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Hien Tra Truong Xuan

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Name: Hien Tra Truong Xuan
Address: 13 Ngo Tat To, Đống Đa, Hanoi

Directions: It's near Temple of Literature on a small street to the east.

Phone: (+84) (0)243 9110104
21.02784960547658 105.83663105964660 Category:

Description: A small tea house near the Temple of Literature.
Rating: 4.75 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 4 reviews.

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0 reviews

address icon No 3, Lane 8, Tran Quang Dieu Street, Đống Đa, Hanoi

phone number icon (+84) (0)24-66514499

4 Reviews (Followed by 4 users)

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July 26th, 2012 at 1:00 pm

went there recently and have been a few times. it's definitely worth going to and is in fact a hanoi institution, or so a local friend implied.
sometimes i've had difficulty finding it open but that'd be the only comment.
teas are amazing, the lotus seeds and other sugared nuts are great too and the ambience is top rate.
a romantic spot, and apparently it's used for that by many a local, that's worth going to.
i've heard there's others like it hidden away around the city but have yet to find them... the search continues.

July 25th, 2012 at 7:24 pm

Wow! I've been on a little project of exploring tea and coffee shops. I had some Lotus Tea here on this rainy summer afternoon and, well, this place is something special. The caveat with this review is that I've visited only once. But this little tea shop is a true gem. The service was friendly and gracious, but the ambience of this old place is pure tranquility, perfect for a cup of tea and, somehow, a throwback to an earlier time. I'm actually astonished this place has not gotten more reviews here on TNH, but maybe I'm a little old and sedentary . . . it might not appeal to the energetic 20-something person, but if you have an old soul (no matter what your age) and a keen eye for the aesthetic and a love of tea, this place is divine.

A cup of tea?
December 10th, 2009 at 11:29 pm

Check out this little place immediately. You will love it. I cannot believe I have never been here in all the time I have been in Hanoi. It is a travesty and a tragedy but it has now been rectified.
As stated below I also tried the pearl milk tea and tried to figure out if there was actually any milk. It was really sweet but still drinkable. It won't be your regular cup of Lipton or Tetley's, that's for sure. But what you will find here is a place that simply exudes character. There is a tree in the middle of the entrance hall for Christ's sake. How cool is that!
This tea salon looks and feels like it's been here for over a hundred years (not likely) but you will understand what I mean if you give it a visit. I went here before heading to Koto as it is a 100m walk around the corner.
Awesome place with AMAZING character and charm. Not to be missed.

December 21st, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Hiên trà Trường Xuân ('Tea eaves of Longevity' as I understood) is one of the most famous tea shops in Hanoi. In 19th century, a man found a new recipe of making tea. No one knows how he made the 'milk' except his daughter (portrait above) and the recipe was told through generations.
It's a quiet place and the staff are friendly. When I came, I saw a customer's sleeping! I bet it's because of the peaceful atmosphere.
I really like its decoration. It made me feel relax and warm. I wish I could have posted some photos here. If you come, you'll find it special.
I tried one of the most famous types: Milky Pearl Tea (Trà sữa ngọc trai). There was no sign of milk in my tea cup and I realised the 'milk' they had told me wasn't real milk. It's a kind of sweet liquid. My tea is not like any other I've tried. It tasted like honey (I guess they put honey in). You should try some others because my friends told me that the 'milk' is very special.
I'll come back when I have free time and find out what the 'milk' is.

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