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Wellspring International School

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Name: Wellspring International School
Address: 95 Pho Ai Mo, Phuong Bo De! Long Bien, Gia Lâm, Hanoi
Phone: 0439393600, 09737592
21.03970846300168 105.87709524890136 Category:
Rating: 2 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 2 reviews.

24 reviews

address icon 6B Tam Thuong, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

phone number icon 0904392423

Rent a Bike Hanoi has been absolutely amazing! They come to you with the bike, for rent, if your bike is broken - they're so flexible! They have been beyond helpful, speak English, and definitely worth it. The bikes are kept in great shape and worth the extra few dollars. I can't say enough g...

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I've been meaning to post this for a few months now and can say that time hasn't softened my view.
Rather than posting a lengthy review let's just say that working at Wellspring isn't particularly rewarding financially, just ask any of the World Teach hires. Professionally you will not have much time to develop your teaching chops as you could be scheduled up to 28 classes a week.

But, that's all just sorta par for the course for these kind of Vietnamese/fake International schools.

Kudos need to be given to the foreign staff and the Vietnamese English teachers, they were golden.

I imagine that in order to really love this job you would have to love working for Vietnamese. If you can adapt to that I'm willing to bet you'll stay more than a year. Good luck!

In Sapa eating dog!!!!

After taking our kindergarten families to see the school I was appalled by the state of things especially after only being open for just one year.

Here's an overview of what I saw.

When first walking into the school the staff greeted our invited students and families with nothing more than a sneary hello and no smile. Upon walking inside I noticed nothing, but the severe lack of safe areas for the children to play such as pipes sticking out of the pavement about 3cm no hand railings where the walkway was elevated. The soccer field is set lower than the surrounding sewer drains which were elevated approximately 3cm as well. Windows are set up to the point that the place of opening is low enough to allow the students the to easily fall out or even climb out. There were many more safety violations which are just completely unacceptable. The removable tiles where the drainage system is had metal handles to grab which were sticking out and these were located in heavily trafficked areas.

The indoor swimming pool was primarily drained, beta good amount of water was left inside and was a very good color of green.

Staff were mostly without uniform or without ID tags or any sort of identification. Very unprofessional and unorganized in their operations and their actions with us and the students currently enrolled there.

I would strongly not recommend any parents enrolling their children in this school.

With nothing, but a negative feeling for this place it has great potential if the right person can get a hold of it and get the investors to open their pockets and finish everything they haven't already finished.

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