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International Chiropractic Clinic


Name: International Chiropractic Clinic
Address: 12 Le Quy Don, Hai Bà Trưng, Hanoi

Directions: near Y-ec-xanh street

Phone: Phone:04.62782289
21.01304764468463 105.86163997650146 Category:


Working time:8.30am - 4.30pm
Open from Tuesday to Sunday

Website: http://iccmedical.vn
Email: iccmedicalvn@gmail.com

American Trained and Licensed Chiropractic Doctors
We offer:
- Chiropractic Manipulation
- Massage/ Hydro Massage
- Physiotherapy
- Traction
- Nutritional Supplements
All equipment imported directly from the United States

Rating: 3.57 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 14 reviews.

one review

address icon 44 Nguyen Du, Hai Bà Trưng, Hanoi

phone number icon 04.32656888

Highly Recommended! It is great to finally have Dr. Tim back in Hanoi! And his new facility is state of the art-- even more professionally ran than his last Surgery! We finally have a great chiropractic Clinic again, Fully kitted out. Most importantly: a great chiropractor--back in Hanoi!...

14 Reviews (Followed by 8 users)

no photo available

I went to this clinic expecting treatment for a chronic pain my neck which I had for the past couple of months. Instead, all I received was an unqualified practitioner with no English, putting me into further pain. Clearly not understanding how to use the expensive equipment and twisting my neck with unnecesary force, which induced vomiting.

After the costly visit to this chiropractic clinic, I had to fly to Singapore to remedy the constant migrains and neck aches caused by this dangerous clinic.

Please beware of this clinic as it is dangerous to seek treatment for such serious conditions relating to alignment of the spine and back.

Today I am Irish!

Update (June 2015): OK, The saga continues: my good friend told me to see a different Chiropractor, Rob Sleiman who also appears in ICCs Web site: (check it out your self!)

Near to Tim Galvan,


who I originally had a good treatment by, those few years ago-- Along with half a dozen other magically absent western chiropractors.
Upon phone enquiry, I was told to come in by one the new ICC staff, but that Dr. Sleiman was not there ( I knew that already).

Eventually I was told he had transferred to a different clinic: ProChiro. Indeed I found him on their web site:
I I got the number, made an appointment with Dr. Sleiman at ProChiro. Upon arrival, they tried whisking me in to see yet someone else, (déjà vu) saying Sleiman was not available that day! I got mad, and asked to make an appointment with him on a different day- any day. Turns out, Dr. Sleiman has not worked at ProChiro for a very long time (-- if ever!) They finally told me; he had left the country for good, and they apologized.

Bottom line: like ICC, ProChiros staff lied to my face—several times!
But that is not the end of the Story: a few hours later, one of the girls from ProChiro called me on my had phone, and in hushed a whisper, told me that both Dr. Sleiman and Dr. Tim could be found most days of the week, in a clinic in Saigon!
Indeed, with some genital surfing, I again found both of the Doctors on a third website.

Hallelujah-- Not!!!

I will be dammed if I get on a plane and fly to HCMC running after these two mythical bone crackers. In fact I am pretty much fed up with chiropractors, in Vietnam, in general! I have an appointment with the phisio at Family Practice early next week, and pray to God she can fix my crook back.

I hope she is really there!

In Conclusion, I feel it is incredibly dishonest for these two clinics to misrepresent their resources on the Internet, and then to continue the lie when people seek care. I feel badly mistreated, and find it unacceptable that I have got this kind of runaround. I wasted a lot of time-- especially in Visiting ProChiro, which is quite a distance from where I work. I hope my ranting here saves someone else similar grief.

Previously: I just visited ICC this week, after a long plane flight back from Europe. A couple of years ago, there was a great doctor there named Tim. He is still on their web sight, and when I called for the appointment, I asked to see him an was told to come in. but when i showed up, he was no where to be found, and no one knows where he has gone!

There is no chiropractor here now, just a poorly trained massage therapist who calls himself a “Vietnamese Chiropractor”. They still have all the same kit they did two years ago, so i went ahead and gave it a go.

Very disappointing! I am pretty sure he made me worst, not better! This place is to be avoided! I do not understand why they are allowed to put false information on their website!

no photo available


ICC lists on its website no fewer than FIVE Western chiropractors when the reality is that there is a single LOCAL person whom I have trouble even believing is a chiropractor. It seems the Westerners were all there at one time, but all left quite some time ago.

He didn't do any manipulation, just put me face down on a gadget table that proceeded to bang me in the stomach area. My pain was the result of trauma long ago, and the treatment should not have involved further trauma. When it first happened many years ago in the states, I waited over a year before I went for treatment, and that chiro had me feeling immensely better after a single session, and 95% better after three, but he did actual manipulation, not with machines. I had MORE pain after treatment at ICC, not less.

And when you get there, they try to sell you run-of-the-mill physical therapy that anyone can get at any hospital or clinic. That is NOT what I was looking for but got suckered into paying for two treatments in addition to the consultation fee.

I want a real chiropractor!

In fairness, they did say the pain might get worse before it got better, but if I should suddenly feel much better tomorrow, I'll come back and edit this.

Update: now four days later, my pain is still worse than when I went in. I wish they had malpractice here!


This place is amazing. It is a state of the art, top of the range, modern Chiropractic clinic with all the kit that a group of western Chiropractors could need. They sorted my back and neck out in next to no time & I am a happy man again. It is staffed by western, English speaking chiropractors all of whom seem to have brilliant qualifications & basically, a man in pain couldn't ask for more.

I was treated by two chiropractors called Cassy & Jason, both of whom have an absolute gift at realigning all the bits that have gone out of whack. It is the best & most professional looking clinic that I have been to, as most of the ones back home in England have none of the kit that these guys have & only half the qualifications.

Pricing worked on standard lines for a Chiropractic clinic & you can pay in Dong or Dollars, as you prefer. The initial consultation cost me $30, followed by $25 for the treatment. You only pay the initial consultation fee once & after that it is $25 each time, unless you need something specifically extra like an x-ray, which costs more obviously - I didn't need one, so I don't know how much that would cost though, although all of the prices that I saw seemed more than reasonable, so I guess that it too would be nice & affordable.

The staff are wonderful. They are highly qualified, highly motivated & highly gifted western Chiropractors with all the right kit at their disposal. I cannot recommend them highly enough & if you are in pain, then this is the place to go. 5 out of 5 stars, & if I could have given them more, I would have.

Nicely affordable prices, top people & amazing kit in a brand new clinic. This is just what Hanoi needed & makes such a welcome change from the rest of the medical practitioners in Hanoi, who seem to charge the earth.

no photo available

After almost 2 months of traveling on local buses on bumpy roads through Yunnan (China) and Vietnam, sleeping on wooden planks as only available mattresses in local villages and the hostel beds in general not being the most comfortable ones, I was in much pain when I reached Hanoi.

I've been receiving Chiro treatment in the US for the past 2 years and my body was screaming for an adjustment. We've been going for massages and some Chinese version of Chiro but somehow my back was still in much pain.

Thanks to justintime and jay77, I found the International Chiropractic Clinic here in Hanoi and was thrilled to learn that they are also open on weekends.

I was treated by two extremely seasoned chiropractors - yes, 2 experts at once! Never had that in the US. One is from the US and the other one is from Canada. Also, they spend about 1 hour for examination and treatment which felt like a rare luxury (in the US one can be lucky to get 15 min.) Both had great knowledge and I particularly liked the fact that the one from Canada followed his intuition and tried out a couple of things to identify the problem. They did magic and put me back into shape. Really, I hadn't felt that great for a while!
They also gave me a set of exercises to do (as well as pointing out which ones i shouldn't do!), most importantly, they didn't just send me away with them but when they met my husband who was in the waiting area, they told him to remind me to do my exercises. And he surely has, which again encourages me to do my exercises even more (although after all the pain and discomfort, I was pretty motivated.)

The equipment and facilities are top notch, the female staff is dressed in pink nurse outfits, giving the place a little bit of a bizarre feeling.

There are a couple of things the clinic management could improve though: on the door, there is a sign saying that you can pay with credit card (I think it was Master card), but I was turned away being told that on weekends they can't accept credit cards. I don't know whether that's the case here in Vietnam, thought it was odd. Cash was accepted in Dong and USD.
Examination was USD 30 and treatment/adjustment USD 20. A fair price but I had to ask multiple times beforehand in order to learn what they'd be charging for as the list on their "menu" seems rather long. I kind of had wished that there was the following flow:
initial consultation with Chiro doc, marking on the "menu" what the doc was recommending. That way I would know what I'm signing up for.
Obviously, later the Chiro doc might want to add some other treatments or not, but at least that would keep it clear and make the patient feel more reassured rather than lost in communication barriers.

Anyways, I am thrilled to have come across this clinic and can highly recommend it.

American Chiropractic

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