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Professional Computer Care & IT Services


Status: (Moved) What's This?
Name: Professional Computer Care & IT Services
Address: Hoa Lu , Hai Bà Trưng, Hanoi
Phone: 0983 011 081
21.00900939855897 105.84757053849899 Category:

Description: Now located in Tay Ho: No 10 lane 12, Dang Thai Mai, Tay Ho, Hanoi.


Rating: 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 0 reviews.

9 reviews

address icon No.2, lane 389 Lac Long Quan, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Viet Nam, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi

phone number icon 0908 869889

Thanks TNH for this useful sources. I run very hard to take a look at so many apartments as I can before leaving Hanoi this weekend. I want to settle ready basic things before I come back next two month for a very busy working contract. Among the apps I saw, Lotus Inn is the prominent. It foll...

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5 stars for ProCare. They replaced the whole screen on an old MacBook Pro 15'. Not an easy thing since this was the anti-glare screen and impossible to find a replacement. They managed to fit a glossy screen perfectly. Added more RAM, a SSD drive and a 2nd hard drive on the DVD Drive... I was about to throw away my machine and for a very reasonable amount of money I got back a super fast laptop. There was a small problem with the hard drive and the guy came to my apartment to fix it.

Great experiences like this are hard to find in the city.


The many positive (rave!) reviews speak for themselves, and I would like to confirm their accuracy. I purchased a wi-fi modem to plug into my macbook pro, and although activated and loaded data Ok, it would not connect with the internet.

I went to the 'dark side' simply for the speed, but Apple have devolved along with Microsoft. Who could forget Vista? I notice many businesses still using XP Pro. But back to my problem: Apple.

The store I bought from (to their credit) tried to get the modem to connect, but failed. I tried two other repair shops with the same result. Nil.

Looking for an Apple service shop I found Mr. Phong. The guy is truly a Wizard. Yes, Magic.

Again, an Apple problem. Even Mr. Phong had to spend about 20 minutes to figure out a way to circumvent the 'OS X' (operating system?) so that the modem could connect.

..but he was kind enough to reply to my email (to book a time) almost immediately, invited me over, (on a Sunday!!) Then charged me very little for his services. I remain in awe of his skill and integrity.

As for Apple? Yes, very fast for research and emails. Forget the rest. I'll stay with Microsoft Seven for the present, but I doubt I am alone in looking for a better (ahem!) 'service provider'.

The Dinosaurs failed to adapt too. How dumb are these mega corporations who fail to see their incompetence will bring them undone?

..but then, wizards like Mr. Phong help us all to overcome their failures. They are the new heroes.

Two days of frustration resolved in 20 minutes. How good is that? ..and on a Sunday..???!!

Mr Phong, you have my vote.


The hard drive on my laptop failed six months after I had it replaced in Australia. I contacted Phong via email and received an almost instant response. I dropped my laptop off at the Tay Ho location that day (a Saturday) and while I was there Phong and his partner diagnosed the problem as a damaged hard drive and we made an arrangement to replace it.

The next day (Sunday) Phong contacted to say that the work was finished and that I could collect my laptop. When I arrived he explained that the previous hard drive had failed because it was physically too large for the device, something that the people who sourced and installed it (a computer repair shop in Australia) should have realised.

From drop-off to pick-up the turn around was less than 24 hours. For service, friendliness and price I highly recommend this company.

no photo available

Awesome service! They were able to fix up my Mac and save all of my pictures for which I am extremely grateful!


Great service. Phong got me up and running very quickly; he even brought it to me after the work was done. His English is also pretty good although we did have some small miscommunication during our original email session when I was trying to ask him to move all the system files to a new disk. I'd recommend keeping requests short and simple. When it seemed that there had been a problem with the repairs, he came, picked it up again, checked it out (the problem inexplicably vanished) and dropped it back off for a very minimal extra fee. All in all I recommend this service and would happily use it again.

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