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The Republic

A previous reviewer joked that the place is freakishly unremarkable in its generally getting things right, but they deserve full marks for for hitting all the key points and maintaining consistency... All Reviews »

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event photo QUIZ! @ the RIV! @ Red River Tea Room
Meet on our lakeside rooftop for another fun and challenging quiz. The first Larue is on the house with your 50K buy-in. That money goes into the pot for the winning team. Bring your group or join one, lots of friendly people on hand.
The Magic of Everything @ Dai Vernon Coffee & Lounge
A night of magic and wonder! - Soak up the atmosphere of street magic (before the start of the show) - Immerse yourself in gentle tunes of Jazz - Beautiful singer expressed the hottest songs in the team Acoustic performances. - CUONG LAIZAI from THAILANS will perform crank YOYO display virtuo...
event photo Free Trial Crossfit WOD @ Crossfit Tay Ho
Dear all (members, friends of members, athletes, friends, sports enthusiasts and everyone else), We will host a Free Trial WOD. Firstly, there will be an introduction to who we are, what is crossfit and how it works. Then there will be a warm up, introducing our equipment and then there will be ...
event photo Electric Blues with Soul & Style!-THE ELECTRIC YARD DOGS @ The Doors Cafe
THE ELECTRIC YARD DOGS In various incarnations The Electric Yard Dogs have been performing in Hanoi for over five years. Original members Jez Hartley and Simon ‘Otis’ Redington, who hail from the ‘70s London Punk Rock era, have now been joined by two rockers from Le Havre Ricardo Canu on drums ...
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