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Relocation sale (moving to an apt from a large house)


Relocation sale, moving from a 5 story 3 bedroom house to an apartment, so have many items to sell... Not leaving Hanoi, so please no silly offers...

All items for sale and are at least 50% off the original price or more...

Photo's at -

1. Samsung 41” flat screen LCD TV with wall mount 6m VND
2. Washer & Dryer – Both Electrolux 7kg washer with hot water option 5m VND & 7kg matching dryer 5m VND, in good condition –
4. 2 couches with pillows – 2m VND each
5. 2 large pillows – 100k VND each
6. 2 meter ladder – 400k VND
9. Toaster oven used only a few times – 700k VND
10. Rice cooker – 300k VND
12. Waffle maker (very hard to find) – 600k VND
13. Electric blender – 400k VND
14. Lavie water dispenser – 100k VND
16. Uma plates, bowls, cups and other items (20 pieces) – 1m VND
17. Cups, bowls, other items – 600k VND
18. Drawer full of utensils (see photo) – 1.5m VND
19. Cabinet full of plastic food containers – 500k VND for all
20. Can package all the kitchen items in one sale if needed….
21. Stainless steel BBQ, 3 burner with cover (very hard to find this in Hanoi) with gas bottle - 4.5m VND
22. Sanyo mini fridge – (rarely used) – price 1.5m VND
23. Hoover large wet/dry vacuum – 1m VND
24. Suit and coat rack – 400k VND
25. Shoe rack (solid wood) – 500k VND
26. HOA PHAT brand fire proof safe, ele combination with key – 2m VND, these cost over 5m VND new, have photos and prices of new...
27. Internet router & wifi router – 200k for both
29. Kodak paper for printing photos 2 packs of 20 each, so 40 sheets - 50k VND
33. 2 lacquer paintings – 500k VNS each
34. 2 smaller paintings – 300k VND for both (or free if you buy one of the larger paintings)
35. Large tree painting – 2m VND
36. Medium size bridge painting – 1m VND
37. Antique large mirror – 400k VND
38. Marble top Kitchen table (no chairs) – 2m VND

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Posted on Tuesday, November 20 by leeman

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