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You need a good cook ?


I am looking for part time work as a cook for an International family.( On Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning)
* English speaking
* Over 20 years experience as a chef for an Italian restaurant,
International families and Teacher of cooking classes at UNIS school.
* Experience with Low- Carb cooking, low salt, etc
* Flavors are never enhanced with MSG
* Member of hanoi professional chef's club
* Can follow any English recipe (e.g. Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Delia's, Bill Granger..) and produce excellent results.
* Specialities include Homemade bread and BBQ
* Very creative and hard working with lots of initiative
* Can manage dietary allergies, including dairy, egg,
* Excellent references available.
Please call 0912721198 for more information
Visit at

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Posted on Wednesday, May 16 by ducpizza

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