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andre reviewed Vietcombank about 2 hours ago
no photo available

I am sure that there are many problems with Vietcom bank,but the same with any bank or #official#institution in Vietnam.I am working in Hai Duong,got to go to the local brand office.
As expat,we are alwys welcomed on the first floor,in the VIP room.Perfect English speaking staff,no problems to get any amount of money out,VND or $.
the only problem,if your signature is not exactly matching the one on their document,it will take longer.After 3 years,I go even without my passport,as they know their expats clents


Conveniently, this Joma is only a few hundred meters from the office. So it's really easy to duck down for a coffee and a snack. It's also well placed to drop in on the way home from town if need be.

But, mainly, it's another Joma in Hanoi. With Joma, the brand carries certain expectations. All of them are met in this venue. Good food, good drinks, warm staff who know what they're doing, nice premises, decent wifi and consistency. Above all else, I value consistency at a cafe. Joma gets it right.

Plus, Joma does fantastic lunch deliveries. Our office uses them several times a week. It's cheap, efficient and always on time.

In my view, Joma meets it's aims by not trying to be 'high end' but trying to deliver a good quality and consistent cafe experience.

Great stuff and a recommended cafe in Ba Dinh.

HuongLunoPham reviewed Poem Spa about 2 days ago

I just came back from the spa.
When my treatment was finished i checked the time and it had only been 55 minutes.
My treatment was scheduled for more than 2 hours.
I feel like they just rushed my treatment as i came in with a voucher given to me by the owner.
I hope that i get some apology as i was looking forward to my few hours relaxing.
Also i brought my friend who also had a voucher.... They made her pay.
I wont return

Westernman reviewed Vietcombank about 2 days ago

WORST BANK EVER!! Avoid it!! No service, long waiting times, unfriendly, stubborn etc etc...


A very good place to enjoy, Phở Bò Gia Truyền same like Nam Dinh traditional noodle. Excellent!


It's so really really bad, I don't want to say anything :(

no photo available

I have been studying with Lan for a couple of months. She is helpful in explaining Vietnamese culture. She is always eager to help me as I study.

no photo available

Hi everyone. I have never had any experience of using a Vet anywhere in the world so I can't compare Happy Pet Clinic to any other vet. But I know you would be hard pushed to find a better vet. to cut a long story short the security guard of the flats where my flat is, has adopted a little kitten. I love cats so the kitten also came into my flat a lot and it got very used to me and my flat. 2 weeks ago I found it with a broken leg. Very badly broken. I had no idea which vet was good and the xe om took me to Happy Pet Clinic. It was afterwards that I checked on line and found the excellent reviews. They have been amazing. The leg was so badly broken and the kitten in a lot of pain and trauma that the only options were putting it down or amputation. The vet was very careful to check with the security guard who loves the cat (although we don't know where the kitten from, the neighbours found him) exactly what he wanted. both me and the security guard wanted to help the kitten. So I paid for the operation to amputate. The operation, anaesthetic, 24 hour care for 2 weeks, 20 days medicine was ridiculously cheap. So cheap. After 1 week the kitten is so much better. They let me visit every day to spend time with the kitten, I came come any time I want to during opening hours. the clinic is really clean, the staff, all Vietnamese, are really lovely and truly care for the animals. This clinic if I could give it would have 100 stars. Definitely go here. Thanks to everyone at Happy Pet Clinic.

no photo available

First of all Minh is fluent in English which is incredibly helpful in preventing any misunderstandings. He is also very friendly and was incredibly helpful when I needed to sort out a few things with my bike (ie. a flat tire) and helped me get fair prices from mechanics who (let's be honest) were trying to charge rip-off prices
For bike rental (for city to-ing and fro-ing)I'd definitely recommend him!

no photo available

Can't say enough good things about daluva. Their food is absolutely fantastic and the menu nicely varied. Not the cheapest option in town, but still offers good value for money. Thier wraps, ribs and burgers are all excellent...generous servings and packed full of flavour. The waiting staff are also a really nice bunch. Highly recommended!

jhenning reviewed Puku about 4 days ago
no photo available

I have no idea where all these negative reviews come from - seems I must have missed a global increase in coffee-shop quality in Hanoi that let this place fall back behind in comparison. Might be that sterile places like Joma, Coffee Bean and since recent Starbucks are all the rage now ...

I admit not much has changed in Puku for the 5 years I've lived here but to me that's not a bad thing - the food has always been solid, the prices reasonable and the staff friendly and usually forthcoming enough for local standards - They actually seem to manage keeping their staff around for more than 3 months (which might be related to paying them a reasonable salary and not treating them as monkeys), so the people there actually have some experience and seem to know what they are doing. I also have never found as much as a hair in my soup in all that time.

I once tried a sandwich in Joma next door and then went straight back to Puku to get some actual food....

It can be a bit crowded with Vietnamese kids in the evenings, but during daytime the (non-smoking) downstairs area is usually a really nice place to sit back relax or get some work done over a coffee or tea. Wifi works most of the time at decent speed, something I also can't say about every place around here.

Really, you may not agree with me on a 5-star since there could be better places by now, but it's definitely better than a one-star rating.

Last but not least, try find another spot in this town where you can get a meal 3am in the morning...

no photo available

Not only the cheapest prices, but my two bikes never once had any problems and by far the nicest/easiest transaction you'll do in hanoi. If only everything was this easy.

no photo available

Lol.Starbucks, in a city full of coffee shops. You would think the flagship store of a multinational corporation would be something special. It isn't. In fact, it looks like a 15 year old starbucks located in a strip mall. Uninspired. Small,dull,shoddy and cheap. This is a place for teenie boppers and tourists. Go if you must and then go back to your favorite coffee shop. Hanoi deserves better.

no photo available

Stay far away from Liberty in Vietnam. They said they would cover treatment for me in Bangkok both over the phone and by email then on the day of my treatment while I was in Bangkok refused to pay. Always get a "guarantee letter" from them before having treatment overseas.

no photo available

This school really sucks! They have only operated for 01 year but 04 principals have been fired: Elizabeth, Jason, Lesley and Adrian.

You could send your children there if there were no other international schools in Hanoi. Everything is a mess!

no photo available

I have taken part in a number of marriage courses provided by Crosspoint. I found them to be very useful and informative. I would highly recommend any newly married couple to start their life together on the right foot with Crosspoint.

no photo available

I cant help taking two bolws at once. So you know what it means.

This is first place I saw a long list of people queued up. Many local guys come here. The broth is great. Beef is soft, fresh and flavour. Taste is so much better than a few Pho restaurants I have tried.

This restaurant is my favourite places when I come back to Hanoi.

Just hope they have a better manner to not let customer waitting too long.

markhannes76 reviewed Lotus Inn about 6 days ago
no photo available

Thanks TNH for this useful sources. I run very hard to take a look at so many apartments as I can before leaving Hanoi this weekend. I want to settle ready basic things before I come back next two month for a very busy working contract.

Among the apps I saw, Lotus Inn is the prominent. It follows the Western style business. The price is reasonable with services you take and definitely out of being on West Lake where is just 10 minutes away. The building is quiet and privacy. It has both speed wifi and internet cable.
Studio apartment is wide enough for coming with a bathroom and a living room including a kitchen. Room is well furnished and cleaned 3 times per week. One thing I trully like - they do the periodical pest control spray.

Staffs do not have good English skills. But it is not the 5 star hotel, all you need is they are being nice, warm, and helpful.

So, I came back , made the booking deposit and signed my contract this morning. Phew, now I can relax with my little time remaning here.

BTW, thanks previous tenants for your true positive comments. Will be your neighbor soon ;).

no photo available

I contacted Nick to help me with my health insurance after reading the positive feedback on TNH. He sent me several options and we went through everything in detail. For the first time I fully understood the different health plans and policies. I followed his recommendation for the best deal (quality & price), having the piece of mind knowing that I have a good insurance and someone to contact in case of an emergency. * highly recommended *


I have ordered takeaway from this place a few times and it has been delicious - up there with some of the best Indian I've had. Friends who were visiting also really enjoyed it. Great that there is Indian available in Tay Ho now.