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110cc HONDA WAVE!!!


Selling my semi-automatic 2011 Honda Wave S (110 cc)!!!
It’s perfect for the city AND road trips – (it took me from Hanoi to Saigon earlier this year and it had no problems at all. I’ve also driven it to Ba Vi, Tam Dao, Mai Chau, etc…) and it’s in a great condition!
- I’ve used it since 2013 and driven it for 50000 km and it hasn’t broken down ONCE. It hasn’t been in ANY accidents.
- It’s been regularly maintained (full maintenance EVERY 6 months) ONLY at official Honda shops. ALL the parts are original Honda ones, NO fake parts.
- I’ve changed the oil EVERY 1000 KM (even though its book says you should change it every 1200 KM).
- Its tires are relatively new: 5000km since I changed them (you should change them every 20000km so they are 25% used ;-) ).
- Its battery is brand new, I changed it 3 days ago.
- It comes with an extra inner tube (which is about 9$ at the shop), a full tank, 2 keys, a helmet (not a very proper (safe) one, but if you only want to wear one so that you follow the law, the helmet is just fine ;-) ) and a BLUE CARD, of course ;-)
- New parts (with papers to prove it): BATTERY, TIRES, CHAIN, SHOCK ABSORBER (back), BRAKE PADS.
- So WHY am I selling it? Well, I wanted a bit more power so I recently bought a 125 cc. I don’t need to own 2 bikes… :-)
- If perhaps you’re new around here and you buy my bike, I’ll personally show you where to maintain it, where to change the oil and all that. You CAN go to any Honda shop, of course, but I’ll take you to the one I always go to because I know the guys and therefore they might just be friendlier and nicer to you ;-) .
- Last full maintenance date: 17.10.2018 -> which means that for the next 4-5 months you just need to change the oil (4$).
- PRICE: 10 million VND. Which is very fair ;-) . For ANY questions, please feel free to private message me whenever you want. You can obviously come and try the bike before you decide to buy it or not.

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Posted on Friday, November 30 by Semciuc

phone number 0702192545
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