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Hanoi Transfer Service

Name: Hanoi Transfer Service
Address: 23A Hàng Hành, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
Phone: (+84) (0)2439915599
21.03041558552190 105.85038044711303 Category:

Description: We are Hanoi Transfer Service and provide a pick up and drop off service at all airports in Vietnam. All our modern cars are air-conditioned, well maintained and have friendly and licensed drivers. We are cheaper than taxis and any service offered by hotels.
We also supply vehicles to transport clients to any destination they choose to go. Our service has been operational for many years, and we enjoy many favorable remarks on Tripadvisor.
Just email us at or call our hotline +84 982358282 and one of our trusted drivers will be waiting for you, with your name clearly written on a board when you exit the secure customs and baggage hall.
You can begin your journey in Vietnam 'hassle free' by booking a transfer service with our company.

Rating: 3.4 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 5 reviews.

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31 reviews

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In a word, awesome. I honestly don\'t know what I would do if this website didn\'t exist. A wealth of information that is unparalleled to anything I have seen in many other Asian cities. Downsides? Somewhat strict and counter-intuitive rules regarding posting questions. That and a pool of smug us...

5 Reviews (Followed by 10 users)

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December 8th, 2017 at 1:20 pm

Driver was perfectly on time and went to the desk to warn us.
Also helped with our suitcase even if the weight was a bit more than regular one.

My main complain is the speed he was driving, way faster than the others car and I can see 110Km/h on the speed meter when driving on the bridge. This is not acceptable as a service as I put my life in its hands. He don't need to impress me with his driving skills. Too fast is too fast, period. I can understand that Vietnam driving can be scary, but living for the last 15 years in China, I can assure you that your driver was faster than the others vehicles for sure.
It was not an impression at all. Passing cars and changing lane by the right side of the road at this speed is also not acceptable. The driving experience within the city was fine.
He also answer his phone during driving which is not allowed by law.
The car was going 110Km/h on the motorway where speed limit is 90 Km/h.

After complaining to the company contact (Lily), she asked me lie and to not put this review online... The excuses was that the driver was late to pick up another client. (and do not explain why answering the phone too).

I guess It's enough for you to avoid them on your next trip to Vietnam. I will be kind of surprise if they are even get insurance on their side if something happens.

It gives also a right idea of the great review you can find about them online.

I use the service on Dec 6, 2017, at 7.15, from Fortuna Hotel to the International airport.

Feel free to contact me for a copy of the email from them.

no photo available
October 21st, 2014 at 2:42 am

I used this transfer service, HTS, in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City for pick up and drop offs to airports and each time the driver was waiting to either pick up and was early, and waiting on us for our departures. The cost was cheaper than others, so at first we were a little sceptical, but the drivers on all occasions were friendly, hospitable and their cars clean and air-conditioned. I could not have been more pleased with their service and would recommend them to all when travelling in Vietnam.

February 25th, 2013 at 9:19 am

We booked a transfer by phone for the 9th Feb, for an early flight.
The car did NOT arrive and the office would NOT answer our calls.
It was TET and we found it very hard to find an alternative. We ended up being late, stressed and out of pocket. THANKS A LOT! (FOR NOTHING)

no photo available
July 21st, 2012 at 9:22 pm

I used Hanoi Transfer Service this week to go to the Hanoi airport and was extremely satisfied with the service ..I was collected on time ,and was collected in a good comfortable car ,with a driver that spoke some English ...I also liked the efficiency with this companies email replies,and they rang to ensure I had arrived at the airport without a problem and wished me a good flight ..pretty impressive .

no photo available
March 11th, 2012 at 8:53 am

While reading "what,s new" i noticed this company mentioned.I have used Hanoi Transfer Service many times,from and to the airport.I have emailed to say what time my flight arrives and the driver is always waiting for me with a smile.The cost is reasonable and the service reliable.I email or ring when I need to go to the airport and this saves me having to try and organise taxi,s and hoping they turn up on time .When I ring I don't have a problem with communication as English is clearly understood.

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