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Hanoi Panic! Thai Street Food!

Status: (Moved) What's This?
Name: Hanoi Panic! Thai Street Food!
Address: Alley 6b Trang Thi, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

Directions: Just off the southern end of Hoan Kiem Lake

Phone: unknown
21.02651000068621 105.84964015742491 Category:

Description: We are now closed from today November 25th 2012. We Thank You for coming to enjoy our food. Don't worry Mon, the Thai chef will re open a Hanoi Panic Thai Food at Madake on 81 Xuan Dieu. The soft opening is on December 20th 2012. See you all there.

Rating: 4.06 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 32 reviews.

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0 reviews

address icon 299 Cau Giay, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi

phone number icon (+84) (0)24 32201666

32 Reviews (Followed by 11 users)

September 18th, 2012 at 10:57 am

So, heres the deal, this place is amazing for what it is and what it has to offer. If you are looking for waiters, a giant menu, dining tables and cleanliness, this isnt the place. It's street food, made by two guys with plastic tables and stools. Its got a pretty large menu for street food (about 5-7 main dishes and 4-5 side dishes). Most of the street food I get specializes in one or a couple things, so personally I think there is a good selection of food.

First time I went I had the Thai basil with chicken which tasted just like what I ate in Thailand a month ago, except the sticky rice was way better, perfect actually.

Next time I got the Tom Ka Gai which was really great. He put good spice in mine, there was a lot of flavor and he used ingredients from Thailand like Kaffir and Thai basil, which you cant find in Hanoi, so touche! my boyfriend got the pad thai, and hot damn that was delicious! seriously best pad thai in hanoi, and better then a lot of places in thailand, if you go, definitely recommend getting it. He ended up getting a second order, which I ate a generous portion of. We also go the chicken satay which was good, served with a really tasty peanut sauce.

Drinks: Bia hanoi and Coke. The beer and coke was cold. Talked to the cook, cool American guy Mon- told him to get Thai ice tea to serve out there too which he said he plans on doing once he can get the tea leaves.

Overall, great street food experience, just starting up too, very modest. Definitely going back.

no photo available
October 1st, 2012 at 8:01 pm

The best Thai food in Hanoi by a country mile. Swap the Hanoi Bia for a Chang and you'd think you were in Bangkok. I've now eaten there twice; once on Saturday evening and again today (Monday). Unfortunately, they are closed on Sundays.

I've tried several things from the menu now and all were excellent. The service was equally good: fast and friendly. It's also good value for money. Obviously, it's more expensive than Vietnamese street food as some ingredients are imported. The drinks are very well priced at 12,000vnd for a beer and 15,000vnd for a cà phê nâu đá.

A few of the previous reviews have complained about the spiciness, sourness and the shrimp paste. Thai food is often spicy, often sour (Tom Yum soup for example), and often contains shrimp paste. If you don't like these things don't go to a Thai place then write negative reviews. The staff always ask how spicy you want it anyway so let them know.

My only complaint is that they haven't been here for the last two years! Keep up the good work and I'll probably see you tomorrow.

September 14th, 2012 at 1:46 am

I'm suspending my NH hiatus to temper some of the more excitable reviews of this place. It's very, very street - that's cool, do that all the time here and I'm used to it, but if you aren't, don't go in expecting crisp white linen. You'll be eating in a narrow alley on tiny plastic stools. I actually like this kind of dining a lot and believe a lack of space can add to the ambiance. However, I can't forgive a lack of fridge space - it would be nice if they could give me a cold beer instead of a warm bottle and a glass of ice. As for the food:

Tom kha gai - definitely the highlight of the meal. Nice contrasting mix of sour and creamy coconut flavours with kaffir lime leaves. Lots of chicken. Come here for this, if nothing else.

Beef salad - hrm. Not so good. Poor quality beef. Chewy, thickly sliced, somewhat fatty and hard tendon-ridden. Should be served with floss. This is fried with onions and tomatoes. Nothing to write home about. Complexity of flavours? No, not really. Does it have the freshness of a salad? No. I'm not even sure it could be called a salad, as the whole dish seemed rather cooked to me.

Satays - for starters, I've had far better satay sauce. What was offered was bland and unexciting (where's the fire? Zest? Anything other than vague peanut butter?), and the beef on the stick was of the same cheap quality as found in the beef salad, ie. chewy, hard (poorly and/or insufficiently marinated) and fatty/tendony. The chicken satays were better, and marinated nicely. But then I guess going to a Thai place for a Malay/Indo dish isn't going to yield optimum results.

Thai fish cakes - I really, really, really wanted to love these, and had my hopes up when I saw them. They looked the part. They were obviously hand-made. And they had that lovely lemongrass flavour that good Thai fishcakes have. But they were severely underseasoned, and lacked a compensatory dipping sauce. And the texture...mush. They were falling to bits on the plate, and no fish flavour. Tragic. I love love love good fishcakes. Am yet to find them outside of Thailand. Sigh.

The sticky rice they served was lovely and creamy. Good stuff.

The menu here is very limited and the venue is clearly in its infancy. Having said that, some of what's being offered is the most authentic Thai food you'll get in town. Which some cynics might argue is damning with faint praise, considering the gaggle of crummy Thai restaurants in Hanoi. It's early days for this weirdly named establishment, and lots of room for improvement as well. Here's hoping.

no photo available
October 13th, 2012 at 4:13 pm

Hanoi Panic! has two more fans. We ate there last night and the food was delicious (Pad Thai, Fishcakes, Papaya Salad and Banana Wonton). In fact mate Lori fell droolingly in love with the Banana Wontons which are made to the owner's special recipe, which includes mint and chilli, among other things.
Don't be misled by the name; there is nothing panicky about this charming low key little alley-based street restaurant, it's a peaceful haven in fact.
The only problem was finding it - the alley entrance is far from obvious and the Hanoi Panic! sign is small and well above head height, but now I know the way I think I'll be a very frequent visitor.

September 22nd, 2012 at 8:41 pm

NOTE: I am writing this as/for someone who is NOT that into Thai food.

Hanoi Panic! completes the trio of new, reasonably priced, delicious, restaurants that fill a culinary demand (the other two being Jade restaurant and Com Tam Suon To).

It is also the least awesome of the three.

In response to the other reviews, I will say this... It is delicious and if I were a lover of Thai food I would give it 4 stars.

The Tom Ka Gai (a chicken soup with coconut milk) was incredible, really incredible, here is how incredible it was; I hate coconut. If I had to choose between eating a meal entirely of coconut, or entirely of those Chicken abortions (the egg with the half developed chicken fetus inside) that the Vietnamese are so find of, I would choose the chicken abortions. With that in mind, I LOVED the Tom Ka Gai. I don't know if it was the other spices mixed together that made it palatable or if these guys just know how to pick tasty coconuts, but it was great.

Now for the things that I disagree with in the other reviews (well most of them anyway)

First the name. The name on this site implies that there is Vietnamese food available. There is no food on the menu that could be considered solely Vietnamese. All the food is either Thai, or present in both cuisines.

Second one review claimed this restaurant is super cheap... that is true, if you compare it to Thai restaurants. If you are hoping for cheap street food, you will be disappointed. They do import ingredients, so this is understandable, but it is something that needs to be cleared up.

Third, the size is small. I got the most expensive combo on the menu which consisted of three dishes and it didn't fill me up. This is a bad sign as I am small for a foreigner and don't require much to get full. Don't get me wrong, the sizes would be fine for a lunch for me, but therein lies the problem....

They don't open until 1pm. I am a working man, with a typical lunch break that can't be changed. So I don't get to come here for lunch unless it is on the weekend.

So to conclude; if you are dying for some decent Thai food, stop on by, if you're not, you ain't missing much.

If you like Hanoi Panic! Thai Street Food!...

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