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ourman's review of Summit Lounge

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address icon 1 Thanh Nien, Ba Đình, Hanoi

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April 15th, 2010 at 11:43 am

I'm going to start with the obvious - what a view!

But it is. Really.

I've never really appreciated the twists and turns and sheer size of Westlake and Truc Bach before so it was great to see them from such a height - even though I was seeing them in darkness.

The bar itself - and I am talking specifically about the outside area - is very nicely done. Comfortable enough chairs and nice ambiance. I had expected the breeze but it was more than that - it was really fresh up there. It wasn't just the usual fumes in your face it genuinely felt like there was a large amount of air mixed in with it too.

Because of the prices we'd only intended to go for a single drink but I enjoyed it so much I had another 120,000 Jack Daniels and ice (they said it was a single but it seemed a hefty enough measure).

Anyway, great for a special occasion.

As I said, I sat outside. The inside was largely empty and was playing some absolutely horrible generic dance floor cack. Oh for something just a little more chilled out that is more inkeeping with the fabulous view and the overall feel of the place.

Mercifully though the beats were just for the inside area and didn't wreck the quiet relaxation of outside.