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House Husbands United (Hanoi) | Groups



House Husbands United (Hanoi)

For those amongst us who are proud of our chosen vocation as House Husbands. Knowing we will never again not have the time to scratch ourselves; that there is sheer bliss in the absence of modern workaday stress; and that there is no shame in having our significantly better halves providing the income required to sustain our extraordinary lifestyles.

House Husbands United (Hanoi) also exists to coordinate the desires and intentions of those of us with time on our hands to put that time to good use and do something positive in our adopted city. As much as Hanoi gives to us, we want to give back wherever we can. Therefore, we shall combine our efforts, talents and inspirations to find ways support causes we believe are making progess in helping reduce poverty, increase education and provide underprivileged Hanoi kids a helping hand to a better life.

We are by no means perfect but we will make whatever small positive impact we can whilst always respecting the dignity and integrity of local Hanoian and Vietnamese culture and values.

Hanoi House Husbands, Unite!



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House Husbands United (Hanoi) has no events coming up in the next month or so.

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