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address icon 19/F Pacific Place, 83B Ly Thuong Kiet , Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

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1.000 năm Thăng Long
February 6th, 2011 at 9:07 pm

cool space. i really like the space here it has so much potential.

they often have a dj and sometimes play pretty good music.

the food is hit or miss and not consistent at all. you might get a well prepared dish one night but the next night if you order the same thing it sucks.

the service is an absolute freaking nightmare here. i don't understand they have like 30 waitstaff and bartenders working at all times and it is a complete s-show. they never get the order right, it takes FOREVER to get your food or drink and there is ALWAYS some sort of miscommunication at some point throughout the night.

also i'm not really into the crowd here although its pretty good for people watching. half the patrons are dooshbags in suits and the other half are rich spoiled vietnamese kids that take girls there to impress them before they go to nha nghi.

Click here to view what The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant replied about 71 months ago
The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant replied to giaihanoi about 71 months ago
Hello Richie, Thank you for taking the time to visit & review Rooftop, moreover your positive comments on the venue. We noted your comments about food & beverage orders taking a long time to be delivered, this is certainly not the case with food orders, as these are served in a very timely manner so I was surprised . As for drinks, yes sometimes there is an unfortunate delay, which we are trying very hard to correct, but remember unlike most places in Vietnam, our impressive collection of fresh juices & smoothies are made fresh. Add to this the size of the venue, & the fact we are very busy most lunches & nights, the volume of the music & the many different accents our guest have; & you start to see why Hanoi not only Rooftop has some issues like these. The food menu is always being reviewed & improved where it can, but I am surprised to hear you say that the same dish is different from one day to the next, as from my own & hundreds of our regular guest experience can say, this is not the case. Yes some old items on the menu may need alterations, as with any new business. As for our guests, they come from many corners of the global, especially Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia US, Europe & of course Vietnam, & they all share a liking for similar things. Nice clean & stylish venue, with great views, friendly open minded people, lounge music & a place that is the value leader not only on food, but on drinks as well. In short a place that offers a quality & affordable experience. Unlike most popular bars & clubs in town, we don’t allow prostitution, & if you get to know some of the woman who come to Rooftop, you will discover that a large portion of our female guest are successful business woman & executives, or office workers out with friends to enjoy themselves.
Hope to see you again Richie at Rooftop, when things should be better, Cheers