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Supporting services for foreigners in Vietnam


Do you need help moving house? Cleaning sofa? fixing a 110V electronic stuff? To buy or order something you can’t find on your own? To send a gift or flower bouquet to your friend? To find a video editing service? To apply for Criminal Record?

You maybe able to find the solution for your problem with Local Services for Foreigners in Vietnam:

LSF was founded on Nov 8, 2017. Up to Jul 11, 2018, we have received 263 requests and inquiries, have done 122 of them and served more than 100 Clients: moving their stuff to their new house/room; making wooden box for photography; buying bosu ball, dehumidifier, air purifier, air fryer, coffee dripping machine, cloth diaper liners, inflatable mat, duvet & pillow, table & chair, mattress; connect 9 videos to one 1-minute video and put music; finding driver to help bring them to work daily; deliver Christmas cake & hats; buying rubik; sending flower & gift to girlfriend; find dry shampoo, moisturizer in Da Nang; buying film vouchers; buying used SYM Attila Elizabeth (motorbike) for 10 million or less; sofa/rug/carpet/curtain cleaning; renting buffet trays to keep food warm for a party; buying chef’s jacket and roasting tray; fixing Keurig coffee machine (120V) …

You may prefer to find solution on your own first, but in case you can’t find, give us the problem so you can spend your time and effort to do something else better. We don’t promise that we can solve all of your problems or can accommodate all of your requests, but we will try our best.

* Our service includes but not limited to:

+ Arrange moving service: move your stuff from old place to new place.
Check more here:
+ Moving luggage/motorbike from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city and vice versa:
+ Mold cleaning service:
+ Providing fiberglass mesh window screen (prevent mosquitos & insects):
+ Providing used Japanese dehumidifier:
+ Sofa/Couch/Carpet/Rug/Curtain/Cushion/Pillow cleaning service:
+ Arrange buzzer copy at your home.
+ Flower delivery service, gift sending service.
+ Buying and delivery things (dehumidifiers, bosu ball, duvet, sofa throws, …)
+ Translation (you want to talk to carpenter, service provider, producer).
+ Finding info/people (graphic designer, architect, photographer …)

Payment method: Paypal/bank transfer/cash (if we would meet in person).

* How to proceed?

+ Send us your inquiry via email khuyentttuong@gmail.comor Facebook (or both). Please indicate clearly:

- What you want to be done.
- Your location/exact address.
- Time you want it to be done.
- Pictures, if any. Example: if you want to move thing(s), please take picture of your thing(s) and send us. If you want to find something you don’t have yet, please send a similar picture you can find on internet.
- Your phone number/whatsapp (for faster communication)

+ We will reply you with: we can help or accept to help you or not. If we can process your request, we will send you our quotation, time consuming, who will help you on this, requested deposit (if any) and other details.

* Note:

+ We work from Sunday to Friday and off on Saturday.

+ We are open to any legal request, no matter how big/small/odd/weird it is.

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Posted on Wednesday, July 11 by Khuyen

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