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Phuc Tan Bar

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Status: (Defunct) What's This?
Name: Phuc Tan Bar
Address: 51 - tô 4A - Phuc Tan., Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

Directions: Take the first right after going past the Chuong Duong Bridge heading north. Head past the first street labeled

Phone: unknown
21.03837232466712 105.85490226745605 Category:

Description: A big nightlife space facing the Red River with very late hours. This is the latest incarnation of what was originally the Phuc Tan Bar, then Barracuda, then Lighthouse with a new owner looking to bring back the crowds that once called it home every weekend.
We have DJs spinning every night till very late for your dancing and listening pleasure. After burning the dancefloor, you can lay back in the couches, play pool, or chill out on our terrace facing the river.

Rating: 3.18 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 45 reviews.

20 reviews

address icon 44 Chau Long, Ba Đình, Hanoi

phone number icon (+84) 3715 0088

This review is long overdue. A few reasons for writing it now: Firstly, some years ago, I confess, I was a little critical of HCC's fairly expensive, advertised cooking classes. Unfortunately, I was critical without having actually attended a class...! I have since had the opportunity to at...

45 Reviews (Followed by 30 users)

nicononz reviewed Phuc Tan Bar about 11 months ago
no photo available

Dirty dirty dirty nothing else to say ahh and about service i don t know if they only know what this word mean or exist. To avoid but you are a backpacker looking for noisy music and cheap drinks.

Sharon.V.T reviewed Phuc Tan Bar about 17 months ago

One of a very few places you can come after 1-2am. But don't come here if you do not want to see ugly prostitutes, and smelly bathroom.

mimilikestea reviewed Phuc Tan Bar about 41 months ago

The pictures on TNH made it look better than it actually is. It was kind of overwhelming, nearly to the point of it being scary, I was so shitfaced by then I thought El Diablo was going to come out of the crowd and start dancing with me.
Great night because it was my birthday, Rihanna's Only Girl in the world came on, which btw is my favouritist song to dance to when I'm shitfaced. Tea stands outside to sober you up before the trip home.
They've got a good trashy Hanoi set-up going on.

vic05 reviewed Phuc Tan Bar about 49 months ago

I don't really know what to say about Phuc Tan.

I don't really like the place but however, when I go there with my friends, we always have a good time.

The drinks are not overpriced.

Be careful in the summer and if you wear flip-flops, there is often broken glass on the floor.

If you are a woman, also be careful of angry dancing guys, thinking they owe you. I saw a lot of my friends being harrassed by some guys, and we actually had to stood up as a group to make the guy go away. So maybe don't go there alone.

The bathroom is just disgusting. The door doesn't close, and it's smelly.

I don't really get the parking area, sometimes you have to pay, sometimes you don't have to...

So, 2 stars for the nice memories I have but that's it.

HOCM reviewed Phuc Tan Bar about 32 months ago
no photo available

This place is a hole!

Unfortunately the choices for entertainment after 2am in Hanoi are severely limited, to the point where you have this cesspit or a gay bar (Solace).

As mentioned toilets are disgusting and would be rated as 4th World (if there were such a thing), so pray that you don't need to go to the bathroom whilst you are here.

Reasonable mix of locals/expats and, unfortunately, backpackers (hey, I guess they gotta party somewhere too).

Alcohol is cheap, although the spirits are all bootleg/fake and be prepared for a nasty hangover if you decide to imbibe. Stick to beer.

Also be prepared for everyone to be sh*tfaced, especially the backpackers, who will have no hesitation (or comprehension perhaps) to dance all in your face and spill your cheap drinks without so much as an apology. Fights have ensued for such behavior, with the staff not really paying much attention, or joining in themselves to put a few sneaky kicks in.

Vietnamese culture being what it is, any girl that stays out later than midnight is not considered a "good girl" which is taken advantage of by the male Western expats, who see PTB as a rich late night hunting ground.

Definitely don't wear your best shoes and clothes here, as they will get covered in crap from the floor, spilt drinks and the sweaty Tay Ba Lo rubbing against you and stepping on your shiny pumps.

As Ted Mosby says on How I Met Your Mother "Nothing good happens after 2am"....never a truer word spoken about Hanoi!

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