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Camping & Tents Accessories for rent or new sales


Dear Expats,

Subject: Camping & Tents Accessories

if you and friends, family are going to camping and have not yet got a tent, just contact us for reasonable price. We both for rent and new sale tents with many size for from 2 persons to group 15 persons.
For rent: USD3 per day/02 persons tent; USD5/day/tent for 4 persons and USD10/day/tent froup 10-15 persons
For sales: New brand tents
1.Outwell 4: for 2-4 persons: 2.2mx 2.2 m x H15m; water free cover, carbon frame, made in Vietnam , high quality for export to Europe and America
Price: VND800.000 ( US$35)/pcs
2. Eureka backcountry for 2 to 4 persons:
Weight: 4.3 kg; Size: 2.2m x 2.2m x H1.5m
Two cover protect you from insect; rain water free, fiber glass frame; warranty 2 years
Price: VND900.000 ( US$39.5)/pcs
Free ship within Vietnam
All products are brand name like: Eureka, Outwell suit to both European and Asian people.

Many thanks!

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Posted on Wednesday, May 16 by NHSS

phone number 0989379213
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