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address icon 19/F Pacific Place, 83B Ly Thuong Kiet , Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

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March 23rd, 2011 at 1:40 pm

I have been here twice now, 1st time was to meet up with a friend as this place is local to me, 120K VND for a glass of draft beer (this was about six weeks ago) I nearly spat the beer out when I found out but it was too precious to waste, needless to say one drink then we left!

Went here recently with my girlfriend to sample the food as the menu looked promising, not a great idea. We were trying to work out if this place was a bar trying to be a restaurant or the other way round, defiantly a bar with expensive bar food in a very confusing menu (It was all over the place).

First issue when we sat down was the plumes of cigar smoke from business types, fair enough they were outside on the balcony but it seemed to drift our way so we moved but the smoke followed and the music was too loud for a restaurant and definitely not of the background dining type.

Service was good but it should have been since I counted 18 bar/waiter staff so a 1 to 2 ratio staff/customers (not counting kitchen staff) on an early midweek evening. They looked bored and chatted amongst themselves, no problem except one decided to remove the 2 extra places on our table three quarters the way through our meal which was a bit odd.

Food was OK but nothing to write home about, my girlfriend had a very thin “steak” with the wrong sauce and I had tough pork ribs but the breaded coating was nice.

Not sure if we will be back, maybe for drinks & if so I will rethink my rating.

Edit: -

Just had a nice cheap lunch here and the place was busy, 70 to 80k for their set lunch specials. Drinks are a bit expensive though, Coke for 40k and beer for 60k (also mix drinks for 90k and cocktails for 125k) but I guess that just offsets the price of lunch and these are the normal prices for this place it seems. I think I was a bit harsh with my 2 star rating and I did get some feedback from the management although I came on a "special" night the 1st time and nope it wasn't Valentines night as I was in Halia with my girlfriend. I guess this is the place to come for a swanky drinks evening.

Click here to view what The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant replied about 71 months ago
The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant replied to Procco about 71 months ago
Dear Jason, Thank you for taking the time to both visit & post a review of Rooftop.nnI noticed you mentioned on your first visit that you paid 120K for a glass of draft beer? This I don\'t understand as our price for both bottle & draft beer is only 49,000 dong. The only exception to this is Corona bottles which is charged at 120K. As for the venue, as you can see the lower sunken left hand side of the venue is a bar, while the upper right hand side with the terrace is the restaurant from 8am to 9.30pm. After this time it becomes a lounge area. Smoking is not permitted in the upper restaurant part during restaurant times. From your review it looks like you ordered from the bar menu & not the restaurant menu, which is priced higher,(due to the fact it operates late in to the night) as our restaurant menu is very competitively priced when compared to other restaurants in our segment. (You can view our menu on Newhanoian) As for the music, we play background music until 9.30pm, at which point out 3 resident DJs start to play, after 10pm the music is bar music, however I agree sometimes even for a DJ bar it gets a bit too loud, something that has been addressed. Finally am happy you enjoyed our service, something we are always working to try & improve. As for staffing levels Rooftop only employees 12 servers, 5 hostess & 8 bar staff when you visited, & we operate over 3 shifts as we are full every lunch time & late evenings with all staff taking 1 day off per week. The reason people think we have more staff than we do, maybe is due to the fact of their speed & the layout of the venue. I hope you visit us again Jason in Rooftop maybe during happy hours as you live close by every Mon to Thurs evenings. Regards
(update! I have been looking into this matter & discovered the night you came we had a special event, so we were running a special drinks & food menu that evening which was priced a lot higher. Once a month we do these events, that will also explain the volume of the music that evening).