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Excellent Christmas Present - As New rare Electric guitar Schecter Diamond Series Sunset Custom FR


Excellent Christmas Present - As New rare guitar Schecter Diamond Series Sunset Custom FR
Hanoi, Vietnam
use phone number to contact me please! :)

This was a gift years ago which I left in the UK in a case in a dry room with no smoke. It is in brand new, mint condition. I have done some research to make it easy for buyers.

Selling because I never played electric and its time to give her a home where she will be played.

>> Like this perhaps…/schecter-dimond-series-sunset-custom-…/

Below are some key facts, some reviews, and prices.
Please note this guitar is hard to research so many reviews are not in English so use translate where needed

- Black Mattt finish Electric Guitar with Dark Chrome hardware. (understated but striking)

- Double cutaway with 24 accessible frets with mother of pearl fret markers

- 'Floyd Rose' Floating bridge, holds tune even when you dive bomb notes hard.

- 2 x 'Duncan Designed' Humbucker pick ups.

REVIEWS (translate them)


Its hard to research as its an old model and most information is not in English. These costs around 400-450 GBP when it was bought (currently 600 usd but more like 700 usd back when the pound was strong)

comparison 1

comparison 2
PRICE ASKED $324 (not exact same model but I cannot se the difference in the components and materials)

comparison 3
- Schecter Dave
PRICE ASKED 200usd and 266usd

comparison 4…

comparison 5…/schecter-diamond-will-…/1242042018

Guitar is in mint condition with no damage and very little play, has been kept dry and out of smoke since purchase
I am asking 5,500,000 Vietnamese Dong which is equal to 5500000 Vietnamese Dong which is equal 241USD. I think its a super fair eal for an amazing guitar what will last forever.

Feel free to contact me for more information :))

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Posted on Wednesday, December 6 by bellatent

phone number 01695097912
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