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Techcombank Đông Đô

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Name: Techcombank Đông Đô
Address: Trung Hoà- Nhân Chính, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi

Directions: Tầng 1, toà nhà 18T1, Khu đô thị Trung Hoà- Nhân Chính

Phone: +84 8 6251 1032
21.00595893043467 105.80513962765883 Category:

Description: One of Techcombank's offices, located in Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh area.
Rating: 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Based on 1 reviews.

0 reviews

address icon 4/92 Đào Tấn, Ba Đình, Hanoi

phone number icon (+84) (0)24 66849446

1 Review (Followed by 1 user)

October 2012
March 16th, 2012 at 12:41 am

I opened a bank account here over the last few weeks, including a Visa Debit card, Internet banking and SMS banking.

The staff were quite helpful. If you enter from the north entrance (right-hand side from the street, not next to the Techcombank ATMs) there's a person at a little stand immediately to your left, who gets you your queue number. I've gone to this person both times I've been here unaided, and she was able to direct me to the right person despite not really understanding much of what I was asking.

The first time I came, I brought a Vietnamese-speaking friend, and filled out the forms to open my account. I returned a week later sans-friend to collect my Visa card, and was able to explain in poor Vietnamese what I wanted, and was guided to the right teller and bumped to next in line.

A week later again, I had to return to sign for the currency conversion from AUD to VND for an international bank transfer. This time I was unable to explain what I wanted to do to the reception/guide person, but we were able to find staff with sufficient English that I was able to make myself understood. This customer service rep (not a teller) was spectacularly helpful, we managed to communicate despite my Vietnamese being much worse than her English, and got both my currency conversion done, but also signed me up for Internet banking, which'd been overlooked when I opened the account.

I accidentally said that I wanted to receive the entire transfer in cash, and had to return an hour later to collect it. When I returned, and saw the large stack of bills, I realised my mistake, and ended up making a similarly large deposit. I regret not getting to hold that incredible stack of cash in my hands even momentarily.

The fee on currency conversion is 0.05% + 10% VAT, which comes out of the before-conversion cash.

Their Internet banking service includes an RSA Token key-fob option, which is a step up from the Internet banking security of my Australian bank, and took under two days to activate. (i.e. I applied for it Wednesday afternoon and was able to log in and use it on Thursday after close-of-business)

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