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address icon 19/F Pacific Place, 83B Ly Thuong Kiet , Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

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November 29th, 2010 at 8:48 am

We went here on Sat to meet friends. We weren't allowed in until our friends came to the door to meet us to prove we already had a table (as they claimed that there were no available tables, yet there were some free ones when we went in). People were dancing and it looked like a fun place.

The view from the outside area, which stretches the length of one side of the restaurant/bar, was amazing and was really nice area to sit and talk. A glass of wine cost 160k and a Barcardi/coke cost 120k. Would work out better value to buy a bottle of spirits for your table. The staff didn't know what a Barcardi or rum was so we had to go into the bar ourselves to order it. Only stayed for a couple as it's a bit pricey. Next time will order the whole bottle.

Click here to view what The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant replied about 73 months ago
The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant replied to IrishGirl about 73 months ago
Hi Leona, Thank you for taking the time to visit & review Rooftop, it is highly appreciated. I noticed you had some concerns when you first arrived at the venue & with pricing & service which I would like to address. On weekends for sure most tables in the lounge areas are reserved for people with reservations, just like you get with a restaurant say. That\'s why when you arrived there may have been some empty tables, however unless both bar areas are over crowded we don\'t stop people coming in regardless if they have a table or not. End of the day it\'s a standing & seating place. As for the drinks, mixer drinks are priced at VND100,000 including mixers with Red bull. Moreover we are one of the few bars in the world whose measures are 40ml, most bars serve only 30ml, & in Europe 25m is the norm, so when you consider the price for drinks in Vietnam, we are amongst the cheapest, & that\'s before you consider the type of venue you are in. Remember we don\'t charge TAX or S/C. As for our staff not understanding you\'re English, yes when we first opened this was at times a problem, however, now more than 60% of the staff speaks English! & a problem which is the curse of Hanoi, i.e. bad service will hopefully be a thing of the past at Rooftop very soon. Oh & yes, buying bottles always works out cheaper; you get 18 shots in the bottle so you will save a bit!