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Le Marrakech (Moved)


Status: (Moved) What's This?
Name: Le Marrakech (Moved)
Address: 88 To Ngoc Van, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

Directions: 300 m before Tay Ho week -end market

Phone: 37100389/01247030191
21.06835552643434 105.82276940362135 Category:

Description: The new location of Le Marrakech, previously located at 156 Au Co Street.

Hanoi's first and only Moroccan restaurant, present Moroccan cuisine in its true tradition and its unique taste to the entire globe-known. Fruit of a long history of `a wealth of culinary art that is passed from generation to generation.

Serving halal food.
Opening hours.
Tuesday To Sunday
From 8:30 To 22:00
closed on Monday

Rating: 4.16 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 25 reviews.

Restaurant Type:
Sit-down restaurant
Opening Hours:
Lunch, Afternoon, Evening
couscous - Tagine - Kebab
Take Out:
LeMarrakech has taken control of Le Marrakech (Moved)'s TNH web presence.
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one review

address icon 172 Xuan Dieu, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

phone number icon 093 641 93 46

A great new place for shopping in Hanoi. Ali and her team of girls are great in taking care of customers and helping them finding the most suitable dress, accessory or gift. Not to be missed!

25 Reviews (Followed by 21 users)


Despite the Meh's and Fails for the previous negative review, I have to agree with some of the points made and go against the tide of positivity for this place. I wasn't overly impressed when I went to the old location - lack of ambience, average food - but decided to try it again at the new place. The decor and ambiance was a definite improvement - and nice toilets although the seat fell off - and staff was very friendly on arrival, but two things let the experience down:

(1) All 4 of us ordered a main course and 2 of us ordered a starter to share. I was asked if I wanted my hummus with everyone else's meals and I said no, it was a starter, I'd have it first. However, it still turned up with the mains. This isn't a huge complaint as the main's didn't take too long so I wasn't starving, but it would have been nice to have a nibble on the bread and hummus with my beer first, plus the table was so small there wasn't much room for all that food in one go.

(2) A bigger complaint is that I just don't think it's good value. My beef tagine was very tasty, but a maybe 4oz chunk of steak with some dates and almonds and a piece of bread for 160,000 (or something like that) just doesn't add up. Served with some couscous on the side, maybe adds a bit of value, but a piece of bread? My partner's kebab also seemed very poor value - 3 kebab sticks with a few veg came in at 180,000.

It's still worth a few stars as the food is tasty enough and it's a nice place, but I won't be rushing back. There's better value, tastier food to be had elsewhere.


5 stars from me! What a lovely meal. We shared a salad, a tajine and had a kebab each - which turned out to be too much food for us. All the flavours were in order, the meat was sublime. The veg for me were the highlight - quality fresh and robust. Atmosphere was lovely for a Wed night - got busy by 9pm (when alot of places are dying out) perfect for a few glasses of house white.

I fully recommend Le Marrakech - and we were told there is a new extended menu from tomorrow.

slip reviewed Le Marrakech (Moved) about 48 months ago

Food is outstanding.

Both onwers, her in the kitchen, him on the floor, are top quality hosts.

New location is bigger, brighter and comfier.

Can't really ask for more. Except the new items that will be on offer shortly .. Would glady add one star if i could.

no photo available

In this crazy Hanoi,you may feel homesick as I do from time to time.
My best remedy for that is some nice food from home(from Morocco to here...Arf cant be) and for that the easiest way was to drop by le Marrakech restaurant. fulfills its mission very well.
I just felt at home while eating a tajine or a couscous, that's a real home food!!! That reload me for the week until my stomack won't accept anymore Pho even starving...
Will advice the Chiken tajine, with dessert marrakech pastilla.
Close a bit early... should be more flexible about time I Think.


Went for the first time tonight and it was amazing.

I had the Kabab couscous and mint tea. Both were excellent though some of the meat was a little dry.

The service was top notch, for Hanoi anyway, the wait staff were very courteous and the owner was on hand ensuring everything went correctly. I was even offered free 2nds on the soup that came with my meal (which I took).

It was also very filling and hearty food. This was a welcome relief after going to many higher end places and leaving only partially full.

Total bill for me and the GF was 393,000. Pretty good for a place that would easily top $20 a person in any western country.

If you like Le Marrakech (Moved)...

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TscTempest Useful (1)
Order extra soup when you order the Chicken Couscous, you'll be happy you did.
no photo available
victoria1 Useful (1)
For a great value home delivery order one veggie tagine and one couscous with kebab - these 2 dishes will be plenty for a family of 3-4.
no photo available
fizzy4 Useful (0)
The portions are big and easy to split if you also get a salad or starter of some sort!
no photo available
Szeling Useful (0)
Now BYO, does not sell alcohol but will serve it if you bring it to the restaurant.