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Video editing service: cut, combine, put text, put music, etc into your video


You have videos and you want to combine them into one video?
You want to edit videos and put music and/or text to help your marketing purpose, presenting in an event or for your memory?

Welcome to Errand Running Service in Hanoi!
It's one part of our service.

This video is our first work in this field:

Ala is from South Africa. She came to Hanoi one month ago. At the moment, she teaches cover classes in Hanoi.
She had some videos about her class here and want our help to make them into a good video.

Ala sent us a request on Dec 2nd, 2017 to help her to combine 9 individual videos
with length varies between 20 seconds to more than 1 minute into one single video with length of only 1 minute.

We suggested her options that we also can help to put texts and music if she wants.
She didn’t want any text, but she selected a song and sent to us. And we included it into the video.

Ala received the final video on Dec 5th, 2017.

Do you want a similar service? => Send us a message!
We are reachable at email or Facebook

In case you don’t use Facebook, visit us at

(This is posted under Ala’s permission. Ala permitted us to use the video and her story to help her to find a full time job).

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Posted on Thursday, December 7 by Khuyen

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