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Name: ANZ Bank
Address: 14 Le Thai To, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

Directions: On the west side of Hoan Kiem Lake

Phone: unknown
21.02999266338589 105.85102915763855 Category:

Description: An international bank with full banking services.
Rating: 2.91 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 34 reviews.


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0 reviews

address icon 76 Yen Phu, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

phone number icon +84 4 38238115

34 Reviews (Followed by 16 users)

hoangvanhiep reviewed ANZ Bank about 12 months ago

This offer you some service and is the only one for foreigner with smaller account.

I pick up 30K EUROs and they do not even offer something to carry. Their guards are lazy around and let our car surrounded by other car w/o driver hence we get out of the bank and had to wait 15 mins to get free. The guards always said that the driver will come, come, come immediately... after 15 mins.

Charge is high, and sometime they upgrade you w/o any notice and charge you ~40 EUR ! After 1 hr complaining they reimburse the money !

And the whole procedure costs me exactly 1 hr.

The only advantage is ANZ is the only bank where you can send in and out foreign currencies.

Steve reviewed ANZ Bank about 14 months ago

Where to start with these morons? Between just randomly suspending my account, little to no internet banking, daily maintenance on their server and the latest "I regret to inform you that we are no longer able to issue a VISA credit card for foreign teachers" The most useless shyte excuse for a bank I have EVER come across.

philcox_1984 reviewed ANZ Bank about 25 months ago
Abu Dhabi Desert

Worst. Bank. Ever.

Too many complaints to list in entirety, but the final straw for me has been the recent debacle over charges for standing orders. I have been sending money each month for more than a year to a financial institution in Jersey, the charge from ANZ was $20. However, I recently discover that since May this year they change their process, and now I suffer an additional $25 dollar charge = $45. No advance notice, no request for approval. After much effort I have got a partial refund, but they told me the charge would be $45 going forward, which is ridiculous.

I will be changing bank.

JuanBTong reviewed ANZ Bank about 26 months ago

It's true, ANZ has gone suicidal and officially sucks again. After three repeated email requests for information I finally received this."Regarding to you query about fee and charge, we also remind you about the change in required average minimum balance of your account. From 01/11/2012, our bank will require a new Min balance requirement for deposit accounts: Minimum average the total relationship balance must be from USD2,500/month (or equivalent).
The total relationship balance will be calculated as average total balance (equivalent in USD according to ANZ’s forex rate) of all of your transactional accounts, savings accounts and investment accounts (under your Customer Number ) at ANZ.Falling below will incur a fee of VND200,000/USD10/AUD10/EUR10 per month.
The total relationship balance is not included loan account’s balance. However, you will be waived the minimum balance requirement when you have a Mortgage/Auto Finance/Personal Loan.

If you have any queries about this , would you kindly contact us 1800 1559 or +84 8 38815977 extension 3 (Calling from outside Viet Nam). After verifying your identity, our colleagues will be able to check and support you.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and Best Regards.

ANZ Bank Vietnam Contact Center

synyster_shark reviewed ANZ Bank about 38 months ago
no photo available

Picture the scene: you have arrived at a foreign country over the weekend upon short notice and therefore can only bring a limited amount of cash with you, together with your ANZ credit card that you've been using for a year. Your credit limit is quite huge, and you thought that it could totally cover your accommodation fees and some serious shopping (vintage clothing, camera equipments etc.) Everything seemed to be in order as ANZ Bank is a widely recognized and respected financial institution worldwide.

Given the foregoing, it was a fatal blow that after the first purchase of a mere $40, your credit card was refused at every counter. Dazed and confused, you made a call to ANZ Card Service to figure out what the bloody heck has happened, on a Friday evening. The operator received your call, checking thoroughly, confused too before coming to a conclusion: there must be some technical glitches occurred in the system. OK, understandable, immaculateness is hard to find these days, let's blame it for the machine. Now with almost all of my cash had been spent, I just wanted my credit card to be revived so I don't have to struggle with financial problem during a nice weekend.

Then the shit hit the fan: they told you that it could not be done until Monday morning, because all of the service team were enjoying their weekend somewhere else and too preoccupied to care about a stranger got stranded in a foreign city with a credit card that no longer works. You made a few calls, met a few different person, but received the same answer: ANZ bank is literally shut down over the weekend.

I won't bother you with the rest of the story, about how to escape from that bloody fiasco. The same happened to my friend last year, on a Saturday evening in Singapore, but the bastard got lucky because he used a credit card issued by a Vietnamese bank: it was reactivated 10 minutes after he made his call.

Thank you ANZ, I've learned my lesson, you are not the one to be trusted, now instead of giving you two thumbs up, I'll give you a middle finger and moving on.

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