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Review of Peace Clinic

I just had several wisdom teeth taken out by Dr Fred and his team. The whole experience from initial consultations, through procedure and aftercare was outstanding. A couple of teeth were buried and one was impacted so it was never going to be just a case of push, twist and off you go. Having got well into my forties without really needing the procedure, and definitely preferring to avoid dental work, I was worried that it would be very unpleasant. But it really wasn’t that bad at all.

The teeth were taken out on 2 separate visits. I had zero pain – not during or after. The whole week of healing was trouble-free and there was minimal impact on my work. Quite amazing! Dr Fred is awesome – I think we’re very lucky to have him here in Hanoi. Apart from being superbly skilled and very customer-focused, he is also genuinely interested in finding better ways to do things: some of the little tricks he has developed for boosting healing really seemed to work.

I’d definitely recommend this clinic for any dental work. My anxiety about dental chairs and nasty procedures is no more!

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Never been to a yoga class here but I love the food. The set lunch for 150,000 is always good, fresh and colourful. Nice quiet place to hang out and drink tea too.

no photo available

Best place I have found in the area for waxing, bikini, legs and under arms. Professional, quick and a reasonable price. I had a massage once which was pretty good too.


Great service. I had a visa extension and a driving licence conversion with them. The fact that my origin is Vietnamese doesn't make things any easier for me here. The Frog has performed a great job in converting my Canadian licence in 2 weeks time for both car & motorbike. Now I'm cover with insurance driving here in Vietnam. Very reliable and trustworthy company. Highly recommend.

wizeBobby reviewed Commune about 4 days ago
no photo available

What the Hell happened?

I revisited this place after a long break. Year and a half. Two?

What used to be quirky, now look neglected and lived-in, in a bad way. dusty, worn out.

Service non existent. "order down stairs" - we're too busy playing whatever flappy bird sequel or angry quails or what ever is so interesting on our phones. Internet locked and took a lot of effort to find a server to give me the passkey. Then after food arrived, forty minutes of quiet. No checking in for water, coffee, anything.

Coffee - subpar. I never mind paying more than Vietnamese coffee shops prices for the wifi, aircon and so forth. But it has to be at least as good, or better yet, better.

Food. What I had was inedible. And when server noticed an hour later, that I only had two bites(one to try eating, and a second to verify how bad it was), asked, to her credit, if anything was wrong, I said I didn't care for it at all, not tasty, I don't want it. She nodded, and against her credit, just left it there.

When I was there first time, they had all these nice Mediterranean flavors, and energetic management.

Now it's like a zombie version of that nice quirky, cute little place I went to two(?) years ago.


no photo available

I started taking the 55 bus from any stop on Au Co to Cau Giay bus station recently and have had only positive experiences. As other reviewers have said, unless its rush hour one always gets a seat, and even if you have to stand it's no real hassle (still easier than driving IMHO).

You ca also take the 07 bus to the airport! Leaves from Cau Giay station.

There are countless routes around the city - download the free Hanoi Bus map app and follow the numbers and coloured lines to find the routes that are relevant to you (or even to find new routes on the spur of the moment if you have a random errand to do in town or whatever).

People are very quiet and well-mannered on the bus and, in my meagre experience, the service is very reliable- on most routes busses come every 15 minutes.

Give it a go!

The only reason I havent given the service 5 stars is the glaring problem of it's early close. The last busses go into the depots at around 10 or 1030pm; they really should run 24/7 in my view.

wizeBobby reviewed Halia Hanoi about 4 days ago
no photo available

Not amazing or particularly special in any department.

But the sum of all parts is definitely nice. Nothing bad to say about the food. No failures, no missteps. No burnt or dry food. But also no spark of flavor. Nothing really popped in my mouth. Well executed but perfunctory. Pretty food though.

Drinks were ok, but non too varied.

Might try again sometime for one of their (apparently) famous cocktail night.


Great service and facilities. I give them very good rate.


My wife had got to know The Insight Frog through 2 of our contacts in Hanoi and decided to book a tour for Ha Long Bay with them in July. It turned out a very great experience for her as the cruise was awesome - she said. Plus the fact that she had almost 20% off compared to direct booking with the cruise really make us happy. The staffs of TIF were really helpful and friendly. Will ask for their assistance again next time we're back.

no photo available

The La Salsa Bakery was a good choice if you want to have nice and buttery breads,but not anymore.It seems like they changed their chef and the quality of bread and patisseries go down with it.The 20,000d baguette tastes like the 10,000d of Nguyen Son bakery,which is just nearby.But their croissant and puff pastry are still good.
The staff's attitude,which makes me rate La Salsa 2 stars,is the weakest matter of this restaurant and bakery.When you walk in their shop in the early morning,a female staff look at you with a sleepy face or like you are stealing something from them.When you ask them if they can take a croissant for you,they told you to take it by yourself,they don't do that kind of service.And the ridiculous thing is they serve the next customer (which is western) very politely and even follow them to ask if they need help right in front of your face.I really don't understand the attitude of those staff.We're all customers and we spend the money to buy good cakes with good services,not some kind of racism like this.

minhht reviewed Puku about 5 days ago

Great temperature for watching football. I have been there once watching World cup over night. Full of Italy and England's fans, people even have to stand to watch, but feel like standing in the stadium.
One bad side, food is not good enough. But it's not a problem to visit a place to watch sport.

no photo available

Meet the meaty meat

If you don't like steak don't come here. If you do(and preferably have an expense account) then this is the place for you.

Perfectly cooked steaks at a hefty price with good sides and sauces. Nothing else on the menu is really as good as the steaks, but if you're coming here for a salad, then you are surely misguided. Silly you.

Only weird thing is defining it as Argentinian. Beside some chimichuri sauce option, this is without a doubt an American(USA that is) style steak house. Not Argentinian or south American by any stretch. So don't come here expecting an Argentinian experience, Asado. Not in the food, drink or Atmosphere.

All in all, not bad for a chain restaurant.(I've been to other locations, and they're all about the same).

Shanzhairen reviewed Zon about 1 week ago

Zon is the nicest little Banh Mi stand in Hanoi. The lady who runs it is from Saigon, and makes delectable little versions of my beloved street food at her shop on the side of Hang Dau street. She also makes a nice cup of Trung Nguyen coffee and several varieties of fresh juice and other drinks as well. I am in the process of talking her into some lemongrass pork and chicken, but she seems to be doing alright as it is with her assortment of pates, chicken, beef balls, and omelettes without my help. Stop by and see this sweet talking English speaking lady. She even has specials on her ridiculously cheap sandwiches, so cruise by in the morning and stock up.

Flying Circus reviewed Quynh Spa about 1 week ago

Look no further if you are after a good facial, massage, manicure or pedicure. The owner, Quynh, speaks English, is warm, and friendly. Her girls are all eager to please, and Mai in particular, gives a very good massage. Quynh uses imported products, and you can be assured of quality and consistency. She also has all the latest facial machines to give you the best chance of looking red=carpet ready! The spa is clean with nice ambiance, and her towels DO NOT SMELL (a big feat in humid, moldy Hanoi). 1 star is deducted because some of her staff have basic English, ... but they are all very pleasant and serious about giving you a good service. Quynh is always on hand to explain things if necessary.

sunfl0wr99 reviewed Q-CUT! about 1 week ago
no photo available

I went to Q-Cut for the first time recently. The salon is clean and the staff are professional and friendly. The wash/ shampoo was thorough. Tony cut my hair and he was great: listened to what I wanted, he was knowledgeable about what would work best. It is a very good quality cut. At my request, he added a few extra layers after it was blow-dried too. No communication problems and I know I'll be going back!

The salon has moved to a new premises, just a few metres to the left of the old one. It's three doors along from L's Place in Tay Ho.

The only reason why I didn't give 5 stars is because I haven't had a colour there (yet!).

no photo available

I had an overwhelmingly positive experience here yesterday (especially considering what brought me in). I actually started the day at the French Hospital, but after they informed me that I'd have to wait 1-2 hours to see a doctor, and pay 1.78 million VND just for the initial consultation, I decided to jump ship.

SO glad I did. When I got to Hong Ngoc, I waited under 10 minutes to see a doctor (initial consultation fee was 450k VND, by the way). She spoke English well enough to clearly express all questions pertinent to what was ailing me, and to understand my responses. She made a tentative diagnosis and ordered tests to confirm (she gave me options regarding how extensive I would like the testing to be, rather than just prescribing every test under the sun and collecting the fees). Moving between testing stations, I was constantly kept informed of what was going on and what was coming next- I never felt lost or anonymous, as one often does in a large medical facility.

At the end of the whole process, the doctor sat down with me and explained ALL of my testing results (down to the blood tests). I've had tests done in the US, Germany, Russia and now here, and this was the FIRST occasion when a doctor has gone to such painstaking lengths to make sure that I fully understood my results.

Thanks very much to Dr. Van and the whole staff!

I was VERY impressed.

no photo available

Not a big fan of Highlands but i never been disappointed in Highlands Flag Tower or Highland Opera House. But today my friend and me was poisoned by sweet milk in hot coffee. Did not know why they were so sweet like that. We will consider to come back or maybe order coffee with sweet milk beside


Located in a very beautiful street around The West Lake, Al Fresco Quang An's very suitable for warm dinner with your family. All staff are friendly, but need to be more sensitive in some cases.
Last time I visited it with a group of friends. There are a lot of flies nearby T.T. I did have to mention that with the manager.

no photo available

I hailed a Thanh Nga Taxi (driver 446) last night on Xuan Dieu Street in Tay Ho. The taxi driver was on the way to my house when another person tried to hail the taxi. He tried to make me get out of the cab about 2 blocks before my house so that he could pick up the other person. When I told him to keep driving until he arrived at my house he yelled at me in Vietnamese and spitefully drove closer. When he stopped the car and I gave him money for the fair. At first he refused to give me change. When I waited in the cab longer with my hand out expecting change he finally gave me some but not all of what was due me and refused to give me the rest. Then he yelled at me in Vietnamese to get out of the car. When I exited the car, he violently reversed and trapped me between a wall and 2 motorbikes. He was reversing the car very quickly and obviously threatening to back the taxi into me and hit me. He kept backing up and actually hit one of the motorbikes and knocked it over, stopping about 12 inches short of hitting me. He then peeled out and drove away. I have never felt so unsafe or offended in Hanoi for the 15 months that I have lived here. I will no longer be using this taxi service as the other companies are all relatively the same price and just as readily available. If you do take a Thanh Nga taxi, make sure you don't get into taxi #446.

kdyche reviewed Daiso Vietnam about 1 week ago
no photo available

I love Daiso. However, at this store, I couldn't even keep my very small purse with me while shopping. The security guard was very rude about this particular issue, which is unusual for Hanoi. Shop keepers also were not that helpful, and they dob't take credit cards. However, the goods there are great and inexpensive.