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October 20th, 2011 at 5:23 pm

First of, I have been to highway 4 on many occasions. However, few days ago I went there with a friend for dinner and it was alright. It was alright because when we first arrived and was shown to a table, a waitress told us we couldn't sit at the end of the table because of a potential larger group. Later on, a couple sat next to us, one table away and then two more people. So clearly, there was no larger group with reservation before we came in. So, if we get there first, why aren't we given the courtesy on choosing where we can sit when there were many options?

Throughout the meal, the service was very slow and out of order. We ordered catfish spring rolls first for appetizer and other main course dishes. However, a plate of cooked vegetable came out first and 15 minutes late the catfish spring rolls came with the rest of the meal. Huh, what is the point of having appetizer options when you can't get that first before the main course?

It appears that the service level in this place is degenerating as it get more crowded.