my name is Martin age 49, divorced and I have one grown up son who is already a student. I am from Germany and now in Hanoi for a while. I love Vietnam so much that I already started to learn Vietnamese language. This will be also a nice starting topic of our first meeting.I love Narture, travel and romanitic walks at the lakes of Hanoi, here are so many of them. I do have an engineering dregree and I am self emplyoed.
I am vey honest,sometiemes even a bit too honest and I dont ave any kind of addictions just travel too much maybe....

I am looking for lovely wife to get married soon, I would like to have at least one more child together and of course will welcome Your child in our family.
For me family is very important and I know that its here the highest Value, so I wil feel good meeting family siblings and relatives all the time. I like traditional habits and simple life, true love and respect.

But please, do not contact me if You are a playgirl, makeup lady or fashion lover, becasue we will not like each other, save our time...

You may connect with my on Skype (madenix)
or send me a message here, Please write something oubout You.


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Posted on Friday, January 11 by keyoftwilight


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