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May 2nd, 2010 at 5:10 pm

This place could really be wonderful if they executed it properly. It is a great concept, street food brought together under one management and a beautiful setting; however, they miss the mark by a long ways. I have been here 3 times, but nevermore.

The food is not terrible, somethings are even good, but overall, it is fairly boring. It does not compare at all with its cousins on the street. Everything is toned down and "safe", but can be suitable for new comers and to take short-term visitors that don't have the time to dine around.
Now about the service: The wait staff is indifferent at best, offering very little or no guidance as to what to do or order or even the procedures. I have noticed some guests getting nice attention and even being walked around to show them the food but, alas, that has not happened for me! I was there recently on a busy Friday evening and patiently waited for 45 minutes after putting my name on the waiting list, noting my request for a no smoking area since my kid was with us, but after we were finally seated, we ended up in a corner full of people smoking like locomotives. I told the hostess that I had requested the clean-air section and she promptly quipped, "then you will have to put down your name and start again." No apology, no sympathy, nothing!!! I promptly left never to return. You can make your own choice as to whether this establishment is worth visiting, you could still have a good experience; I will not waste my time here again.