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Eté Resto Cafe

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Name: Eté Resto Cafe
Address: 95 Giang Văn Minh, Ba Đình, Hanoi

Directions: Turn North near the beginning of Kim Mã. Été is between Kim Mã and Đội Cấn

Phone: +84 97675 1331
21.03431473695196 105.82709205176798 Category:

Description: Tall narrow Bar cafe restaurant with several different seating areas with a new design.
Pastas, Salads,Steaks, western and vietnamese food, Cocktails, imported beer ... !

Rating: 3.81 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 116 reviews.

one review

address icon 6th FL., Oriental Tower, 324 Tay Son, Đống Đa, Hanoi

phone number icon (+84) (0)243564 3165

Hanoi, the political capital of Vietnam, is located in the Red River Delta and is also an important cultural centre with many aspiring young artists making the city into one of the most visually appealing places in Vietnam! The city is an eclectic mixture of colonial Parisian grandeur and time...

116 Reviews (Followed by 94 users)

May 21st, 2011 at 6:21 pm

J'accuse, Eté Resto Cafe!

I have previously rated this place 4 stars, and I still think it's a decent hangout, but just recently I have noticed a distinctly corrupt business practice that I hope they will cease immediately now that it has been exposed, and perhaps have a good think about what standard of business ethics they want people to associate with their enterprise.

Amongst other beers, Eté sells Halida beer in bottles (for VND25,000), and also a microbrew exclusive to the bar that they call Eté Beer, for which they charge VND35,000, according to their menu. Now I first tried the Eté beer about a year ago, and at the time found it to be genuinely decent. I even mentioned it favourably in my first review of the place.

About a week ago, I was at Eté with a friend of mine, and I ordered an Eté beer, recalling that I had previously enjoyed it. The beer came, with no label (the Eté beer I had had in the past had an Eté beer label), and I thought this was strange. I also noticed that the staff were careful to serve the Eté beer without a cap - whereas they served all the other types of beer in bottles with their caps unsealed, but still on top the bottle. I thought nothing of this, until I tried the beer. It tasted like Halida - gassy, chemically and bland. And sure enough, the Halida bottle and the Eté beer bottle were exactly the same shape and colour. I remarked on this to my friend, and suggested that Eté were removing the labels from bottles of Halida and selling the cleanskin bottles as Eté beer. I switched to Hanoi Beer, but made a mental note to follow this up later.

Last night, I confirmed my suspicion beyond a doubt. Despite hating the stuff, I ordered a Halida, which was brought with cap cracked open, but still on the bottle. Then I asked for an Eté beer, but specifically requested that the staff not remove the cap until the beer was at the table. The staff obliged. Of course, the two beers tasted the same, but more convincingly, THE ETE BEER HAD A HALIDA CAP.

So yes, Eté bar is soaking the labels off bottles of Halida and selling it as Eté beer at a higher price. As I said above, you pay VND25,000 for a bottle of Halida and VND35,000 for a bottle of "Eté beer". OK, that's not a lot of money, but it's disturbing that this bar would go to the not inconsiderable effort of soaking labels off beer bottles to deceive and defraud their customers. And at the end of the day, it's not really about the money. If the people who run this bar have that kind of mentality, it makes you wonder what other money-making scams they might possibly pull - or be presently pulling - at the expense of their customers, or what other kinds of unscrupulous practices they might employ to save or make some money.

And that gives rise to lots of uncomfortable questions. What does Eté do with food in its fridge that's more than a bit past its prime, for example? Do they throw it out as they should, or save some money and mix it into something else? Perhaps that's why several previous reviewers have complained about having stomach problems after eating there. Eté bar prides itself on stocking a lot of top-shelf spirits. However, when you order a shot of Grey Goose, are you getting a mix of 50% of the real stuff, and 50% Hanoi vodka? Before I would have said absolutely not, but now, I'm nowhere near that confident. Is posing these questions unfair? I don't think so. As has been seen with this Eté beer rort, the people who run Eté bar are demonstrably NOT above the kind of corrupt behaviour the questions contain.

Disappointing, Eté - very disappointing. Time to have a good hard look at yourselves.

June 19th, 2011 at 9:49 pm

We've been to Ete before - about a year ago. We loved the burgers - remembered them for a long time! Came back today. Can't review the food - never received any.

Ordered two simple meals: two burgers, two salads. 40 minutes later, besides the knife/fork and condiments, nothing had arrived at the table. They took the catsup away a few minutes later. After we asked about the food, 5 minutes later they brought out 2 burgers and put them on our table. Immediately they took them away - they were the wrong burgers and they belonged at the next table, where the people had ordered after we had. 5 more minutes with absolutely nothing. We asked again. Now, every time the waitresses passed our table, they just sniggered. Nothing appeared. After an hour, we were walking out. They were still saying, "Just one more minute." No more minutes.

Went to R&R. Asked for a side salad, burger, chicken taco salad. 3 minutes later, the side salad was in front of us. Within 15 minutes of placing the order, we had the rest of the meal.

September 29th, 2010 at 9:08 am

Why I have never made it to Ete before is now quite beyond me. What a great spot for chilling out with mates on a beautiful Autumn day. Had most of us not had other engagements that afternoon, we could well have settled in for the rest of the evening - it is that kind of place.

Had a good nosy around the various floors inside. Really well decked out, super comfortable and varying choices. Management has put a lot of thought into the set-up here, which will no doubt make many customers very happy.

Sitting out the front did not detract from service in any way at all. Staff made sure they kept an eye on our group and quickly responded to requests for more beer...! And the staff are happy in their work, which makes the whole dining/drinking experience that much better.

And so to the food. I ordered the medium Ete Burger. Pretty big for a medium burger. Nice and moist, I like the egg component and all the flavours worked pretty well. However, that odd smokey taste in the meat did linger on the palate for a while and just didn't quite taste right. A small complaint on an otherwise excellent example of a burger in Hanoi. Fries were nice and chunky and not an overly large serving - which is good as sometimes too many fries can ruin the burger. The salad was a nice round out for the meal - to offset all those carbs!

Overall I found Ete a very relaxed environment, no doubt enhanced by the excellent company! Definitely a place I will return to and sample some other parts of the great looking menu. Oh, the wifi works well outside as well as in. Very useful indeed.

September 29th, 2010 at 12:58 pm

I hit Ete rather regularly. Their artistic competitions and expositions are a draw. Their friendly francophone bar is a draw. The service staff, friendly, competent, communicative in a few languages, and attentive without ever hovering are a draw.

I skipped the burger this time. It's a burger. It's not my favorite. It's fine. The menu at Ete is deeper than that.

A few weeks ago I was drinking there and the owner was passing around tastes of the new pepper sauce they were serving with their steaks. This was a green pepper sauce with green peppers from Dalat. As they were still playing with it in the kitchen, what they had that day was not only fragrant and pungent--it brought tears to the eyes of everyone who had a taste.

Tears of joy at how good fresh green pepper corns taste compared to the pickled, bottled variety. Tears of pungent pain, because they had just packed too many non-pickled peppers in the pungent pepper sauce.

It was good. I loved it.

So yesterday, when dining with the idle husbands of Hanoi, I forwent the burger and went straight for a steak with THE sauce.

They have watered it down now. Perhaps a bit too much for my taste. I had been dreaming of that strong, bold sauce...but helas, commercial acumen required that the sauce be toned down for the masses.

It was still good. It was still fragrant. It was still the best damned pepper sauce I've ever eaten. The guys all stuck into the sauce with their fries on my urging.

There was none left by the end of my steak.

Ask for the pepper sauce when you have a steak at ete. Ask the boss to bring you a pepper grinder with some more of the fresh green Dalat pepper. He promised me yesterday that he would fill a grinder with the pepper to bring the sauce back up to snuff for the punters who need a good cry with their steak.

I can't wait for the next visit.

Ete is just a good hangout, with some good food.

Revision, pulling two stars: Ete is slipping. Went in yesterday and ordered a cheeseburger. What I got was a mess--the cheese was melted over the lettuce and tomato--which means the lettuce and tomato was cooked...

I usually remove the lettuce and tomato and eat it on the side, as I like my burger to be just meat and cheese. That was impossible with this mess, as the cheese never actually met the meat. If I took off the nasty vegetables, I would have lost all the cheese too.

So the person who made this thing doesn't eat cheeseburgers.

When I asked them to fix it, one bartender (very nice) handed the plate off to another girl to bring it back upstairs. This second girl complained, her face contorted into the very picture of disgust and resentment. Upon seeing that I threw money on the bar and walked out, unfed, certain that my next plate would be a saliva sandwich. The nice girl gave me my money back, and offered the beer I drank on the house.

But the food is slipping here. The cook doesn't actually eat the things he produces. Or he wouldn't make them like that.

November 20th, 2010 at 5:37 am

I like Ete. I have been many times and have eaten many a double cheese burger. I have usually enjoyed my food here but I am writing this review about one particular visit. I made the mistake of ordering the American Steak. Let me begin by saying the person I was with ordered the Tournados and they were very good. Now on to my meal. I ordered my steak well done and when it arrived It looked like a prop from a B horror movie. It was blue rare. Not that big a deal, I sent it back and upon return it was rare. Not the way I like it, but edible. Or so I thought. This was the toughest, roughest, nastiest piece of meat outside of an East German whore house. It was basically meat flavoured gum. I chewed until my jaw was sore and still had to spit the meat out as it was impossible to swallow. Bite after bite, I couldn't swallow this steak. I have had some tough steaks in my life, but this steak was hands down the worst steak I had ever eaten. Do not, and I repeat NOT order the American Steak.

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