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Name: E-connect Vietnam
Address: Hanoi star school, Alley 125 Le Van Luong, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi

Directions: Hanoi star school, Alley 125 Le Van Luong, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

Phone: +84966838095
21.00440664646482 105.80125921871513 Category:

Description: We are building E-Connect becoming a reliable address in training "global citizens", the nation's talent for all wishes of teachers and staff officers. Hopefully these attempts will meet the wishes of parents who trust E-connect’s training program. We believe that, with E-Connect, the students will feel 'each day at school is a happy day'. The entire management team, staffs and teachers of E-Connect will try our best for that.
Rating: 1.33 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 12 reviews.

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one review

address icon 26, Khu biệt thự 1, Bán đảo Linh Đàm, Hoàng Liệt, Hoàng Mai, Hanoi

phone number icon (+84) (0)936406736

Elite Centre is specified in teaching English for children with modern facilities, enthusiastic teaching assistances, and professional Vietnamese and Native teachers.

12 Reviews (Followed by 2 users)

no photo available
May 13th, 2018 at 8:22 am

Do not work for this company. They promised me so much but when i got there they changed everything as they pleased.
They did not pay me on time.
They"misplaced" my documents and didn't take any responsibility for it.
They showed me lots of nice pictures before i came but what they actually had was nothing like it.
Do not make the same mistake i did.Don't even consider working for them.

no photo available
January 10th, 2018 at 9:29 pm

Looks like I really dodged a bullet. I applied to work at E-connect in June and I was immediately offered a teaching position, which would start at the end of August.

At the very last minute -- that is, with only one week to spare -- they told me I have to get my documents notarized at my embassy in America in order to get my Vietnam work permit. Well, that is no easy task here unless you live near Washington DC or New York City. If you don't live near those cities, you have to plan at least a 3-day trip to get everything done. Aside from that, my documents would have had to be notarized by a notary in my state's capital BEFORE being notarized at the DC or NY embassies. For me, that trip to the capital would have been a 2-day trip.

The guy who hired me (who shall remain nameless) said I could get my docs notarized at the U.S. embassy in Hanoi when I arrived. But it turns out, the embassy there decided to close for the entire month of September for renovations. I let the guy know this, and he basically said: "TOO BAD."

I had already bought my nonrefundable flight, too. That REALLY angered me. They had told me they were impressed with my resume, told me everything was spot-on and perfect, and encouraged me to get my plane ticket.

I had zero clue that you had to get your documents notarized before working in Vietnam. Had they told me all of this back in June (instead of a week before I was scheduled to leave the States), I could have gotten everything done.

Besides all of this notary garbage, the guy who hired me said: "We can not put a teacher into a school posting without work permit and demo lesson." -- And again, he told me this AFTER I bought my plane ticket.

So, what if I HAD come all the way to Vietnam, only to be rejected because they (whoever "they" are) did not like my demo lesson?????

After considering everything, I told them to forget it and they can find another teacher. The guy who hired me said: "Well, I have enough teachers here for now, but Cities X, Y, and Z need teachers if you're interested."

NO WAY, I told him.

After reading these other reviews (as well as other negative reviews on other sites), I'm happy I did not join E-connect. I'm sorry the rest of you worked for them and had a bad experience.

I'm just glad there are hundreds of other teaching opportunities available in Vietnam.

E-connect needs to either shut down or finally get their crap together.

no photo available
January 1st, 2018 at 4:33 pm

Avoid at all cost! They promised so much, but changed the agreement as they pleased. Our pay was changed to a much lower hourly rate and the housing was not as pictured. They gave us little choice or input, and moved the teachers and myself to a terrible location. Conditions there just got worse by the day.
There is no respect for the western teachers. Ha and Cindy should never be trusted. They constantly skim off the top and neglect Vietnamese staff. Who rarely, if ever, get paid.

There are many other opportunities all over Vietnam. The horror stories of E-connect are to numerous. Don't waste your time.

no photo available
November 15th, 2017 at 10:45 pm

After completing my TEFL over the summer in HCMC, E-connect offered me a job at one of their branches near Hanoi. They offered a generous $25/hour and monthly salary and, after looking over the contract, I decided to accept. I flew to Hanoi where one of the staff picked me up and brought me to the nearby town where the branch was located. I was alarmed to learn the branch had not even been built yet! Only one or two other teachers had been hired at this point, and we were all put up in a rancid “love motel” nearby.

My biggest regret was not leaving within the first week. My room in the motel had standing water on the floor and the door would not lock. I mentioned this to the owner a few times, to no avail. When I asked about signing the contract, the office manager said I couldn’t until I got a work permit (I later learned some teachers had signed before leaving their home countries). I had to leave within a few days for a visa-run, as is typical when starting with a new company in VN. The office manager flew me to Bangkok for a day, but upon returning immigration agents refused to let me back into the country since the letter I was given for the business visa had the wrong arrival date on it. Panicking, I began calling the few phone numbers I had been given by some staff, but no one answered. Six hours later (at around 1:00 AM) someone called me back and I was able to hand it off to the immigration agent, who begrudgingly let me in early. I was never reimbursed for the visa.

After that fiasco, I started teaching, more teachers began to arrive, and the office/ accommodations were finished enough to let us move in (although construction was ongoing for weeks). The accommodations were ok, at first glance, but problems with the building persisted: there were constant power outages which led to spoiled food in our one communal fridge. Twice the wattage spiked, which destroyed my laptop and phone chargers (one teacher’s laptop was fried). These items were replaced relatively quickly, to be fair. Anytime we brought up these catastrophes at office meetings, the director claimed it was unfair to hold her responsible.

After teaching for 4 weeks or so, I was finally allowed to sign the contract, which promised the fixed monthly sum I wanted. I received about $300 for the entire first month of work. The teachers who had signed initially fared no better, because (despite it saying nothing of the sort in the contract, the monthly salary did not kick in until the start of the regular school year).

The biggest nightmare of the entire experience was the branch director. Even the staff despised her. She made the actual work at E-connect a torment. She butchered our lesson plans, which we often had to write with little notice (the schedule was tumultuous and seldom fixed), and gave what I felt was extremely personal criticism, like telling me I was a disappointment! Criticism of the teachers was allowed, you see, but she would not accept responsibility for any of the things listed above. The staff, at one point, lost a teacher’s degree and the director fired him when he got angry about it.

I never really understood what standing I was in, since the students and teachers at the schools where I worked offered high praise of my lessons, only to have the staff or director randomly tell me they were terrible, offering vague ways to improve them like, “be more fun.” My lessons at one school were cancelled randomly when the local government found out not everyone at E-connect had work permits. Some teachers were waiting on appointments at their respective consulates. Naturally, the director blamed them for not knowing Vietnamese education laws.

I’m not sure why I stayed so long. Being new to Vietnam, I thought maybe this was just how things were done and that I was being naïve to expect circumstances better…well, better than this. Next time I’ll trust my instincts and leave in 4 days instead of 4 months. Whoever you are reading this: don’t make the same mistake.

I wish I could give them zero stars.

no photo available
October 30th, 2017 at 7:25 am

This was the worst esl experience I have had.

Everything from teachers accommodation to management, organisation, and communication was messed up.

Most of what they promised was exagerated. Over time they slowly bailed out on promises. For example paying a lot less.

Giving teachers forward notice or fair warning of work commitments was non- existent. but they do expect forward notice from you.

Everything is done last minute leaving you hanging in the wind.

Management don't seem to have a clue whats going on. They are just as clueless as you are. This will end up being your problem and you'll be riden for it.

Your life with e-connect will be a full time frightmare,.

TNH Hoi An

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