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address icon 14 Cha Ca Str., Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

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March 20th, 2015 at 6:33 am

I am a local tour guide and went here with 1 American friend. Even though we had dinner before that but my friend still wanted to come here to try this "famous" dish. However, when I ordered only 01 portion for my friend, the owner literally said (in Vietnamese) he doesn't want to sell 1 portion to us and he said it with an extremely surly face. Since my friend didn't understand what was going on and he really wanted to try the dish so I had to literally beg the owner selling us 01 portion. I believe the reason the owner didn't want to sell is the restaurant was full of tourists and they want to save the seat for others. The ironic thing is right next to us, a foreigner guy was enjoying his 01 portion and I did went to this restaurant before and order only 01 portion.
Long story cut short: the owners acknowledge their "reputation for a famous dish" so they are extremely bossy and disrespectful toward customers. The reputation of the dish and this restaurant came from the history of the street and the dish. However, it is absolutely not worthy to come and try. The dish to me is ok, definitely over priced.
As a Hanoian and a local tour guide, I will never come here again or recommend to any one. This restaurant embarrass Vietnamese people like us.