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We were out on a moto adventure across the Long Bien bridge and drove by this place. The owner got up and invited us in for tea, so we did. They had just opened and it's like a museum of old things... really really awesome! We sat and had tea with him and his friends. A local artist popped in from his studio, still covered in paint. A real gem of a stop. Can't recommend this place more to watch the world go by! (SORRY! I had a problem uploading pics and can't delete the ones I uploaded... its WAY cooler than my pics make it seem)

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I tried to book an emergency appointment with Peace Dental via email because I was not in Vietnam. I emphasized the urgency but they were slow to reply and offered a appointment 5 days after I needed it. When I emailed again to ask if they had something sooner, they didn't even bother replying back!

axel12 reviewed Oh Oui Cafe & Food about 15 hours ago
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Went there few times and never were disappointed, warm atmosphere, great western food with descent prices. Wine and charcuterie is a must try!

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I have only studied with Tieng Viet Oi for a few months but I have found the lessons to be fun, interesting, informative and very reasonably priced.

My teacher, Hop, is lovely and she always gives us plenty of time to learn new vocab. She is very patient when we ask her a million questions and she is always very well prepared.

I recommend this school to everyone!


Lien is my third Vietnamese teacher and my improvement while studying with her has been remarkable. I would thoroughly recommend to both beginners and more advanced students.

Every lesson is well thought out and targeted to my needs. She has helped me get my head round many difficulties I had with Vietnamese and dramatically increased my confidence when speaking to local people.

She has put together a quality selection of resources that really help learning inside and outside of class.


We use to get lunch or dinner with my family to this lovely place. Indeed, the atmosphere and decoration is the reproduction of a Parisian street, just what you need to feel traveling ^^. The food is really good and it feels even better when prices are that cheap.
I am still wondering how they can make money like that. But the point is, after talking with the owners, they more care about the quality of their business and the pleasure of their guests that reaching huge benefits. If only more people could think like this ... They love their restaurants and give a good time to their guests.
Lovely, good and affordable. Could we need more ?


Andy is a super coach! I contacted him to ask about lessons for my 3.5 year old. He was friendly and accommodating and when we got together he turned out to be just fantastic. He is very patient with my son, who only lasts about 10 minutes, and then he is willing to work with me, and my husband as well. He is really enthusiastic, and positive and encouraging. He clearly knows what he is doing, and has infinite patience teaching all kinds of people, at all kind of levels. I feel very lucky to have come across him, and also I have discovered his love for the game. Is contagioius

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janc reviewed ANZ Bank about 3 days ago
no photo available

ANZ VN Debit cards have no fraud guarantee as they do at ANZ Australia and no protection. If stolen, they can be used by anyone anywhere with no protection for you, no chip, no signature, no security. Our card was stolen and used three times within a 30 minute period, before we knew it was gone! ANZ then notified, police report made but no compensation as fraud had already occurred - their rule. ANZ Aus would have covered us as there was no fault, but not ANZ VN.

no photo available

I have used this gym since mid-2014,and chose it after looking at half a dozen in my area (Hoan Kiem/Hai Ba Trung).
It is modern, has a lot of equipment and is clean and well run. It is busy 5-7pm but not really at any other time. Spread over 4 floors it has plenty aerobic machines, free & fixed weights, a spin room, and other rooms for classes & yoga.
You need to be careful when agreeing a price as it is very flexible, and the "consultants" earn more commission the more you agree to pay. For 2015 they told me 2,2M per month, which went down to 5M for 3 months after negotiation. This is less than I would pay for an equivalent standard gym in NZ or Australia.
One weird thing is that there often seems to be as many PT's lounging around as there are customers. I tried one of their "free consultations" but it was basically a hard sell for their PT services. I said I wasn't interested 3 times and he still persisted.
Still - that aside it is a great gym and is cheaper than others in the neighbourhood like Elite and the one on the corner of Hang Bai & Hai Ba Trung.

kganh reviewed V-Artroom about 6 days ago
no photo available

It's a great place to enjoy classic music, art.

no photo available

I only need a "number 2", nothing fancy, but do like an English speaker as otherwise they can sometimes go off on tangents and start shaving different layers at the sides and adding unwanted touches etc.
So this place served well - quick and efficient. I was in and out in 10 minutes. The only criticism I have is that its a little expensive- at 150,000VND about 3x more than I pay at an equivalent place in Vientiane.

anhphan reviewed V-Artroom about 1 week ago
no photo available

It's a great place to enjoy classical music. The music is wonderful because most of the artists are intentionally recognized, many of them graduated from Western Countries like Boston Conservatory, Moscow P.I Tchaikovsky Conservatory. The ticket is incredibly affordable, only $10 and you listen to live performance in a cozy room of maximum 50 persons.

Especially this place not only offers you live classical music, it also houses beautiful paintings from from well-known painters, like an art gallery. I personally even enjoy this place more than Carnegie Hall in New York City.

V-Artroom is a Cafe with a lake view too. I often go here to enjoy coffee during daytime and listen to rehearsals from artist performing for their next performance. This is a perfect place in Hanoi for expats' spouses to hang around and explore music and art.

writerecho reviewed Hanoi Hostel about 1 week ago
no photo available

Amazing hostel and affordable tours from all other providers in Hanoi !!!


Hi all! As of January 2015 the ladies Gaelic football team of Hanoi is at the Red River Pitch at 7pm! (Alley 264 Âu Cơ, Tây Hồ)

no photo available

The cereal sandwich here is absolutely delicious,i even leave it in the fridge overnight and it's still soft and fluffy without toasting again. The baguette is too stiff and dry and raisin bread is a little disappointed but it's still good though,puff pastries're tasty,just like they are at La Salsa.The staff are nice and friendly.This is definitely a wonderful bakery for people who really want to find good quality breads.


This is my most favorite food. The best food in Hanoi for me


Good place for films but drinks and snacks were very expensive


Nice pool in Hanoi. I go there often


We knew about Halong Bay Legends from a friend who used them and highly recommended them. We booked Huong Hai Sealife and train tickets with them and were given an airport transfer offer. They were always friendly, prompt in replies and offered the best rates. Thus, we wanted to make further arrangement for Hanoi hotel with them. They, however, advised us that I should book my hotel (Paradise hotel) directly to have better deal. Beyond expectations, they didn’t work for solely profit, but for customer’s sake. It was so nice of them to do so. Our trip on Huong Hai Sealife cruise was perfect. Our cabin was spacious with balcony. Staff was nice and food was great. Everything in my trip was superb all thanks to Halong Bay Legends!