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linhchi_vu's review of Khang

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address icon 322 Ba Trieu, Hai Bà Trưng, Hanoi

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March 6th, 2011 at 9:22 pm

First, I believe we should not expect Japanese food to be cheap, esp. cheap Japanese food in VN, since cheap price = cheap raw fish/insanitary = high risk of stomachache/food poisoned. Hehe...

Second, if anybody has been to Asahi Sushi, I think you must agree with me that not only the price at Khang is muuuch better, but the quality of the food there is fantastic.

Third, sometimes I'm so easily charmed by some very small things that can make me sound silly. But at Khang, they serve you fresh wasabi. It tastes sooooooo good... I haven't seen that served anywhere else in HN. Fresh wasabi loses its taste very fast though, like within 30 mins or so. So better finish it as fast as you can and ask for more if you need :D

Forth, everything there is fantastic! Sushi, sashimi, pancake, grilled fish, seaweed salad, etc. They're all fresh, nicely presented.

Fifth, service is good. Very friendly staff. Oh and I looooove the complimentary avocado ice cream there. They don't give exactly the same complimentary dish everyday though. Sometimes it's fruit or other kind of ice cream, so don't fail me if they don't give you my fav. ice cream when you eat there :)))

Yes the pieces they make are too big for 1 bite, but it also means the actual dishes are always bigger than their pictures in the menu, so well, I'm not complaining :)))

Some very little flaws don't make me take away any star for this restaurant, esp. when people seem to not know much about it. It def. is worth a try :)

Price should be rank from 250 - 350k/person though.