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Professional Computer Care & IT Services


Name: Professional Computer Care & IT Services
Address: No 3, Alley 8, Hoa Lu , Hai Bà Trưng, Hanoi

Directions: near Dai Co Viet street & Vincom City Towers (Email: trantuanphong@gmail.com)

Phone: 0983 011 081
21.00900939855897 105.84757053849899 Category:

Description: ***** Our 2nd office in Tay Ho: No 5 lane 32 To Ngoc Van Street, Tay Ho, Hanoi.



- Setting up Macbook or Laptop (Win7, WinXP, MacOSX...)

- Laptop/Macbook (Software/Hardware) Repair services

- iPhone/iPad/iPod Repair/Jailbreak/Unlock services

- Factory unlock service for USA AT&T Apple iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, or 5 (Phones will never relock - All basebands, firmware, and models are supported). Please send us an email to check "unlock solution" for other carriers.

- Configuring printers, scanners and modems/routers

- Installing drivers and applications

- Virus, Spyware, Trojan, Spam Detect & Destroy

- Adding Memory, hard drives, CD/DVD Burners, etc.

- Data Backup and Recovery

- Home or HomeOffice Network, Wifi Design (increase the range of your wireless network) and Installation


- Fast response time

- FREE quote & diagnostics.

- On-site and off-site computer service available

- Pick up & drop off service available for off-site repairs

- Guaranteed customer satisfaction

- We answer all your questions in a manner that the average person can understand.

* Email Phong today for a quote: trantuanphong@gmail.com

* Note: If you decide to come to our shop for any repair service. Please send us a text message or an email. We'll book you in as soon as possible. Thanks a lot!


Rating: 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 55 reviews.

0 reviews

address icon 67 Le Van Huu, Hai Bà Trưng, Hanoi

phone number icon +84 4 39432051

55 Reviews (Followed by 49 users)

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I had been meaning to upgrade my ageing macbook for forever but it seemed like such a hassle - either the parts were expensive or unavailable or getting it all together in one place impossible, especially without any Vietnamese. Finding Phong made all the difference. He emailed a quote within an hour of my first email and his price to upgrade the hard disk to a solid state disk, put the old HDD in place of the broken DVD drive and double the RAM was very reasonable - excellent in fact.

He then came by my house that same morning to collect the laptop saying he would drop it back later that afternoon. He arrived a few hours later with the laptop upgraded and it feels like a completely new machine.

From what other reviewers have said he is just as good with PC laptops.

I highly recommend Phong for all your computer repair needs.


I had a problem with my aging dell laptop before Christmas. While reading the thread about the prospects of a lonely christmas on the TNH I heard a loud dooming pop and then there was no more. Lonely indeed, without access to my music, e-mails or to the snowbound family photos of yesteryear; without the eccentricities and weird musings of other NH users to cheer me over the festive season.

With only a glimmer of hope in my heart for my old piece of junk I called this service.

About 30 minutes later, Phong arrived, emanating a kind of quiet confidence that immediately turned the glimmer into a hearty blaze.

Phong assessed what kind of action was needed and sent me a clear, concise e-mail checking if the price was ok. A couple of days later I got the computer back, fixed! Even about 15 keys that had been missing after an emergency spillage situation had been replaced. Since Phong had reformatted the harddrive and re-installed everything it was running smoother than I ever remember since I traded a gnarly tiger skin for it with a collegue back in the '50s.

Alas, the elation was short-lived and after a couple of days the machine died again. I called Phong up and he came around. Somehow, just by him being in the room, the computer started up again. You ever met people who have an uncanny, almost supernatural affinity with machinery or electronics? Well he's one of them. I'm the polar opposite. Phong told me to chart the dell's progress and keep him informed. Left alone with me within the half hour it had crashed again.

Phong picked it up again and, unfazed, explained that he would keep it under further observation. In less then a week I had it back. That was over three weeks ago and everything is still fine, I wanted to wait a bit before posting my hearty recommendation. Well priced, convenient and fully comprehensible.

Even if it can't be fixed, Phong probably will fix it. When we first met I had a fractured arm afer a footballing mishap. With a nice humourous touch he stuck a symbol of a football on my log-in screen.


A few Christmas's ago an ex girlfriend destroyed my life... by spilling sherry all over my macbook.

On this macbook was around £400-500 worth of music, priceless pictures and a hell of a lot of ram and hard drive that i relied upon to do various tasks.

After the sherry incident i thought that was it, i got a quote from the UK for a repair and it cost more then the laptop.

To cut a long story short in a last ditch attempt i got a visitor from the UK over to bring my dead macbook over here - i was recommended Phong. I took it in and within a few hours he had text me explaining the problems and giving a cost. It was incredibly cheap and such a quick and easy consultation.

After picking my laptop up a few hours ago everything is working fine and all my memories and music are back in place (over 5 years worth of obsessive music collection).

Phong was quick with his repair, offered me advice on backup and external HD's. He speaks perfect English and responds to both emails, texts and phone calls straight away.

I was trawling TNH looking for somewhere to fix macs - luckily i found Phong. I have a lot of electrical equipment and im often clumsy and clog my HD's up etc. I can say i honestly feel a thousand times better knowing that Phongs business is around to give me a helping hand and sort things out for a really reasonable price.

From reading the other reviews on here and from meeting Phong myself i can see that he would also go the extra mile for customer service. He didn't ask me to write a review on here (and i don't write many) but out of all the services i have received in Hanoi Phongs has been the most professional.

5 stars - and well deserved.


It could happen to anyone... couldn't it? I was writing an email on my laptop and a fat drop of sweat trickled down my face and fell onto the touchpad. Needless to say, the following day the cursor was doing the Mashed Potatoes all over the screen.
Mr Phong looked like the man for me - given his excellent ratings on TNH - and he didn't disappoint. Twenty minutes after my inital SOS enquiry email he called me and discussed the situation. I left the laptop in his office and he examined it, replaced the touchpad, checked the keyboard, installed some security ware and even cleaned the casing by the look of it. This was completed in the space of around 36 hours.
I wouldn't call his service especially cheap but, to be fair, he was fixing a Mac and, as he said, they are largely constructed to require replacement parts rather than being an easy fix.
However the service WAS speedy, polite and thorough. Mr Phong remarked that the laptop is rather slow (he is right) and said that if I wanted a complete overhaul to speed things up he would be happy to do this for $40, which seemed reasonable. I will probably take him up on this offer soon.
So possibly not the cheapest option, but how much is your computer worth to you? I was very pleased with Mr Phong's service and will certainly use him again.
Incidentally the laptop is now situated quite far away from me on the table at an acute angle until the cooler autumn weather comes..


Phong told me no less than three times to write a review of his service on The New Hanoian. At first I found this pressuring kind of crass, but then I realised that Phong was a guy who understood - and cared about - things like loyal customers, repeat business and a good reputation. And I like all those things too.

So... Five stars for Phong and Professional Computer Care! They upgraded my internal hard drive and operating system on my MacBook Pro over a weekend.

When I got my laptop back it was making a pretty loud whirring sound (but running perfectly). I asked Phong to take it back for another look, which he did immediately, with the sound fixed.

Now my laptop runs like an absolute dream. It really is like having a whole new computer.

I recommend Phong to anyone who knows nothing about computers and just wants someone else to take care of their problems, without the indignity of having to ask your IT-literate friends and family for help.

If you like Professional Computer Care & IT Services...

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