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iF Consulting – Smart Insurance Solutions


Name: iF Consulting – Smart Insurance Solutions
Address: 1 Thanh Nien, Eurocham Offices, Sofitel Plaza, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Directions: c/o EuroCham Offices/ - Hotel Sofitel Plaza -

Phone: 094 339 0101
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Description: IF Consulting is pleased to announce the appointment of Dominick "Nick" Veltre, formerly of Regency International Insurance as our Senior Consultant on the ground to serve you in Hanoi and beyond.

At IF Consulting, we help you find the right insurance to protect you, your loved ones, your employees, your business, your future.

*Health & Life Insurance for your Family or your Employees:
Our main focus is helping you find affordable, quality international health insurance that can get you or your family to 5-Star, world-class medical facilities by private medevac.

If you have Health or Life Insurance with IF Consulting, you may also qualify for comprehensive motorbike insurance!

You deserve the best, and peace of mind costs much less than you think.

*For Schools and Businesses:
Public Liability, Fire and Flood, Group Accident, Employee Liability, Worker's Compensation, Theft of Money and Securities, Fidelity (dishonest employees) and Plant and Equipment Insurance.

*For Professionals:
We can help you choose Directors and Managers Liability Insurance, Engineers and Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Email Nick today for a coffee and a quote.

Nick can be reached at 094 339 0101 or by email at nick@insuranceinvietnam.com

Rating: 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 25 reviews.

20 reviews

address icon 44 Chau Long, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

phone number icon (+84) 3715 0088

This review is long overdue. A few reasons for writing it now: Firstly, some years ago, I confess, I was a little critical of HCC's fairly expensive, advertised cooking classes. Unfortunately, I was critical without having actually attended a class...! I have since had the opportunity to at...

25 Reviews (Followed by 12 users)

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I approached Nick about health insurance and found him really helpful. Even though he couldn't provide what I was looking for (I was looking for a travel insurance type policy), he was very honest and didn't try to push something on me that I didn't need. I would definitely look him up again if I were to stay in Hanoi for the long term.

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This is my first review on TNH but I decided I have to review Nick and his fabulous team.

Nick gives straight, no-nonsense advice and makes the entire process nice and easy. His advice was invaluable and you will also benefit from advice about having insurance in Hanoi specifically.

I have several pre-existing medical conditions that have made it very difficult to get medical insurance. However, with Nick's help we found a solution to my problem.

Whether you need simple insurance, or, like me, your case is quite complicated, Nick and his team will be the best move you make besides situating in Hanoi!

Without doubt, he is the number 1 insurance broker in Hanoi, by a long shot.

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I contacted Nick to help me with my health insurance after reading the positive feedback on TNH. He sent me several options and we went through everything in detail. For the first time I fully understood the different health plans and policies. I followed his recommendation for the best deal (quality & price), having the piece of mind knowing that I have a good insurance and someone to contact in case of an emergency. * highly recommended *

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Nick is THE guy in Hanoi to go through for insurance, hands down. I have gone through him for health insurance the past two years (since I discovered him) and have also purchased travel insurance through him when visiting the States (since I chose a regular policy that did not include coverage there). I am currently chatting with him about life insurance. My family is moving to China in a months' time and I double-checked with Nick recently whether I can still email him for travel insurance and the like and the answer was YES! I have always been nothing but pleased with Nick as an insurance broker. He really is out for what will be best for you and goes the extra mile to find it, even when his commission would be better if you went a different route (which it often would be). If you are looking for health insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, talk to Nick!

Below is the review I wrote for Nick 2 years ago and, by the way, the review I am posting above right now is only the 2nd review I have written on TNH in now 8 1/2 years :-)

First review, 24 months ago:

In 6 1/2 years in Vietnam, I've never written a review on TNH, but this is a good place to start!

I am about to have a baby and will no longer have insurance as I will no longer be working out of the home. A colleague of my husband's needed to search out insurance for his wife and child in the past and recommended Dominick to us.

I wrote to Dominick and had a reply in less than an hour. All of his responses from then on were within the day I wrote to him and many were in under an hour. He even took the time to respond to emails from me when he was sick and supposed to be on holiday. Though I only spoke to him on the phone once, he gave me both his Skype info and his mobile number and let me know I could chat with him on either with any questions whenever convenient.

Dominick's advice was straight-forward and balanced and I wholeheartedly agreed with his recommendation. I will soon be starting my new policy AND, when my baby is 2 weeks old, she will be added to that policy for FREE for the rest of the policy year! WOW!

I highly recommend Dominick to anyone who is looking for health insurance. You can go it on your own, but his services are free to you - you have nothing to lose and much to gain!

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I contacted Nick Veltre based on the positive feedback I'd read here. He got back to my email straight away and offered me some great unbiased, informative advise, about what insurance package might suit my needs. Nick has been living in Hanoi for years and so knows the city and culture like the back of his hand. If you're traveling to Hanoi and need insurance, there really is nobody else out there who you should contact.

If you like iF Consulting – Smart Insurance Solutions...

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