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TNH's groups allow members with common interests to find each other and keep in touch. Group members can post event listings for all to see, and post comments on the group log. Every group has its own page that lists group events. Group members can also post photos to their group's page.


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Creative Club Hanoi A social and professional club for Hanoi's local or expat creatives (aritists, musicians, writers, cinematographers, photographers, actors, actresses, etc) to meet, network, and learn from each other. 24
I *heart* Ciputra The one area in Hanoi that is most likely to have negative judgements made about it (by people who do not actually live there) is Ciputra, Tay Ho District. This group is for those who love Ciputra as well as other areas of Hanoi - and are not afraid to say it! It's for those who know the "essence" that is Ciputra - that it is what is on the inside that counts! Ciputurians love the green areas,fresher air,reduced traffic, and to stroll on level roads without twisting an ankle. This is the group who knows that, contrary to popular belief, the neighbours living on each side, behind and in front who look Vietnamese, are in fact Vietnamese, and not foreigners in disguise. We care not for those who intone their limited prescription for an authentic experience of life lived in Hanoi! "I *heart* Ciputra" group is for those who believe that every visitor and Hanoian is entitled to their own version of a "genuine experience" in Vietnam. And that genuine experience may be living in and loving Ciputra. 56
"English Speakers "- "Vietnamese Students" Friendship The group is for making friends between English Speakers and Vietnamese Students. If you are an English Speaker and you want to make friends with lots of Vietnamese Students, explore about Vietnamese cultures and do some voluntary teaching job, have fun with Vietnamese Students who are eager to learn English while you are staying here in Hanoi. So its the chance for us to make friends with each others and we will have lots of fun. The meeting is held every Wednesday from 6'00 am until 8'30 pm at University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. 52
30 or 13 Hi there! Are you going to reach 30, being 30, and just over 30 ? Are you still being single after so many love affairs has been gone? Have you ever miss the time when you was 20 and so damn scare of being called 30 year woman? Join with me, together in this little Hanoi city, we will make this period become one of the best moments than ever Lets spend some weekend in one cosy bar together,share nice songs together, lets party all night long together,or get out of Hanoi for some days....... Girls, join me 33
Adventure Sports Hanoi This group is for adventure (extreme) sports enthusiasts who are missing their fix of excitement. I am hoping to start a club where we can do some kayaking/windsurfing/sailing/hillwalking/rock climbing at the weekend or in the evening time. Adventure sports is a great way to blow of the stress of a long week teaching/running a business/trying to take over the world, make new friends and enjoy life in Vietnam. I am hoping that we can even organize trips up to the mountains of North Vietnam for hiking/ climbing,(white water kayaking??), Ha long bay for sea kayaking or even further afield to Indonesia for some surfing/body boarding. If your interested send me a message!! What are you waiting for........come join our adventurous group!! 78
Aikido Shin Shin Toitsu Ki – Aikido is an unusual martial art as there is no violence and no winning or losing. Instead, its purpose is to acquire the true sense of mind and body unification through studying and practicing the principle of Ki. Ki - Aikido or Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido is one of the gentlest martial arts and emphasizes harmony and grace of movement. It is considered a non-aggressive art, using the opponents' energy against them. The Ha Noi Shin Shin Toitsu AikidoClub welcomes new students! Ha Noi Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido Club provides training in ki- aikido under direct instruction of Marc D. Keats Sensei (5th Dan) from Canada. Keats Sensei has practised and taught Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido for over 30 years. Keats Sensei was a boarding student (uchideshi) under Koichi Tohei Sensei, who was the founder of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. Location of dojos The club has traning sessions at two dojos in Hanoi: Address 1: the Gym at Le Quy Don Secondary School, Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay, Ha Noi. Address 2: the Movement Room – UNIS International School, Ciputra, Lac Long Quan Street, Ha Noi Dojo schedule: Tuesday 19:00 – 21:00 at the Movement room in UNIS Thursday 19:00 – 21:00 at the Gym at Le Quy Don Secondary School Saturday 15:00 - 17:00 at the Movement room in UNIS Sunday 07:30 - 09:30 at the Gym at Le Quy Don Secondary School Classes are held in Vietnamese and English. Membership fee: For students practicing at both locations or only at UNIS: VND 250,000/ month + UNIS fee of VND 800.000 /semester For students practicing only at Le Quy Don: VND 150,000/ month VND 100,000/ month for students Rep. Ha Noi Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido Club Chief Instructor Marc D. Keats For more information, please contact: Vietnamese contact: 0914 645 860; English contact: 091 2817021; Email: hanoiaikido@hotmail.com 23
Air Quality, Health and Sports (a.k.a. active life in Hanoi with asthma) Discussion on how to live an active life in Hanoi while keeping your lungs clean as much as possible (and/or keeping your asthma at bay). 3
Amateur Pro Badminton Club We are a group of Vietnamese and foreigners who play badminton regularly at 48 Bach Dang. We are welcome anyone who want to play competitive badminton. Playing time are 8pm to 10pm every Monday and 8pm to 10pm every Wednesday . Courts are indoor with rubber mat, perfect for playing badminton. Fee are shared on monthly basic (about 500k-600k VND included shuttles). Most of us can speak English, also some French, Chinese and Russian. We required a certain level of skills, from intermediate and upper. If you want to try just send me and email or a call then I will prepare a trail playing time for you. If you're beginner or want to practice badminton I can give some advices on training, coaching&court rental. Welcome everyone! Bach Dang Sport Complex - 48 Bach Dang Str., Hanoi. Please contact Quang at mobile 0949498555 or ducquang1984@yahoo.com. 23
Anything you want to say When you feel alone, when you need friends to talk, when you want to change yourself to become more different,...just come to us 26
Apple Macs A place for all Apple Mac users of Hanoi to share info. 12
aprender vietnamita Xin chao cac ban, Os parece difícil aprender vietnamita? vamos a formar un grupo para ayudarnos, charlar, compartir experiencias así como practicar vietnamita entre hispanohablantes y locales. 7
Aroma football team in Hanoi Aroma Fc is an established amateur football team of office workers playing football for the sake of good health and friendship. Aroma Fc was established 4 years ago and have been playing with stability since then. We play in mini field of 7 players with one fixed match (on home field) at 7h30pm every Tuesday and one more match on partner's field (not fixed, depending on partner team's schedule each time). Photo of the team could be found at http://aroma.vn/afc 6
Arrive alive Going to a party/event? If you're looking for share-cab opportunities ask here. 2
Art Video Promotion of video art Video art projections Sharing and support for the diffusion of video art 9
attention all drummers!!!!!!! hey every one im wanting to start a drum circle to play together once a week in an open space all can come no matter the level of ability as this is aimed at being fun and getting people jamming together and the more seasoned players can show the newbys how to play to build confidence all you need is a drum , can be anything that you can take with ease if you dont have a drum look for an empty 19.5 L water bottle as they are very nice toned (you need to take the cap thats on the narrow part off to let the sound run out nicely ) or a big plastic bin as they too have good tonal qualities all interested contact me (tom) --01682274819 for further details 7
Audio Freaks Place for audiophile ppl to hang out 12
Australian Chamber of Commerce Hanoi Chapter AusCham is the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam. We are a licensed foreign business group in Viet Nam established to represent and promote the interests of Australian businesses operating in Viet Nam. AusCham's Ha Noi chapter is an instrument through which our members can have a voice to express their views about the business environment in Viet Nam. AusCham actively co-ordinates topical breakfast seminars, social networking functions, governmental relations, and promotes the highest profile charity events in Viet Nam. If you are an Australian business currently involved in, or thinking about doing, business in Viet Nam, or a Vietnamese thinking about doing business in Australia, AusCham is your first point of contact. 44
Badminton For people who want to play badminton in Hanoi city 64
BarCamp Hanoi BarCamp is a user-generated event — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants. There is no audience, only participants. Attendees must give lead a discussion, give a demo, or help with one, or otherwise volunteer / contribute in some way to support the event. All sessions are scheduled the day they happen. The people present at the event will select the demos or presentations they want to see. Attendance is free of charge. Topics may include, but are not limited to: online services, social media, startups, UI design, entrepreneurship, VC, Web 2.0 technologies, online marketing, online advertising, online payment, e-commerce, open source software, hardware hacking, robotics, mobile computing, bioinformatics, programming languages, even the future of technology or global issues. Learn more about BarCamp: http://www.barcamphanoi.org/?page_id=2&lang=en Want to sponsor us: http://www.barcamphanoi.org/?page_id=12&lang=en 18
Bartenders Association of Hanoi Are there any bartenders out there? Whether you're a professional flair cocktail bartending champion or you've just pulled a few pints down at your local, join up now! Discuss favourite tipples from around the world, head out to our favourite bars and basically get a bit boozy with like minded people of the craft that is bartending. Cheers! 19
Baseball / Softball Fall 2012 is looking promising for a team / league! With enough interest we should be able to form a 4th team to join Japan and Taiwan playing mid-mornings on Sunday in My Dinh! Please check the site www.vietnam-sports.com for directions and details! 27
Basketball Enthusiasts For anyone looking to meet to play the occasional pick up game, catch the occasional broadcasts we get in Hanoi, or just sit around and talk/argue/revel in the world of hoops. 95
Beer at weekends A group of beer lovers and more than that, beer-street-ers who would like to gather at weekends's sunset, have some beers with some friendly ones and let the chaos life being through out. The first beer cheering will be at 5pm, 8th, October at Ta Hien street. Join beer cheering, enjoy beautiful living! 17
Belly dance Hanoi I will create a forum for all professional bellydancers, or those who aim to belly dance professionally. A place to find out about classes, show's upcoming events etc. I am a professional belly dancer (I have trained in Turkish, Egyptian, Lebanese and all traditional aspects) but my dedication has lied in the art of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. My name is Roisin Corrigan and I am from Dublin, Ireland. Hoping to get the ladies of Ha Noi into the fusion buzz :) I am also in partnership with a fantastic belly dance troupe here by the name of Isis. I will work with these fine dancers and independently also. I am available for gigs and events and can open up for shows, bands etc. Check out apollonia tribal fusion on youtube for footage etc. 26
Ben Kon Thai: Thailand lovers! For Thai people to meet or anyone who has a love for anything Thai to share their passions: from the culture to food, from the scenery to the people and much much more... 30
BETTYSBUBBLES Bettysbubbles is a new event hitting your town comprised of three interlocking mutually re-enforcing elements. They are MUSIC, ART & FASHION MUSIC: cross border booking of some of the worlds leading musicians and disc jockeys ART: live exhibitions in collaboration from the Bui Gallery FASHION: Fashion show, fashion magazine host, local model agency collaboration The aim of a Bettysbubbles event is to leverage the company’s experience and knowledge gained from working in all areas of the entertainment industry to further the goals of like-minded clients in the fashion, music, art and luxury sectors. Our purpose is to combine the elements of fashion, music & art into one evening of collective collaboration. 3
Bia Hoi Appreciation Society This group is now active as a Facebook group, future events may be exclusively posted on facebook, so anyone wishing to join can visit here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/596585497118811/ This is the group for those who consider bia hoi something more than a cheap alternative. Sure, the quality of drink can vary, but the essence of the bia hoi experience is rooted in far more than that yellow-gold fluid sloshing 'round in plastic barware. It is the clamor of multi language conversations...the shaky support of the plastic chairs beneath us...the steaming plates of people's fare...and the familiarity of a makeshift stall. It is beer drinking Vietnam style. Those who feel some strange comfort in all of that, join us. And on occasion we need to refresh our beer tasting memories and sip on some higher quality beers so we venture into the beer halls to savor some Belgian, German, French and similar style beers. Technically those places aren’t bia hoi’s but it is beer so who’s going to get all high and mighty when it comes to drinking our favorite liquid, especially not us bia hoi aficionados. 263
BikeNBrunch A monthly event for people who love to BikeNBrunch, keep your eyes peeled for the latest event information! Meet at the designated rendezvous for a morning cycle, followed by a relaxing brunch at a carefully selected restaurant where it is time to socialise and meet like minded people. This event is designed to cater for everyone, locals, expats and families or colleagues, all you need to do is email register and turn up on the day! Feel free to message me for any questions or feedback 19
Billiards Homies Billiards Homies is your new group in the block! If you are interested how to learn to play or just wanting to have someone to play with, call us. We are your Billiards homies! Want to move forward with another exciting game? Let's rack 'em up!!! 12
BJJ Hanoi BJJ Hanoi is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) club in Hanoi. BJJ Hanoi is the fun and safe environment for people of all ages to practice BJJ. 2