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Name: Tet Bar
Address: 2a Ta Hien, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

Directions: At the of Ta Hien Street, directly north of Hoan Kiem.

Phone: +84 4 39263050
21.03570065791881 105.85187673568726 Category:

Description: Formerly Le Maquis, Tet Bar represents the revamping of a space that has long been a favorite of expats and backpackers alike.
Rating: 3.51 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 35 reviews.

TetBarAdmin has taken control of Tet Bar's TNH web presence.
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0 reviews

address icon 76 Yen Phu, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

phone number icon +84 4 38238115

35 Reviews (Followed by 24 users)

chikacherry reviewed Tet Bar about 48 months ago

Oh Tet Bar! Sad sad sad!!! What's happening to you? After a few months of avoiding Ta Hien, I really missed Tet Bar and decided to go there tonight. I loved the place ever since the first time I went there some years ago. I liked the casual atmosphere, the drinks, the music. The owner (chi Thanh?), her daughter, the waitress Nghiem, and the bartender boy were all adorable, nice, attentive, and pleasant to chat with. Tet was one of those very few quiet bars that could stay quiet no matter how late.

I came there tonight and was shocked. There was club music blasting, and I could hardly talk with my friend who sat right next to me. When I asked the new waitress if she could change the music to the good old classic rock/rock n roll like usual, she basically ignored me a few times, then she said later, but never actually did it. For a place so intimate like Tet, you won't appreciate such an indifferent waitress. Our group of nine ended up leaving early because 1. we couldn't hear one another at all, and 2. the waitress was so rude. The music was unbearable for such a tiny space (it was much more suitable for a club like T-Bar). After all, my mojito was very mediocre, nothing like the drinks they made in Tet a few months back.

arctictis reviewed Tet Bar about 35 months ago
HN zoo

Can't say no to another beer?
Had 18 coffees today and now is not the time to sleep?
Wanna stay up all night an have the odd snack?
Trying to pick up someone but aren't quire drunk/charming enough yet?
Can't be bothered/unwilling/incapable/too drunk to move from Ta Hien?

Tet bar.

It does what it does, and it does that pretty well.

Let us judge it in peace.

vic05 reviewed Tet Bar about 50 months ago

A very small bar on Ta Hien.

pros: open VERY LATE, always have cold beer (or water, if needed), and tasty toasties

cons: so small! you have to be contorsionist to go upstairs or to use the bathroom, which door doesn't close properly, so you can glance at the customers while making your business.

I'm definitly not a regular, but I have to say that's it's a convenient bar because it's closing so late (is it actually closing or does it stay open 24/24??), so, after a big night partying, you will always find a place to sit and recover.

Vi Ng reviewed Tet Bar about 24 months ago

It is such a nice place to hang out after hour when you usually tired from all the dancing from previous hours but don't really want to go home just yet. The staff are lovely. Sometime you would have to stay really quite when the polices pass by while the door is shut. But it makes good laugh after since everyone is so drunk and try to keep their mouth shut. The latest I stayed here was until 3 A.M so dont know if they actually close or not.

borizman reviewed Tet Bar about 40 months ago
Vespa Italia

I visited Tet bar last week (end of November 2011) and do not agree with the recent posts you read hear. The staff are fabulous, the atmosphere friendly and fun and the music eclectic and not too loud or bangy to talk to friends. I met some great people, both local and non Vietnamese drinking there.
In short I had some great memorable nights there.
It´s one of the original cool bars of Hanoi, I chilled the afternoon away with a coffee and spent some nights sipping cocktails and beer while chatting and listening to some fine tunes. Even had a bop one night.
I loved it and when I can I´ll be back there for more.

PS: Not sure where the comment about thieves came from, they are about in the old quarter, but basically use your head and you won´t have problems, same all over the world.

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