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Tran Linh Hair Creation


Name: Tran Linh Hair Creation
Address: 1 Hang Bun (Old Quarter of Hanoi), Ba Đình, Hanoi

Directions: Near Yen Phu Petrol Station

Phone: 0986007797
21.04421449876289 105.84602453967284 Category:
Rating: 4.86 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 14 reviews.

3 reviews

address icon 162 A Hoang Hoa Tham str, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

phone number icon 0438473366

I've been going to this salon for the last several months and have really come to enjoy it. The bald cuts and facial trimming are nice, and the facials are top notch. The staff is extremely accommodating, takes reservations and regularly has promotions, and has great respect for its customers. ...

14 Reviews (Followed by 5 users)

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I highly recommend going to Tran Linh Hair Creation. The salon is very comfortable and stylish, and Tran Lihn is very professional. I went in with a picture and we talked about a new style for me (which is always risky for a first visit). He is a perfectionist and really seems to enjoy what he does. I'm very happy with my new cut and style, it was also a pleasure to chat with Tran Linh who is a very nice guy.

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I was carefully listened to by Linh and he delivered everything I requested. He was professional and made me feel extremely comfortable. Very happy with the results and I will be returning!

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I have to start off by admitting that I am fiercely protective of my hair. Back home, I've been loyal to one stylist for over 10 years. So you can imagine the courage I had to muster up to walk into Tran Linh Hair Creation.

I was jittery throughout the shampoo and pre-cut blow dry. At one point, I even thought of running out before any damage could be done. But then Linh started to touch and study my hair. And when he started to comment on how my stylist in Korea had done my hair months ago, I could feel myself relaxing. It was obvious that he knew what he was talking about. Then he started cutting and I relaxed completely. He not only knew what he was talking about, I could see he really knew how to cut hair. His English is also excellent and I enjoyed chatting with him about this and that. He took his time and was meticulous.

When he was finished, I saw that he'd done just what had been requested. He had trimmed my hair while managing to add just the right amount of layers. My hair feels lighter but it's also voluminous and has a great bounce to it.

My overall impression of Linh is that he is a very hard working young stylist who has a lot potential. He wants his expat clientele to grow. From what I experienced today, I can definitely see that happening.


Having relatively long, dark Indian hair, I am extremely protective and slightly obsessed with it. I avoid haircuts and if I must, I only go to one person in the states who I (somewhat) trust.

My hair had been getting a little dull since I arrived in Hanoi a bit over a month ago, so given the reviews, I decided to check out Tran Linh Hair Creation.

Immediately upon walking in and hearing the fun, upbeat music, I felt at ease and very comfortable. Linh has a friendly, welcoming demeanor and like others have said, he is an artist and wants each of his clients to be a new masterpiece. His staff members are also fantastic - I think I just had the best shampoo and conditioning of my life. Again, very relaxing, very comfortable.

I am extremely pleased with my haircut. I told Linh I wanted a TRIM and he delivered perfectly. I feel my hair is lighter, fuller, more bouncy and voluminous - but still nice and long as I requested. I don't trust many people with my hair, but I trust Linh. :)

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I just get out of Tran Linh Hair creation and I am in live with my new hair cut.
He gave me his opinion and advise on what should I get depending on my hair type. Finally I have something very natural and easy to take care of, and beautiful!
Great hair dresser with good style and useful advise!


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