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Name: Cafe Nola
Address: 89 Ma May , Hanoi

Directions: Tucked away in an alley off the busy Old Quarter street of Ma May.

Phone: 0169 608 4195
21.03411846379558 105.85361480712890 Category:

Description: A formerly popular cafe now re-opened after a remodeling following a fire in 2011.
Rating: 4.13 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 45 reviews.

one review

address icon 76 Yen Phu, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

phone number icon +84 4 3823 8115

A restaurant with a strange name in a strange place. "Tivoli Cafe" and yet there is no Italian food. Coffee, I guess? And the Hanoi Club is just odd. Is it a hotel? A country club? Social club? And yet, the food here is actually good and cheap. Seen a foreign chef milling about. Looke...

45 Reviews (Followed by 51 users)

travworld reviewed Cafe Nola about 35 months ago

They recently updated their rooms, they now have a/c in some rooms , which makes it cooler. Took off 2 stars as the put a a/c facing some stairs , you often see people sitting on the narrow stairs to stay cool. Funny isn't it.

most drinks are 20-40k

On Wednesday its a packed house with more than 60 people there after 8 , free motor bike parking ..

kasumi reviewed Cafe Nola about 36 months ago

The cafe has a new manager which is a very lovely lady who often gives discount for people who frequent this place. Everything else hasn't changed much. The food and the drinks are still great. Decoration is classy enough. Waiters are attentive though they are slow at times. Music is aweful. They try to sound "classic" with Bob Dylan and old Vietnamse songs but it became dull after a while. Extremely crowed on Wednesday night. Overall it's friendly and has a very nice atmosphere at quiet time.

ndv207 reviewed Cafe Nola about 39 months ago

I confirm again that Cafe Nola is in operation. I went to this beautiful place and realised that nothing has been changed except the 2 toilets (hmm...). As a gentleman, you'll have to walk downstairs to the ground floor for your own natural need(s).

I couldn't spot a change in their service, including the drinks and also the interior decoration.

I'll go back here sometimes.

romeo200778 reviewed Cafe Nola about 40 months ago

That was my first visit to Nola.
It impress me with nice space, artistic, quiet and romantic.
The manager is hospitable and social.
I will come back soon because rarely in Hanoi is there a bar cafe like that.

mimilikestea reviewed Cafe Nola about 59 months ago

I haven't been there often enough to rate the drinks, but the tea I had was mediocre at best which made me super sad faced.
On the other hand, I was there with my two friends last. We were shooting the s*** for only two hours but by the time we left, it had felt like a life time! As I emerged from the alley way to the street, I felt like Ash at the end of Army of Darkness. This cafe is like a time warp back to Indochine Hanoi! I kept waiting for a slender, demure Vietnamese girl in a white ao dai, with a long braid slung over her shoulders, to walk through one of the doors but "she" never did..

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TNH Hoi An

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lcagaiden Useful (0)
Did Nola open up again? Can anyone confirm??
no photo available
EveA Useful (0)
Yes! Nola reopened last month!