore my Achilles cruciate ligament (ACL) in my right knee while playing football in August 2013. Following an operation in September to reconstruct the ACL I begun physiotherapy sessions with Hughes. The results were excellent. I recovered near full flexibility after a month, near full strength recovery after six months, and now playing full contact sports again. A physiotherapist is like a personal trainer. He/she needs to be able to motivate the patient to persevere with treatment even when the road ahead is a very long one. So beyond being qualified and having experience, a physiotherapist also needs to have the personality to motivate. Hughes was very professional and had prior experience of treating many similar injuries. He was very flexible on location of treatment during the initial recovery period when my mobility was very limited. Physiotherapy sessions are not fun but he made the sessions feel shorter through his humor and good spirits. Proof of my satisfaction with his services is that I continued physiotherapy sessions with Hughes for 9 months until I had made a full recovery. I therefore have little hesitation in recommending his physiotherapy services to others.

Ben-E reviewed Cafe CCCP about 2 weeks ago
Me swimming from one boat to another hehe

Wait I've never written a review about CCCP???
Every time I go there I have a good time. The Vodka is now directly from Belarus and the food is still like from Ukraine but either the same price or cheaper than a Vietnamese restaurant.
Ok it hasn't got the professionalism or the fake authenticity that maybe some posher institutions in Tay Ho might have but it's got a homely feeling that can't be bought. Heck I shared 4 bottles of vodka tonight so maybe this is a drunken review but it's still a great place to go. Try it and see!