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Hey guys! So i'm wondering where to get a skateboard in Hanoi. I'm fond of skateboarding but I am a beginner. Do you guys know anywhere to get a skateboard in Hanoi? I really want one! I could even go for any price but a good one is preferred :P

Guys please tell me if you know any shops/place to buy a skateboard. If you want to sell me your skateboard, text message me at 01697223880

THANKS A LOT! Hope you guys answer! :)

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zipp wrote on November 3rd, 2012 at 10:28 pm

Try Nui Truc street off Kim Ma - there are at least 5 shops selling skateboards along there. Not sure about the prices but the clothes and shoes seem reasonable value. Or you can try Lenin skateshop on Ta Hien street in the old quarter! Good luck!

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