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Family Medical Practice


Name: Family Medical Practice
Address: 298 I Kim Ma, Ba Đình, Hanoi

Directions: Van Phuc Compound is located on the right hand side of Kim Ma when heading from the town center towards Daewoo Hotel, on the parallel street.

Phone: 24hr (04) 3843 0748
21.03131453420615 105.81835448741913 Category:
WebSite: www.vietnammedicalpractice.com

Description: A foreign-owned medical center of international standard with 24 hour emergency service. Services include out-patient and in-patient care, ambulance, medical air evacuations, house/hotel visits, in-house laboratory testing, digital imaging, vaccinations.

Doctors and specialties: general practice, emergency medicine, tropical diseases, liver diseases, dermatology, gynecology & obstetrics, pediatrics, ear, nose & throat, orthopedics, hematology, neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology, radiology & imaging, psychology, urology, speech therapy, physiotherapy, nutrition consultation.

FMP has cashless agreements with major health insurers: http://www.vietnammedicalpractice.com/en/our-direct-billing-partners.html

No registration fee is required.

Rating: 3.58 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 52 reviews.

Offers from Family Medical Practice

Offer 1

EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENTAL SCREENING PROMOTION April is Autism Awareness Month A special promotion to raise awareness of Early Childhood Development and Autism. A preliminary developmental screening with FMP’s developmental pediatrician who is specialized in Autism Spectrum Disorders,for 2,200,000vnd (20% off). Includes: * Medical diagnosis based on an assessment of symptoms and diagnostic tests * Learn how development unfolds * What parents can do to support and nurture optimal growth

52 Reviews (Followed by 25 users)


I only got here to ask about vaccine shot. Prob I was in my "ao chong nang) that my look wasnt as shinny and sharp. When I asked about the price for a couple of vaccine, the receptionist said "its around $92". I was curious about the break down and gave her my school document (vaccine for my graduation school requirement), she didn't even look at it and said that the cost was about $92. If I were able to pay, she will take a detail look. To be honest, I thought $92 was quite pricey for Diphitheria Tetanus and MMR. However, after I heard the nurse said that I quickly walked away. I came here to receive good treatment. But if I am judge based on my "ao chong nang" then this place is the same as public hospital. Why would I ever want higher price for the same treatment?I would never go back. Oh wait, I will, when all other hospitals and clinic close down. And I sure will be in suite.

no photo available

Worth it! Yes, my finances has been severely damaged but i get quality service. In my case, I still have a positive experience with FMP.

The intradermal suture on my chin was perfect (done by Mr. Roberto) and the scar did not look like "frankie" Thanks :) and to Ms. Lien or Lian, (the pharmacist) she offered and notified me about a refund even though i did not ask for it! Thanks to all the staff: from the reception, the nurses, pharmacist, the person calling me on the phone, and the surgeon who removed the suture....You all deserve a big THANK YOU!



(I had to write more than Like because TNH informs that Like is too short a review.)


My personal experience with FMP has been entirely positive. I've contacted them on three separate occasions for appointments, and was always able to see a doctor at the time I requested. I felt that the doctor was genuinely interested in helping me.

I'm only docking them a star because five-stars in my book would be for a sort of idyllic countryside practice staffed by Doctor Watson, House, Louis Pasteur, Chekhov and Jesus, with Natalie Portman on reception.

A cup of tea?

When someone who has been here 4 years suddenly pops on with 1 raving review following another rave review, I am sorry there has to be something fishy going on. And maybe it has to do with promoting a new paediatric section to the clinic???? Who knows and to be honest I do not care.
The truth of the matter is that what you get at Family Medical is certainly not what you would expect from the price tag. Many people have medical insurance to cover their bills so perhaps they are not too fussed with misdiagnoses or incorrect medication but I can assure you that it happens and it is surely not much different to other places. Maybe that is something we get used to in Hanoi.
Anyway, I have 3 separate stories for both myself and my girlfriend that I will not go into too much detail with but the most laughable part of it all was that the last doctor, from the Philippines, told her to go look up her symptoms on the net by herself. She did and finally diagnosed herself as being anaemic!!!! But obviously the bill did not reflect the self-diagnosis as a deduction nor did they think to take a blood sample.
For my part, I had wrong antibiotics prescribed for something which, fortunately they had rightly figured but had not rightly prescribed. After 1 week of continued pain, they figured out the right antibiotics (which I later checked online - I wish I had done so to start with.)
So, in summary this clinic has the potential to be just as mediocre as all the rest and echoing what one previous post mentioned, it actually does depend entirely on which doctor you get to see. If you were paying below average prices for treatment, then perhaps you might find an excuse but you are not so really, let's get decent doctors for a decent price.
If not, then it is back to the lottery!

Family Medical Practice Hanoi

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FMC runs English language First Aid courses, focusing on CPR and basic First Aid. One day, well run, definitely worth it.
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Flu vaccines are now in stock at FMC.