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Hi, Im looking to buy some Delonix Regia, is there anyone know where in Vietnam I can find the people that are selling this type of tree(not seed)? I need to buy a lot of these trees.
Check the photos on eBay below:

If you know, please help me with this.

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Khuyen wrote on February 7th, 2018 at 1:11 am

Hi H,

The tree you requested, I'm very familiar with it in my childhood.
Is it this one?

This is Khuyen from Errand Running Service in Vietnam:

I can help you to source the delonix regia tree.
Can you please send an email to with information of:
how many tree do you need? how young/old/big/small the tree is?
Where do you want to ship them to?

Then I can send you some info.


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