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no photo available

I took 14 hours of vietnamese lessons from Lien. Lien is really friendly and a good teacher. Even though I didn't have that many lessons she quickly managed to teach me the alphabet and some of the most useful Vietnamese phrases to use in my everyday life in Hanoi. She uses different tools such as videos and smal games to help you remember the right words. Lien also knows all the good places to see in Hanoi and elsewhere, so if you need any advice you have a good tripadvisor too:)!

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This week Poem Spa had a special offer because of Womans'Day. A facial treatment for only 100.000VND. So of course I had to try it.
The treatment was very nice, including the neck and arm massage.
I was only wondering why she put so many creams on my face...

After the treatment I was a bit dissapointed, because I thought she would do a really deep clean (needed this badly because of the kind of air that got into my skin here in Hanoi). But she said I had a fragile Western skin and a lot of foreign people don't like the red spots which are often left behind. Now I know, they'll dissapear after a day or two...

So I got this 100.000VND voucher for a deep clean (90 min) treatment worth 650.000VND! So next month I'm just gonna try this one and see if it's better.

Btw: you can also do a haircut here, pedicure/manicure, massages, body scrubs etc. But haven't tried those (yet).

no photo available

I often order from The Deli for lunch. I love their vegetarian falafel sandwich (though I will admit it is messy to eat), and recently also had some salad with shrimp that was pretty good. It is really cheap, and the delivery fee is low (10,000 VND).


Good value and food is good as well but bad service and staffs don't understand about food.

We went out for dinner with friends and we order medium rare and french fries then we got rare instead, we asked staff to come they was standing 20ft away said yes then only came until I asked 2nd time, when we explained that the steak wasn't me-rare the waitress told us it was me-rare here in their restaurant...

The manager talked to us like a boss and they give us a small piece of bread for 3 people, forgot to bring french fries, had to wait 7 minutes for sauce (actually beef and sauce must come together)...

I think the securities guys are more friendly than the staffs are.

no photo available

I used this transfer service, HTS, in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City for pick up and drop offs to airports and each time the driver was waiting to either pick up and was early, and waiting on us for our departures. The cost was cheaper than others, so at first we were a little sceptical, but the drivers on all occasions were friendly, hospitable and their cars clean and air-conditioned. I could not have been more pleased with their service and would recommend them to all when travelling in Vietnam.


Even if you are not into contorting your limbs and looking at the world upside down, there is a perfectly good reason to visit Zenith Yoga in Au Co ..... the healthy, scrumptious and totally karma free food. Vegetarians will rejoice in having one place in Hanoi where they can munch away in the safe knowledge that no creature was accidentally or purposely harmed in the making of the food. You can get your Kombucha drink here (made on the premises, like everything else, including REAL bread, not the cotton wool variety), as well as fantastic juice combinations.
The food is fresh and tasty, the kitchen is clean (you can see how your food is being prepared) and the chia seed cookies plus their home made coconut strips, are totally, absolutely heavenly.

no photo available

A bit pricey but a good place to look for Western size clothes for women. They made me pants according to what I wanted and did it within a week. I was also able to find shoes for my big feet (EU 40), but of course, paid a premium for the shoes. Recommended for basics (custom made pants) that are otherwise impossible to find in Hanoi.

erainey reviewed The Kitchen about 5 days ago
no photo available

Bland and uninspiring food, Western prices (125k for a hamburger), 5% service charge and there wasn't even service! All the waiters were playing on their phones and looked annoyed that I wanted to pay! Avoid!

no photo available

After reading all the great reviews about this place, I called this guy up, he instantly said that he can fix my broken phone. He then came to collect it to repair its broken screen. He gave me a receipt and said it will be done within 24 hours.
The guy came back with the phone the next day and the screen looked brand new. I paid him and went back to my hotel room where I noticed that the phone kept restarting (a problem that wasn't there before) and defects on the installed screen. I called him instantly and he came to take the phone back to repair it again. He came back the next day and said that the phone screen installed is not an original so the issues are because of that. I said I would need my money back and he agreed to pay me back but did not have cash then. It has been 20 days, I have been sending emails, SMSs and calls to this guy but he has disappeared. He ruined my phone and created more problems on it than the broken screen. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Please stay away and trust someone genuine as this guy is not worth it at all. Your phone or electronic device is better off broken than repaired by this guy.

no photo available

Popped in here one night to find this jewel in Tay Ho.

The inside is pretty. It is simply decorated with lots of middle-eastern touches and feels, and is warm, airy and inviting. A bit like a taverna on a greek island.

Now for the food:

Consistent and of high-quality, with much to choose from. The attention to detail can be found in everything from the plating to the service, to the music to and even the lemon slices in your water(seeds removed, most places don't think about this and a glass of water can go bitter quite quickly).

The homemade spirits and cocktails are perfectly mixed with a smart use of local ingredients and flavors.

First time,I wanted to go with vegetarian meal, and there were a quite a bit to choose from and all sounded tasty so I asked for a recommendation.

The chosen veggie burger was the best I have ever had... Hanoi and else wher. Complex taste, perfect and structure and moist beyond belief (which cannot be said for most veggie burgers)

The perfectly done fries and lightly dressed salad rounded it out.

Another time I shared the "american platter" with a heaping pile of delicious melt in you mouth BBQ ribs, corn bread, potato salad, and onion rings. Gosh darn good.

For sweets I tried of a dessert that has to be eaten to be believed -- candied bacon bread pudding. Scrumptious to the max...words will not do it justice! A must order!

The meal was simply amazing. A 5-star meal in Hanoi, in a very relaxed non stressful or pretentious environs!!! Warm and welcoming staff, and the owner was there for anything I might need!

Don't miss Daluva! It's worth the Visit!


This place has it all: great atmosphere (I love all the war-era memorabilia), super tasty food, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. As the previous reviewer said, it is one of the hidden gems of Hanoi, and will make you want to go back for more. I stumbled upon the place some time ago while looking for something a bit different and it was love at first bite; ever since, I have been back dozens of times, and the experience has been consistently exceptional. The food apparently is inspired from traditional, old style dishes and is really interesting, to a point you will want to come back to try the dishes you didn't get the chance to give a go on your previous visit. I have brought numerous friends/family members to the place and everyone always loved it. Definitely on my list of top restaurants in Hanoi.

xemlazizanie reviewed La Salsa about 1 week ago
no photo available

I usually take my "baguette" in an other place of Xuan Dieu but I won't mention it by name as this review concerns "La salsa". However, knowing that I usually pay 10.000 vnd for it, you'll guess easily which one I'm talking about.
So anyway, on the way back after work, I realized I had no more bread at home but crossing Syrena towers I was lazy to come back to my usual spot. So I decided to give a shot to "La Salsa". oh my...
First, when I saw the price of the baguette, 20.000, I felt already cheated. But sometimes when you pay more, your secret hope is that it's gonna be BETTER (and I feel ok to pay more as long as the product worth it).
Here, giving one star rate is not even about the service (poor), it's all about that crap of bread. Being so "pretentious" and selling a shit like this... My god, the owner have some corones...
This baguette was sitting here since few days, that's a fact :( and the taste is just so bad...

Leaving the place and by reflex, crushing the bread through the plastic bag I felt immediately how disapointing would be the experience of eating it. And I knew the first thing I'll do at home : having a bite in that crap to be sure and writting a review to give them the rate they disserve for being such impostors...


It's really painful having to review this place, as it has the potential to be a 5 star location but simply fails on so many points that it is difficult to leave without the feeling of having been badly ripped off. The location is beautiful, with all the attention to detail that has made the other TET venues so popular.

We chose the place for a work function so we booked a big table and showed up with 15 people. Service was a bit slow at start but nothing too grave, then it progressively became painful. We knew beers were overpriced, but the food turned out to be ridiculously overpriced too and nothing more than what you can get on the street: a bowl of bun, for example, was priced at 120k...seriously? The best part were the "cocktails", also priced at 120k per glass. For that kind of money (which I do spend at Cama ATK for example, and get heavily rewarded as their cocktails are some of the best in town) I expect quantity and quality; instead, we were given whiskey glasses filled with ice and an ever tiny concoction of water and vodka, which, apparently, is their interpretation of a Mojito. We sent them back a few times before submitting to the torture of drinking the things. Don't even think of getting a cocktail here, it'll just make you angry.

My group left definitely feeling not too impressed and, to be honest, a bit cheated upon. All in all, the location is great, but until the prices are halved, the service is improved and the food made a bit more appealing, 1 start is what it is worth.

no photo available

I started training with Chris in March 2013. Started with a once a week bootcamp session in reunification park on Saturday mornings. I have never really been into exercise but started to really enjoy the sessions with Chris and started to feel the benefits very quickly (in about 7 months I had lost 10kg and felt much fitter) In October last year I started using Chris 3 times per week, plus the session in the park. He listened to what I wanted to achieve and worked out a training program for me, I couldn't be happier with the results. A few months back I decided to enter a muddy run in the U.K. (I needed a goal) I've never been much of a runner as I always seemed to have problems with my ankles and knees but in 7 weeks Chris had me running 10 k's, gradually building it up session by session. I'm super impressed with his knowledge of all kinds of exercise and nutrition too, plus he's a very nice guy too, so sessions are fun and rewarding. I Highly recommend Chris - He really has changed my outlook on getting, and staying in shape.

no photo available

I stumbled upon gobamboo when I first arrived in Ha Noi while looking for a SIM card. I am so happy that I found this business. In the gregarious atmosphere of Thai's shop I revealed that I was seeking employment as an English teacher in Vietnam. Thai offered to have one of his guides take me to various schools around the city so I could interview and distribute my CV. The next day, Hue took me to many schools and patiently waited while I conducted my business. Following this, Hue then took me sightseeing around West Lake, across bridges and through the Old Quarter. Hue's English is quite good and he provided a running commentary as we traveled through the city. I was impressed with his driving and never felt uncomfortable as his passenger. I have since made Thai's shop my Ha Noi hangout and have watched the manner in which he conducts business. He is never pushy and offers always to put customer's interests first. He is my go to guy for things in Ha Noi. If you are near Bat Su street, I highly recommend a visit to Gobamboo for travel advice and a deeper understanding of the best in Ha Noi.

no photo available

I have nothing but glowing remarks for Serenity International. I went to the clinic for a root canal treatment and crowning (porcelain) - root canal took 2 days and the crown also took 2 days. I was in and out in a week (excluding weekends). Customer service was prompt, concise and clear - I never felt confused at any point during the treatment. They welcome you into the clinic cheerily and usher you to the dental work area. Dr Angie worked on both my root canal and crown - she was very upfront about the pricing and liberal about the x-rays. This proved to me that she was concerned about making sure she did a good job with my teeth, especially since I have an unusually low sinus (it's near the roots of my teeth so everything is more sensitive and in some cases more painful). We did a total of 5 x-rays and she did not charge extra for any of them. In my country, they charge for all x-rays done, so this really impressed me. She also numbed my teeth with anesthesia multiple times, and the cost for these jabs were all included in the flat fee of 75 USD for work on my pre-molar. The crowning was also a hassle-free process. My crown was custom-fitted on monday and ready on a tuesday (Where I come from, it can take up to a week, so I was really, really grateful for the efficiency and the quality of the crown.) I chose the porcelain material (the most durable, USD300), and Serenity issues a 10 yr warranty card on the spot for it. I felt sensitivity throughout my treatment, but I think this is normal and I was prescribed antibiotics for it. It's been almost a week since my crown was fitted and I feel that my tooth is beginning to feel more normal. I have no doubt that it was a job well-done. // Language wise: I think some comments here highlight that the staff at Serenity can't speak fluent English. I think this is quite unfair to the staff, especially when one considers that English is not their first language. For me there were no communication issues with Ariane the main coordinator. Dr Angie was patient as well and while she is not very chatty, she listens attentively (which is very important for any patient receiving treatment in another country) and does not hesitate to clarify/ elucidate matters. As such, while they don't speak rapid English, their level of understanding is very proficient and I never found myself repeating anything I asked or said. My advice would be that as native English speakers, we should take the time to explain ourselves as clearly and in as moderate a pace as possible, considering that they have to adjust to the myriad of English accents they come across at their international clinic. All in all, I'd definitely recommend Serenity to anyone for a great dental care and service!

Click here to view what Serenity International Dental Clinic replied about 1 week ago
Serenity International Dental Clinic replied to tamara about 1 week ago
Dear Kisha,

Thank you very much for spending your precious time in writing kind words on Serenity!

It was our pleasure to meet and serve such a beautiful Singaporean girl like you. You have a very sweet voice, lovely smiles and a warm heart. Hopefully, you and your family will have a happy time together after you fly back home.

I wish there would be a chance to see you again in Hanoi or even in Singapore. Please stay well and take care of yourself.

Best wishes,
Serenity International Dental Clinic
Proview35 reviewed Dr. Tran Huong about 2 weeks ago
no photo available

I am surprised to hear the bad reviews. I was skeptical about the procedure at first too. However, what she did for me worked wonders and she did a good job. This was my first acupuncture ever. I had been having pain for over a year. It has been 3 days since my first acupuncture and I feel much better than before. Of course, I still feel the pain, but not like before. I think that is very good considering that I only had just one treatment! I highly recommend Dr. Huong if you are having any muscle aches or pains. Soon, I will have one of my friends try her anti-smoking acupuncture.

no photo available

I wanted to learn some basic vietnamese since i am staying in Hanoi for 3 months as A volunteer. Lien is the Best teacher I Can imagine for that task - she sat som realistic goals for the 14 hours of lessons, that i had, and i enjoyed every single one of them.

Lien is such A friendly and open girl, that made me feel comfitable enough to try my best and work hard to learn Vietnamese. We had so Much fun and i especially enjoyed Lien introducing me to the vietnamese culture and tips for travelling. I couldnt ask for more!

Thank you so much Lien!

You have chosen a right company to serve and We always try to be better


haing23 reviewed Quang Minh Motor about 2 weeks ago

After reading several reviews I thought it was a good place to buy a bike but I was really wrong. The owner seems like a nice and trusted guy. But he sold me a really bad bike which I have to repair and go to the garage a lot of times and each time it costs a lot of money. All of the technician at the repair shop told me it was a really bad bike with bad engine which clearly that I'm cheated cause I thought he only sells good bikes which were carefully maintained before sale as he advertised. But I was so wrong. It was an awful experince buying a bike from him.