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Washington Language Center

Name: Washington Language Center
Address: 66 Vo Thi Sau, Hanoi

Directions: 15 minutes south of Hoan Kiem Lake, 5 minutes from Vin Com Tower, opposite Tuoi Tre Park

Phone: (+84) (0)243625.4464
21.00572724179177 105.85470271136728 Category:

Description: A language center offering English classes.
Rating: 2.18 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 11 reviews.

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0 reviews

address icon 4/92 Đào Tấn, Ba Đình, Hanoi

phone number icon (+84) (0)24 66849446

11 Reviews (Followed by 5 users)

October 21st, 2016 at 5:02 pm

I wasted so much of my time and money to work here. I travelled from the UK and it was my first impression of Vietnam. I echo that of what has been said from other negative reviews. The support from this company is next to useless. My advice is to totally avoid working for Washington ETC Hanoi. There are more honest and transparent employers in Hanoi, and I urge anyone wishing to teach in Hanoi to seriously avoid Washington language centre.

July 26th, 2016 at 4:45 am

I have worked with Washington Language Center on and off for a few years now. In fact WLC was the first school I worked for when I came to Vietnam. Initially, I had problems with communication and adjusting my teaching style for students in Vietnam. I then went and worked for an International School (not going to name names), followed by working with various other language centers and had the same problems.
I returned WLC after a couple of years and found that they had matured quite a bit and I also discovered that I was holding onto my western mentality when it came to work culture. Eventually I embraced the culture and realized that all schools here share the same flaw.
Communication (language Barrier)
Miscommunication is going to happen and you have to be patient and proactive about it.
WLC isn't a perfect school but they are a reliable one.
++Never any troubles or problems with pay (I always received my full pay and bonuses earned in a timely fashion)
+Fairly reliable schedules (monthly changes possible and was always given ample warning)
+Resources (I had a curriculum and digital library to work from for lessons)
=Supportive (This one I had to be proactive about, but when ever I asked for assistance with improving my teaching they were willing to schedule training and observations with other successful teachers working for them. If I had kept my head down and ignored my feedback from students, I wouldn't have made it. They are not a small language center that hovers over you constantly. Meaning this is a neutral trait, bad if you're not actively improving and good if you're okay asking for help)
-Miscommunication (Nothing that being patient and proactive about didn't fix.)
Overall WLC has been one of my more reliable places to work for in the past few years. They have some problem areas, but they always seem to be striving to improve.

EDIT:Spelling mistakes >_

no photo available
June 6th, 2016 at 3:28 pm

I want to write in detail about how utterly useless, incompent, negligent and selfish this evil profit-driven company is, but its all been covered in the previous review by jtravel.

I think their lack of care for the teachers is summed up by the fact that they gave virtually no feedback, training or encouragement throughout the year, until the school inspectors came, which, of course, threatened the contracts being pulled with the schools. Before the Education department visited, we had an emergency meeting in which we were basically threatened using fear tactics. It was all about money and still is about money.

Many centres in Vietnam and China are like this, but this is the worst one I have worked for so far. If Washington doesnt try and look after their teachers, they are going to get more crappy reviews like this by jaded, angry (former) teachers, (because im sure pretty much none of them will stay!)

Avoid at all costs!

no photo available
June 6th, 2016 at 2:23 pm

This is the worst company I have ever worked for and it was obvious from the start that this company was way below standard. The training is taken by a woman called Thuy and I can only imagine that she has the job solely based on the fact that her mom owns the company as her knowledge of English lessons and English teaching is non-existent. An example of a 40 minute lesson in the curriculum that she wrote was : Teach clothing, weather and........draw a pig!!!! In one 40 minute lesson???? Surely that was only for her amusement???? She couldn't be that uneducated? Throughout the year there was a lot of anger from teachers towards her and this terrible company and here is some reasons why teachers were angered. Some quotes-
“They never even asked for my test scores from the first semester and literally just sent me an email for testing this semester. I replied to the email with a few questions and they didn't even bother responding. It's all just to make sure the schools pay.”
“The cables and projectors at all my schools are either completely absent or temperamental.(they go on and off, wasting a hell of a lot of time for me) and washington has done NOTHING despite about 7 requests to fix them.”
“They are wind up merchants! I can only assume it's related to the bonus for us as they sent a second email saying the school isn't happy... Seven months in!”
“It just infuriates me that they couldn't give two s#### about our complaints any other time of year but now that it's coming down to the wire and the department can affect their business they're all, oh please make sure we are aware of any technology issues so that we can fix them to cover our asses.”
“What the hell Washington... my lesson this week is on Christmas?!” March 2016
“So is anybody else just now receiving a new schedule for this week? It's Sunday afternoon and I'm just now being informed that my schedule has changed. I have classes this evening so when exactly do they expect me to prepare a lesson?”
New schedule given on Sunday afternoon for the next day’s/weeks lesson’s.”
“Honestly, the mood I'm in with them, they'll need a new teacher on Thursday if they don't. I've had enough of the fear and intimidation tactics, the constant failures and the threats.” March 2016
“How about lesson 27 for grade 6 (new book): Talk about experience of travelling. Talk about ingredients of Spring Rolls???? Who sat down and said "This is a perfect lesson for English learners"??” Travelling and ingredients of spring roll’s in the same lesson??? Sounds about right. February 2016
“Lesson plan number 19, new one lesson do body parts, telling the time and draw a pig. None of them have anything in common. Who actually writes this? They must be doing this for a laugh.” January
“Do any of your schedules keep changing week to week? I'm thinking the center is just jerking me around.” Jnauary 2016
“Awkward moment when you realize Washington handed out gift bags to the kids for Christmas that say "I FUCKING LOVE YOU" on them!!” December 2015
“Hey I was just wondering if anyone else got an email from Quyen about the $145 visa payment being taken out of our next pay? I emailed her back and said that the contract states that the centre has to pay for the visa but she is insisting that everyone else is happy to pay it and that if I don't I won’t receive my passport back from immigration!” November 2015
“We are being asked to pay the cost for the year visa. $145. We should NOT be paying this. The contract says otherwise:
4.4 The Company will assist the Employee by making ALL PAYMENTS for the necessary Medical Checks, Working Permits, and others as mentioned in 4.2 or deemed necessary for processing of the previously mentioned materials.
4.5 The Employee will be responsible to reimburse the Company in full for all the above expenses mentioned in 4.4, should the Employee NOT duly complete a full nine (9) month term of service” November 2015
“To be blunt they are never clear on what they expect. I was always doing what I was asked then suddenly it was wrong and they had an excuse as to why. Ahhh pure frustration” October 2015

no photo available
March 15th, 2016 at 9:57 am

A while back I moved from the States and worked for Washington, and to this day,they are still the worst company Ive ever worked for. Their admin is very ineffecient, they are constantly making ridiculous mistakes. Moreover, they do not respond to teachers problems properly. And the reason for this is that they dont care about their teachers. Many of my coleagues had huge problems with their schools and centre classes, causing a considerable amount of stress, yet months later, nothing was done. They dont have the balls to diplomatically communicate with schools to deal with issues directly. All they care about is the money. I dont reccommend this company at all. Avoid at all costs

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