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Status: (Defunct) What's This?
Name: 21North
Address: 49 Lang Yen Phu, Hanoi

Directions: Driving on Yen Hoa from Hanoi Club towards Thang Loi Hotel take the first left (where the pagoda is). Driving on Yen Hoa from Thang Loi Hotel towards Hanoi Club, take the first on the right (where the pagoda is). Follow the lake, we're at 49.

Phone: 01287047998
21.05399480845533 105.83392739295960 Category:

Description: *** ART BAR MUSIC ***


Mixed drinks (Gordon, Chauvet, Viking, 5cl) 50k

Larue bottle 20k, Tiger Draft/btl 30k

Mojito, Margarita, Cuba Libre 50k

House wine glass 50k

Weekly specials, safe prices & freebies.


Rating: 4.04 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 45 reviews.

21NH has taken control of 21North's TNH web presence.
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5 reviews

address icon Số 7, Phố Nguyễn Khả Trạc, Phường Mai Dịch, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi

phone number icon 0974622815

I have worked for MIC for over two years now in that period I have been placed In some great Teaching positions and truly have been able to enjoy real Vietnamese culture all that aside , I have enjoyed working for MIC they have always paid me on time or in advance if I have ever needed any help !...

45 Reviews (Followed by 31 users)

June 29th, 2015 at 6:47 am

Great lake view and service!

At night, the view of west lake from the lakeside tables is fantastic...more than 180 degrees. I also really enjoy the music mix which avoids the cliche stuff playing most places without being boring or too trendy to be enjoyable.

The prices are surprisingly reasonable. They are currently (June 2015) selling a bottle of 6th -something- white wine for 400k which was quite nice.

I even had my wedding reception here which went off as smooth as silk. Phuong made it a snap to plan and it was great being out by the lake as the sun went down and the lights came up.

May 6th, 2015 at 2:00 am

From what I gather, this has been owned by several different people at this point. Beautiful location on the lake, but hard to find. Interesting building, but never quite feels comfortable. Most of the staff seem dispirited, but that happens at place with little business. Kind of feels like one of those mythical kingdoms that armies are drawn to and always end up broken; would-be businessperson after businessperson gets wide-eyed at the location and ends up limping away.

February 25th, 2011 at 10:41 am

Went to this place for the first time last night and was very impressed.

Great location bang on West Lake on a quiet stretch on the lake road with chairs and tables outside for water-side drinking. Slick sailing inspired design inside with some quirky cool additions like a black granite brick bathroom. Very friendly staff and a nice Chi oi manager who managed to rustle me up some very tasty roast chicken after i had forgotten to eat at the bia hoi earlier.

There was a full jazz band playing some nice tunes and a healthy vina crowd but the best thing was their specially brewed house bia for 15k a glass. Way better than standard bia hoi/bia tuoi without being too full on like some of the micro brews around town. Very tasty.

Apparently the owners plan to build a dock right in front of the bar and bring a couple of catamarans to town soon which will be available for hire. Then we'll all be able to enjoy a bit of harmless piracy on a sunny Sunday afternoon...

(sorry, couldn't resist)

Edit: Been asked about directions and just noticed how crappy the address details are above. Its on a lovely road in an area I had never been but very easy once you know: just take the lane towards the Hanoi Club off Yen Phu and then turn right immediately onto a little lane through what looks like a village gate. The lane opens up, keep going straight past the weird square lake on your right and bang your on a nice west lake road, continue until you smell tasty bia...

May 3rd, 2011 at 2:27 pm

The venue is nicely laid out & the band drew a good crowd but there really is no excuse for having a bar in this town without either aircon or fans. Sure some customers like to sit out at the tables beside the lake but that should be an option, not a necessity. The head barman also needs to leave his ego at the door. When we were sitting at the bar he was ignoring everyone & if you did manage to get his attention you would think you had spat at him instead of just asking him to do his job. He was very smiley when taking cigarettes from customers sitting at the bar though! I think this bar has promise despite these problems & I'll be checking it out again at some stage in the hope that I might be able to give it a higher rating

May 12th, 2011 at 11:25 am

It's West Lake, but not quite Westernized Lake (sorry bad play on word)

I've always loved sitting by the lakeside at a not so rowdy location, just feeling the water and the wind and the away-from-old-quarter-ness. I was always presented with 2 options, either cheap (straight up pavement, smoothie vendors)or something along the line of Don's.

So 21 N has found itself a really nice niche. The secluded location actually was a plus for me, I like the challenge of figuring out directions and the rewards of finding a place. While I figured pricing is cheap because it's a soft opening, I also figured it won't be that bad once it goes up. Though I was too busy in chill mode to get my critics glasses on, the beer is delicious enough. The inside was kinda empty when I was there, but nice decor work, and I very liked the theme. Music selection included Cash and The Beatles so it completed the experience.

Maybe only one visit is a small sample size, but if the experience was totally satisfying, there's no reason to give it a lower than 5

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