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As a follower of people doing Nhat Nam,I would love to share one of martial art origin from Vietnam. I only do just basic exercises (actually it is warm-up exercise) 15 minutes everyday, but have a feeling of full energy.

What I love most in the Nhat Nam is its breathing exercises. The interesting point,as I said many times to new joiners of Nhat Nam, is when you are really tired of (maybe got sick, or stress with hard work )and you do just 5 minutes of this breathing exercise (a little bit like yoga) and you soon feel fresh again. Amazing, huh!!!

I quote the introduction message from the Professor Ngo Xuan Binh - you can call the creator of the Nhat Nam. For full version and some exercises you can click on the URL attached. Timetables for the Nhat Nam club in Hanoi is on every Wednesday, Friday and Sundays, starts at 6pm and finishes around 8pm. Venue: Giap Nhat - Thanh Xuan - Hanoi. Do come, do see, do experience a Vietnamese culture as well as keeping you healthy to enjoy our lives.Welcome all of you to the club :)

The Professor Ngo Xuan Binh's Introduction to the Nhat Nam Martial Art:

18 years ago the Head of the Nhat-Nam School Professor Ngo Xuan Binh and his assistant Chan Phu Cu were sent to Belorussia by the Sports Committee of Vietnam in response to the request addressed to the Committee by the Belorussia Wushu and Vietnamese Martial Arts Federation. The two men were invited by the Federation to teach the art of Nhat Nam in order to promote martial arts practiced by the disciples of Nhat Nam School (one of the most ancient schools of Vietnamese martial arts). Professor Ngo Xuan Binh and his assistant worked in Minsk from 1990 to 1993. Over that period, in cooperation with the Belorussia Wushu and Vietnamese Martial Arts Federation, they organized and held 5 international seminars. Each of the seminars was attended by 80-150 martial arts instructors and fighters from all the former USSR Republics.The distinguished feature of Nhat Nam School is its scientific and systemic approach to organization and holding of practice sessions. In Vietnam, Nhat Nam philosophy interests a lot more people than just Nhat Nam disciples and lovers of martial arts. In fact, is has a broad media coverage (in newspapers, on the radio and on TV), and attracts attention of broad public. Nhat Nam practices cannot be brought down to exercises in self-defence – they give an insight into this oriental philosophy and lifestyle.

Practicing Nhat Nam people learn to understand themselves, become more confident and learn to understand other people. This understanding of human behaviour usually extends to everyday situations. Nhat Nam system of exercises is believed to improve a person's physical and mental health. It contains special training techniques as well as ingrained Nhat Nam spiritual essence. The exercises are based on centuries-old practice. They are easy to master and, at the same time, give effective results. The strength of mind and the fighting skills mastered by the disciples must never be used for self-assertion or suppression of opponents. People learn them so as to be able to defeat the dark side of their own nature and defend themselves and their native land. This understanding of Nhat Nam is reflected in the courage and patriotism of Vietnamese people.

Throughout its history, for different reasons, one of which was its geographical position, Vietnam was continuously attacked by invaders. National martial arts, including Nhat Nam helped it to preserve their national identity in the fight against foreign invaders. Martial arts, which originally were little more than fighting techniques, have developed to become the source of pride for many generations of Vietnamese people. The spirit of the Li and Chan dynasties (12-14th centuries) cannot be reduced to theoretical and ideological postulates. To an equal extent, it's the Vietnamese awareness of their national identity and their national pride, which sustain their spirit of independence and sovereignty.The nation's well-being and spirit have always played a crucial part in the development of every nation. However, Nhat-Nam, being one of traditional martial arts, offers other ideas and opportunities, including friendship and cooperation between people of different nations, cultural exchange and new concepts of personal self-development, which have a universal value and help to improve the body and spirit of anyone, who starts practicing Nhat-Nam. There are plans for the creation of a new original sport based on the traditional Nhat Nam approaches. Hopefully, it will gradually develop both at national and international levels. This sport has a great esthetic potential, which can be realized through organization of special shows to demonstrate the beauty of the body movement. It also has a great potential of developing into an exciting and safe competitive contact combat based on the principles of fair play, spiritual beauty and sportsmanship.

A special system of breathing exercises (xi-kong inner energy exercises) forms an essential part of Nhat Nam school practices. These exercises contribute to the regulation of mental disorders and stress fatigue, which have become unavoidable components of modern lifestyle. They also help to tune up inner physiological processes and eliminate the causes of many long-term and occupational diseases. They are known to boost the immune system and stimulate immune self-regulation, which has been impaired by excessive use of medication, especially of the chemical nature. We will do our best to make our site useful for every visitor interested in Nhat Nam by placing practical advice along side with the materials of theoretical character. Gradually, we are planning to publish two volumes of the book “Nhat Nam Fighting System. Basics.” written by Head of Nhat Nam School, Professor Ngo Xuan Binh. This book published by the Sports Committee of Vietnam, was awarded the first prize at an international book fair in Poland in 1985 in the Best Sports Book nomination. The first two books contain the system of Nhat Nam basic exercises and give the reader the general idea of Nhat Nam School. Later, keeping within the framework of the scientific concept, we will continue publishing the complete system of exercising following the approach, which implies a step-by-step transition “from the simple to the complex and from the easy to the difficult”. In this book the author has managed to preserve the ancient spirit of Nhat Nam School and convey to the reader his knowledge of its original roots. For the readers' convenience and better understanding our publication will be provided with drawings, pictures and diagrams. These materials will be later used to compile a book and teaching aids to be used by masters and disciples in the course of practice sessions and theoretical studies required to pass an exam at 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dai levels. Bearing in mind the eagerness, with which modern people practice sports and their craving for competitive activities we try both to promote interesting and original Nhat Nam techniques and preserve the spirit of Nhat Nam school – the spirit of ancient wisdom, which has been passed from generation to generation over the centuries. Besides, these materials contain the results of work carried out by Nhat Nam School masters over the last decades. Their main difference from the materials formerly presented at the seminars is an easy and concise content. They were all written personally by Head of Nhat Nam school Professor Ngo Xuan Binh or prepared under his direct supervision and will be later used to publish an officially approved teaching aid for the development and propagation of Nhat Nam as an officially recognized sport in Russia and abroad.



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