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My friend is looking for a part-time job as a chef for a foreign house.


I have a friend, he name's Đức, who is a member of Ha Noi Professional Chef’s Club, he has worked for over 20 years and passes through a lot of restaurants, foreign houses and especially The Embassy of Uruguay. Right now he is cooking in the afternoon for a Scotland’s family in Ha Noi and teaching how to cook in the weekend. He is really good at cooking, always creative and knows how to manage dietery – allergies meals like low-carbs, das and things alike. Excels at European’s menus but can also follow some Asian dishes if requires. He’s free in the morning and want to cook during that time period for any house thats need a really good cook.
You can contact him through:
+ Phone number : 0912721198
+ Email:
+ Personal’s Facebook:
+ Fanpage:

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Posted on Tuesday, October 9 by Phuoc Diep

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