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Dr. Nguyen Minh Hai (Sao Mai Clinic)

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Name: Dr. Nguyen Minh Hai (Sao Mai Clinic)
Address: 4th floor - 99 Van Cao Street, Ba Đình, Hanoi
Phone: (+84) (0)24 38 533 3
21.04008665250598 105.81649303436280 Category:

Description: A cosmetic surgeon at the Sao Mai Clinic.
Rating: 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 1 reviews.

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address icon Lane 124 Au Co, Tây Hồ, Hanoi

phone number icon +849 62 62 66 55

1 Review (Followed by 1 user)

love the beaches
April 26th, 2011 at 7:34 pm

The secret is out, girls. Dr. Hai's private clinic is THE place to go to iron out your skin and shape up/down your body. My dear Vietnamese friend says I was the first Tay to go to his clinic for surgery and it has been a steady stream of friends and acquaintances since. First time, I had a brow lift, plus eyebrow and lip tattoos next door at the permanent makeup salon. Scary looking at first, but well worth it! Then while holding a friend's hand on her neck liposuction, I decided to have a lower blepharoplasy (eyelid lift, can be upper or lower eyelid). Actually, even a few men have been for upper &/or lower blepharoplasties too. After a couple of local shots to numb the area, the fat is cut out of your eyelids, and the excess skin is cut out, then sewn together; you will be shown your removed pieces, no worries. Not only do your eyes look younger, but you can see significantly better depending on how large your eyelid bag was. It really opens your eyes up. Return in 7-8 days for removal of stitches and you are good to go. Swelling and/or bruising depends on age, lifestyle, & condition of your skin. I was out & about in 2-3 days, but obviously I didn't try to hide the fact.

The current price is approx 12 million dong per procedure. This is such an unbelievable bargain compared to anywhere else. I trust Dr. Hai to recommend the correct procedure--you usually do either an upper eyelid lift or a brow lift, not both.

Since it's Dr. Hai's own clinic, his hours are usually during the lunch break, after work in the evening, and on the weekend. He is very popular and if you're not the first one there, you most likely will have to wait your turn. Bring a magazine. It's a family affair; I usually see his wife and sometimes his daughter who can speak some English. The operating staff has not changed in the two years I've been going which says good things about the doctor, I think.

Come prepared to have the procedure that visit! Take a valium if you need it, and bring enough money or hit the ATM outside. If there is time, Dr. Hai will do a short consultation and then suggest you lay down and let him get started. It really is best NOT to think about it too much! You know you want it and can convince yourself you deserve it!

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