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August 11th, 2011 at 12:26 pm

I am eating in this restaurant at 3 Hang Tre street about three times with my colleagues.
First impression: good seating place, nice menu and variety of specialties, especially for those who likes drinking. Food quality: Good.

BUT, what the most important for you when you are eating out that are SERVICE.
I must say that the service quality in this restaurant is very very poor, it is worse. it is worse because of:
- Unfriendly staff: They may not answer to your asking about the food or your orders. They are acting like dumb. If you re-check whether they understand (Vietnamese to Vietnamese)what you order, they may get angry and show bad facial expression: turn purple/red and gazing at you.
- The way to serve food: Staff at Highway4 - 3 Hang Tre is so careless, one of my colleague got the sauce poured on his pant when the staff served us the vegetable. wtf, how they served? No sorry, no apology, no excuse was given.--wtf??. they also did not care how customer will treat with the sauce they poured over.

I am very very dissatisfied, irritated and annoyed with the way highway4 - 3 Hang tre is servicing.

I reluctantly give them 1 star, if possible, I want to give them 1/10 (one tenth) star.

I do recommend you not trying to seat in this restaurant.

I myself will say good bye to such worse restaurant with terrible staff.